The Lip Bar from Shark Tank

The Lip Bar shark tank

There was a time when the ever-saturated beauty industry lacked variety. Every company was different due to its formula and performance, but the products they were offering to the mass public were all the same. Does that mean that only runway models could have funky lip colors adorning their faces?

Similar frustrating emotions bubbled in Melissa Butler’s heart, who was pursuing a career on Wall Street back in 2012. However, her frustration got her to take matters into her own hands and revolutionize the beauty industry by introducing her own line of popping lip colors.

She left her promising Wall Street career, moved back to her parent’s home in Brooklyn, and started experimenting with giving birth to The Lip Bar. The edgiest and funkiest shades of lipsticks with a surprisingly moisturizing formula Melissa was able to come up with at the cost of $3. The lipsticks were also named after the cocktails you’d find at a bar.

With the vision in mind, Melissa partnered with Roscoe Speres, and together they succeeded in generating $126K in the span of 2 years before appearing on Shark Tank US Season 6. Once they did appear on the show, unfortunately, they could not sell their vision properly to the sharks. Melissa seemed confused about whether she needed investment or guidance.

The duo came in with the offer of $125K with an equity of 20%. They needed the investment for their vision of creating a mobile bar that could be set up in areas with women majority and sell their lipsticks by offering live swatches. That’s how they also came up with the name and the logo of a martini glass.

While the competition was certainly a huge risk, sharks weren’t too impressed with the duo’s vision either. Besides, selling lipsticks to most men’s panels was another difficult task as the men couldn’t tell the difference between the qualities of the two lipsticks. Everybody thought the business was replicable and held no competitive advantage over big names in the beauty industry. Hence, The Lip Bar left with no deal.

Our Review of The Lip Bar

For any entrepreneur, the belief in their vision is a huge factor. But Melissa had no problems there, so she continued to persevere and raise money for her visions. Eventually, she contacted Target with no prior teaching on how to pitch but succeeded in landing a deal with America’s biggest retail store.

Melissa saw the screen time she got on Shark Tank as her plus point. She also diversified her business and added numerous other products to her easy-to-navigate website that people obsess over. Besides that, Melissa has her line of makeup products, especially her infamous funky lip colors, on Walmart.

The Lip Bar has now introduced another AI technology through which you can create a custom shade in a few clicks. Think moisturizing and vivid because that’s what The Lip Bar’s lip colors offer you.

The Lip Bar has now opened its flagship store in Detroit, Michigan, and has also been able to generate a profit of 5 million dollars in annual revenue as of May 2022. The brand now has an all-female staff of 26 inspiring women.

Pros of The Lip Bar

Customers are obsessed with The Lip Bar’s quality products and incredible customer service. People have witnessed Melissa’s perseverance and personally adore her love and passion for her vision. Here’s a list of some other pros of the business:

  • The color appearing on the lips after just a swipe or two is perfect. You can expect the same vivid shade on your lips as you’d see through the transparent container.
  • Their other products, such as bronzers and highlighters, are also up to the mark.
  • The organic avocado and JoJoba oil used to create the products are certainly rewarding for your skin.
  • The foundations from the Lip Bar are adorned for their insane coverage.

Cons of The Lip Bar

While there are numerous things to count on if you’re shopping from The Lip Bar, there are some things you should bear in mind too:

  • Made with the majority of organic products, mineral oil is still found in The Lip Bar’s products.
  • A huge turndown for many customers is using non-recyclable plastic containers that will stay in landfills for more than 100 years. Besides, there’s no option of refill as of yet.

Who Is the Lip Bar For?

The Lip Bar product is for any male or female who’d love to jazz up their makeup with vivid shades. Though many makeup brands have come forward with their line of products with funky shades, The Lip Bar product guarantees moisture and nourishment thanks to its organic ingredients. Their products are perfect for everyday office use, outdoor weddings, or even nights at the bar.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While numerous big names in the makeup industry, such as Maybelline, have created their line of edgy and colorful products, they can’t offer the same nourishment and performance as The Lip Bar. However, River Organics is another beauty brand that offers sheer shades of lipsticks made with 100% vegan ingredients. The brand is also environmentally friendly, using zero plastic for its containers and products. The only advantage The Lip Bar has is its exotic shades of lipsticks. Therefore, River Organics, too, can’t come close to the variety of The Lip Bar products.

Our Final Thoughts

The beauty industry has always been saturated. It takes an out-of-the-box idea and a vision to convert that idea into tangible products to sell to the masses. The Lip Bar exemplifies what one can achieve with the right mindset and belief. For the woman of color, Melissa, her perseverance did the work for her and brought her to a new realm of media and success.

She, in turn, gave customers an incredible line of cosmetics that has superb performance and attracts the trendsetters of today. The variety of products and the availability on several online platforms and brick-and-mortar stores are a plus. If you’re looking for bold shades of lipsticks or some popping shade of bronzer, The Lip Bar is certainly worth the try.