The Last Lid from Shark Tank

the last lid shark tank

Lost trash can lids are an old happening, especially early in the mornings. To tackle this situation, Kevin and Melissa Kiernan came up with a brilliant product.

The Last Lid is a reusable, waterproof trash can cover which can fit different trash can sizes. One of the aims of this product is to keep stray animals away from the trash. After all, raccoons always find their way in and make a mess.

With a business plan in hand and innovativeness in their minds, the couple made their way to Shark Tank to help them gain the financial boost they needed to make their business a success.

Kevin and Melissa came to the show seeking an investment of $40,000 for a 20% equity. With the patent process underway, the Sharks showed some level of interest. However, the fact that no sales had taken place made many question the product.

Robert Herjavec showed concern over alternatives present in the market for the product. According to him, it wasn’t very difficult for the Last Lid to find competition. He was the first one to drop out due to this reason.

Lori Greiner questioned the durability of the material. She was curious about how a stray animal would not be able to bite through the trash. Kevin made sure to put his best foot forward to explain the sturdiness of the material. Unsatisfied with his answer, Lori also pulled back.

Next came Kevin O’Leary, for whom the numbers did not add up. The same happened to Mark Cuban, leading them both to exit the offer. For them, a product costing a little over $3.00 did not justify the retail price of $19.95. The values just did not add up.

At the end remained Daymond John. For him, the product seemed like a good one to invest in, but he needed something more to accept the offer. After a bit of thinking, a final offer of $40,000 for 60% equity was presented.

After the deal success on Shark Tank, The Last Lid got its due successes. The product proved to be a great hit, with many units sold through online measures. Unfortunately, the success was pretty short-lived.

A garbage can manufacturing unit bought the company in 2015. Since then, the product has not been on market shelves. Currently, The Last Lid is out of business and does not manufacture the product anymore.

Our Review of The Last Lid

An option that helps keep the garbage can intact is good, especially if it means no mess. For this purpose, The Last Lid did its part. Its durable material and waterproof quality made it possible to keep trash cans safe from animals that would jump in and spill everything everywhere, amongst other things.

The waterproof material would help keep the contents of the trash can dry, and its sturdy material helped ensure safety and durability. For these reasons, along with easy installment, The Last Lid seems one of the best options.

However, the feasibility and benefits of the product didn’t move the Sharks away from the fact that it had many alternatives. Moreover, the product came with the extra work of cleaning the cover repeatedly. For some, that meant increasing their work at the end of the day.

Pros of The Last Lid

  • Offers clean surroundings around your trash can.
  • The Last Lid is an easy-to-install cover for your trash cans.
  • The material used is durable, which ensures that animals would not be able to bite through them.
  • The Last Lid uses a waterproof material which is ideal for rainy seasons, especially because trash cans are kept out in the open.
  • The product retailed in a pair pack. Even if one is being washed, the other one can work as a replacement.
  • The product would easily fit trash cans of various sizes and shapes.
  • The product used recycled material for manufacturing, adding to the sustainability factor of The Last Lid.

Cons of The Last Lid

  • For many, washing trash can lids now and then might not be suitable. This might create a hindrance to the usability of the product.
  • It is possible for the product to get discarded with the trash.

Who is The Last Lid For?

The Last Lid is for every household. Everyone has trash cans outside of their homes, and almost everyone faces the problem of having animals jump in their garbage cans, creating quite a lot of mess. For this, The Last Lid served as a solution.

Besides that, the product was fantastic for all seasons, be it a rainy or sunny area. It could withstand heat and rain, and its ability to wrap around the can top with a tight string made it stay in place. Because of this, it would be handy in windy seasons too.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many alternatives in the market for The Last Lid. The best one is the attachable lid that can be easily found on Amazon. These lids attach themselves to the trash can, making it difficult for animals to open. Along with that, this ability also helps to make losing the lid difficult.

All in all, such an alternative might end up working better because no extra care is necessary, especially when cleaning the lid.

Our Final Thoughts

Though The Last Lid is no longer in business, it turned out to be a successful product in the market. Its durable material helped to increase its usefulness, while its waterproof material made it suitable for use in different conditions.

However, the product was not able to get great success. Hence, manufacturing stopped after the company sold. Though for us, having a strong, recycled material to take care of our trash can needs will always matter, and that is what The Last Lid helped do.