The Original Profender from Shark Tank

the original profender shark tank

It is a basketball aid that mimics a real defender. It was created by Tony Devine, who was a basketball coach and came up with the only mobile training device that could close out on its players.

He said since most coaches are not as fit as their players, they are unable to coach them as well as they would like and close out on them defending their shots.

He came to Shark Tank seeking $75,000 in exchange for a capital of 15% in his business. He wanted his invention to be a part of every gym and every driveway and to coach every basketball player. He was confident in his invention and knew that it was the best way to coach any basketball player in the world.

How Did He Come Up With It

Coach Tony came up with this invention to coach his son Devon, who inspired him to build this device. He hoped to create a less expensive and more portable version of the original model and needed the Sharks’ help to achieve his goal.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Tony pitched his product well, and each Shark seemed impressed with his invention. He demonstrated his device with his son Devon who accompanied him on the show, and he showed them how to use the device to contest any shot that could be played on the court. He ended his pitch by saying that he wanted every basketball player in the world to ‘stop pretending and start profending.’

The judges looked pleased with his overall demonstration and pitch, and Mark Cuban got up to give the Profender a go. He commented, saying that he definitely saw value in the product but wasn’t sure if there was a market for it.

Kevin O’Leary asked if the product had been in the market, and Devine informed them that he had sold $25,000 worth of the devices just out of the back of his car. Mark Cuban wanted to know how much each one cost, and upon learning that each product was priced at $500, each one of the Sharks looked shocked and a little disappointed. None of them felt that the product was worth $500 or even half of that amount.

Seeing their reaction, Devine explained that he could create a simpler prototype that could be used at home for about $200. Barbara Corcoran was impressed with Devine’s marketing skills but wasn’t too convinced with his method of creating a more cost-effective version of the same product.

Everyone except Mark Cuban was out of the deal because they all thought that even at $200, the product was too expensive. They also didn’t think that the product was as promising or that there was a large market for it. Each one of them opted out of investing in it except Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban liked the product but felt that it would require too much of his time to perfect it, and he didn’t have the time for it. Finally, he stepped out of the deal too. Devine was upset but had immense faith in his creation and decided to go ahead and work on it anyway.

Are They Still In Business Today?

The Original Profender is very much in business today and has an active website. Their products are used by 10 of the top 20 NCAA programs in the country, Brooklyn Nets, NBA’s Miami Heat, and several High School teams across the country.

Our Review of the Original Profender

We think that Tony Devine came up with something quite special and useful. While the market may be small but the product itself hits the spot. The original product priced at $500 was way too high and unreasonable, but by lowering the cost, the product was worth investing in.

Despite his failure on Shark Tank, Tony Devine remained steadfast in his mission. He used the help of Kickstarter to develop his cheaper and at-home version of The Original Profender and introduced it in the market.

The Original Profender is now sold on its website and on many social media platforms and is actively used in colleges and professional basketball training programs across the United States. He has created a top-of-the-line mobile version of the device and a cheaper stationary version.

Pros of the Original Profender

  • Perfect to coach a basketball team
  • Ideal for coaching professional athletes
  • Ideal for use at home
  • Ideal for coaches and dads who aren’t fit enough to be defenders but know the game
  • It is mobile
  • It is portable
  • It can move up for taller players

Cons of the Original Profender

  • High price point

Who is the Original Profender For?

The Original Profender is a basketball training device that can be used by anyone who’s learning to play basketball anywhere in the world. It is ideal for coaches who are training their teams at college, for dads who are coaching their sons, or even for friends playing a game of basketball in their driveway.

It is ideal to be used by anyone who enjoys playing basketball and wants some real competition on the court. The device simulates an actual defender that is mobile and can move up and down to contest any shot.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are no known competitors of The Original Profender, and it is the only one of its kind.

Our Final Thoughts

Despite failing to receive any funding from the Sharks, Tony Devine managed to reach his goal. His product made its way into every basketball training program in the country

We think that the coach and his son came up with a one-of-a-kind device that was definitely worth exploring and should have been given a chance.

It is a success story of a man who believed in his creation and worked hard to make it perfect. Today, the Original Profender is a patented product and makes $1 million in sales annually.