Forus Athletics from Shark Tank

Forus Athletics shark tank

Forus Athletics is a company that manufactures and launches Athletic gear. They are famous for producing excellent quality products which are comfortable, shock-absorbent, and fit perfectly in their place.

The company is gaining popularity in producing innovative, technologically advanced sportswear with a bright shock-absorbent inner sole that gives your feet a comfortable and lightweight feeling and enhances your Athletic nature otherwise.

The founder of Forus Athletics is Arsene Milogo, who aims to become the top most Athletic gear manufacturer nationally and internationally. Milo makes sure to give away 15% of the total earnings from the company to children’s charities, which shows a good conscience and empathetic nature.

Arsene Miligo and his partner Joel Vinocur decided to launch and market their products on Shark Tank episode 629, looking for different investors regarding their new product line; ultra-light running shoes.

Arsene Miligo and Joel Vinocur were seen on Shark Tank aiming for $200K for investments in their business. The founder of the company, Arsene, told the audience about his experiences settling in the United States as a student and how he aimed to have his Athletic gear line for authentic sportswear along with his partners.

The company decided to showcase its investment requirements and newly launched products at wholesale prices. The original prices differ on a massive scale from the sale prices, which was a trick to capture the audience’s interest.

Arsene Miligo further reviews his company’s excellent service, telling the audience that customers are delighted with their products and most reordering products that show the immense popularity and authenticity of Forus Gear’s sportswear.

Arsene Miligo and Joel Vinocur seem optimistic about their production line and comment that there might be a lot of big competitors in the market, but their company has a specific place that has made them stand where they are now.

During the show, they find an investor, Daymond, who is double-minded while thinking of investing in the company but ends up giving into it after learning about the company’s policies in detail.

Our Review of Forus Athletics

Forus Athletics has set a new standard of excellence and quality products in the domain of Athletic gear. The company was set up in 2009, and its main goal was to produce ultra-light and adequately supported sports shoes. They got $48,000 after a solid three years of struggle with their production investment.

Innovative and comfortable shoes that give your feet extra support while sporting. Till now, different models have been launched, some of which have proved to be a great success for the company.


  1. Forus’ charity arm works both domestically and abroad. The sports company positions itself as an advocate of responsible capitalism and commits to ongoing charitable giving for the benefit of kids.
  2. Forusshoes aid in reducing joint and muscular discomfort. Additionally, the shoes offer stability and tension relief. They weigh a little less than 10 ounces.
  3. You may wear these sneakers without socks! The NYTRO 90 X’s and MEMBRANE CRYPT uppers are incredibly absorbent, enabling plenty of air to enter to lower humidity and wetness! And since they are so breathable, you can stroll, work, and exercise wearing these sneakers for days without needing to change into shoes!
  4. In regional localities, Forusdonates to and supports children’s organizations, provides shoes to underprivileged children, and distributes scholarships for students who are passionate about working with and helping children.
  5. Since many businesses provide scholarships to prestigious universities, Foruswants to reward students who write essays outlining their motivations for wanting to help young people, regardless of their educational setting. The award recipients are primarily chosen based on the dialogue and feedback surrounding the student essays posted on Forus Athletics webpage.
  6. The business is well-known for creating cutting-edge, inventive clothing.
  7. The product has a vibrant inner shock-absorbent surface that increases your athletic spirit and provides your feet with a nice, lightweight sensation.


  1. Forus might be considered one of Shark Tank’s biggest flops to date.
  2. They failed to carry out, and their business practices are today seen as dishonest.
  3. The firm reportedly did not get the merchandise and had some customs issues.
  4. Customers’ credit cards were still being charged for orders, yet no goods were delivered.
  5. Since August 2015, they have not posted on social media, and they have not responded to emails from customers.
  6. The Central Indiana Better Business Bureau’s page has also featured a scam notice for Forus.

Who is Forus Athletics Best For?

Forus Athletics is a for-purpose company that caters to socially aware consumers, recreational runners, fashion and luxury customers, sports groups, and athletes.

Their logo represents this partnership between the community and business. Two hands intertwine in a show of unity as they collaborate to build a better, more socially responsible company. The name Forus, which merges the words “for” and “us,” reminds consumers that whenever they buy a pair of Forus shoes, they give back to their neighborhood. The Forus brand encourages users to express their interest in and concern for their personal style.

Forus promised to establish a free childcare facility to serve the children of families who spend lengthy work schedules at the plant after understanding that more than 80% of the manufacturing workers are female.

Are There Any Alternatives of Forus Athletics?

Athletic shoe manufacturers like Nike, Puma, and Adidas are just a few of the major alternatives and competitors on the market.

Our Final Thoughts

Forus has a lot of unfilled orders, disgruntled clients, and significant customs issues. They keep taking orders but can not seem to carry them out efficiently. Despite collecting money from customers, they have not delivered any goods so far, and since August 2015, their social media profiles have not been updated. Find a different pair of sneakers if possible, and use care when interacting with this business. It is too unfortunate because they had a fantastic product.