The Longhairs from Shark Tank

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The Longhairs is a company based in San Diego, California, made by two individuals, Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto. It is known for its extensive line of hair products for men with long hair, including the best men’s hair ties and other accessories like head wraps. Before launching their brand, they had an extensive following on their YouTube channel, where they made themselves known to the public by posting lots of tutorial videos.

Chris and Lindsay introduced The Longhairs to the public in 2014 but started producing products a year after. They started with Hair Ties for Guys- a product that became instantly popular because of the content they had created a year in advance for guys with long hair. Even though this was initially a side project, it didn’t take too long for The Longhairs to become so popular that Chris and Lindsay decided to pour their heart and soul into it.

Soon, the two lads made their way to Shark Tank, asking for $95,000 in exchange for a 10 percent share in their business. They gave each Shark their long-haired wig and began to tell them more about their company. The pair showed the Sharks their best creation so far- hair ties for guys. These are available in a number of patterns, from the American flag to pirates. The Longhairs aimed to celebrate and advocate for men with long hair.

Chris and Lindsay then told the Sharks that their company also produced hair bands and hair serums made specifically to strengthen hair. In the year that it launched, the company made $25,000 in sales. By the second year, they had made $85,000 and continued to make more. Currently, the two platforms where The Longhairs products are available are Amazon and the company’s official website.

It takes $1.60 to make each unit and retails for $12, creating a hefty profit margin. The brand has become popular because they make manly products so that men with long hair do not have to make do with women’s equivalents. Each of their products has a robust, creative design and great performance. The hair ties are made with a polyester-based elastic blend that does not cause the hair to tangle or pull.

The best part is that The Longhairs have already established their brand and have a significant following on YouTube. They plan to market their products by creating informative videos, articles, and podcasts. They have also made some commercial videos of them doing hair flips to draw men toward the brand. So far, 5,000 customers have purchased products from The Longhairs, proving that there is a vast market for men’s hair ties. Moreover, their website attracts 45,000 visitors every single month.

The Sharks seemed super impressed by The Longhairs¬†and were offered deals by Kevin and Mark. Kevin offers them $95,000 for a 10 percent stake in the company and a 2 percent unit royalty. Mark offers them $100,000 for a 20 percent stake in the company. Even though both are great offers, Chris and Lindsay decide to go with Mark’s offer.

Our Review of The Longhairs

The Longhairs seems like a great company focusing on creating hair products specifically for men. Its products are made from the best materials to ensure that men can take good care of their long hair.

Pros of The Longhairs

The founders of The Longhairs are men with long hair who have sufficient experience understanding and managing their hair, so their products are trustworthy. The company makes hair ties and headbands that do not resemble female designs. In fact, their designs are masculine and innovative to attract a larger male audience.

The profits that The Longhairs has earned so far are incredible. Each unit costs $1.60 and is sold for $12. This creates a large revenue stream for the founders of the company. Moreover, since the launch of the company, sales have amounted to $110,000- a whooping amount for a brand-new company.

Since The Longhairs has an online appearance, especially on YouTube, attracting customers has been relatively easy. This is also a great marketing strategy- get your brand known amongst the marketplace first and then start churning products to a loyal fanbase.

Cons of The Longhairs

Even though all the products that The Longhairs have produced so far are great, there is a market for more products, especially male-centered ones, such as shampoos, conditioners, and masks.

Who are The Longhairs for?

The Longhairs is a company made specifically for men with long hair. It produces hair ties, hair bands, and other hair products so that men who choose to keep long hair do not have to buy female products in bright colors.

Are there Any Alternatives?

Currently, no company produces hair products for men with long hair.

Our Final Thoughts

According to Amazon and website reviews, The Longhairs’ products have positive feedback, and the no-rip hair ties have become extremely popular. The founders have restarted their podcast series and will expand their product line to include shampoos and conditioners.

We are super excited for The Longhairs and what the future holds for them! They have 10,000 followers on Instagram and 6,000 followers on Facebook. Moreover, most of their customers have positive things to say about their line of products.