The Fizz from Shark Tank

The Fizz shark tank

The Fizz, designed by David Chodosh, is a reusable root beer float cup that’s also portable. It’s the perfect option for kids to take to school. It’s a nostalgic cup that can easily fit onto a 20 oz soda bottle.

The cup can be fit into a soda bottle then filled with ice cream, which means that it’s a convenient way of making root beer float. Their main selling point was providing root beer float in a bottle.

The Fizz was created as a fun twist on a classic American dessert-meets-beverage combo: the root beer float. The product is designed as a solution to simplify the process of whipping up a soda float while also making it more enjoyable to consume.

The main idea was to develop a container that could serve as a “mixing chamber” that would keep the components separate and allow the consumer to combine them as they wished.

The product also made it aesthetically interesting especially when the soda meets the ice cream. Think of it like a volcano foam.

Chodosh did numerous experiments to come up with the perfect design. After lots of trials and errors, he finally came up with something that was unique and simple.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are active and still in business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

David Chodosh came to Shark Tank with an initial ask of $125,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in the company. He started his pitch by sharing that the product was meant to be interesting and fun, delved into the history of root beer floats, and then demonstrated how his product worked.

He gave each Shark a sample so that they could see it for themselves. Herjavec, Kevin, and Mr. Wonderful were all pleased with the product instantly claiming that they’d love to have their kids try it.

Robert Herjavec began the conversation with a question about the sales, which is what the Sharks were really interested in. Chodosh told  the Sharks about thesales. He’s sold The Fizz through ice cream shops and State Fair exhibitors, as well as as a promotional gift.

As a promotion, he was permitted to sell orders to Coca Cola. Herjavec was intrigued in learning more about Coke’s interested in the product.

Daymond was eager to know where the ice cream would come from.  Chodosh responded by sharing that they may be offered empty for customers to fill themselves or, preferably, pre-filled by an ice cream firm.

Kevin O’Leary then inquired as to whether Chodosh had approached the ice cream producers yet, which would show initiative on his part.  Chodosh responded that he hadn’t gotten enough sales to do that yet.

According to Herjavec, the product crossed two markets: ice cream and soda, which meant that it was perfect for customers in both markets. However, Robert Herjavec decided to step out because he felt that until a huge ice cream company explicitly showed interest, he didn’t want to take the risk of investing.

According to Kevin Harrington, this product would have to appeal to a huge organization, which is outside of the typical scope of operations. Kevin then chose to step out. Daymond John wasn’t all that enthusiastic about the product so he left too.

At this stage, Barbara decided to step out too. Kevin had the same issue as Herjavec; because they didn’t have a contract already with an ice cream company, he decided to step out of a potential deal as well.

Overall, The Fizz Shark Tank review was negative and they left without a deal.

Our Review of The Fizz

We decided to try The Fizz for ourselves to see how it would perform in real life.

The good news is that the product is innovative and easy-to-use. Anyone can easily make root beer float with it. It’s also affordable. It comes in a wide variety of flavors.

The bad news is that root beer tastes a bit odd in it, and it doesn’t adapt to different bottles unlike its competitors.

Pros of The Fizz

  • Affordable
  • Variety of flavors
  • Easy-to-use

Cons of The Fizz

  • Doesn’t adapt to other bottles
  • Root beer float tastes a bit odd because of material

Who is The Fizz for?

The Fizz is a perfect drinking cup for young kids who go to school and like drinking ice cream float. It’s a lightweight cup that they can easily carry to school. Adults can use it too.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Although The Fizz cup was unique at the time of its invention, there are now many similar alternatives on the market.

The Float Buddy Soda Float Glass is one good alternative to The Fizz. It’s a lightweight glass that can easily fit into any bottle but is mainly intended to fit into root beer bottles. Just by adding ice cream to the glass, you can easily create a root beer float.

The Float Buddy also doubles really well as a gift for people who love drinking wine and beer. Adults can use it to chug their drinks directly from the bottle. It’s dishwasher and freezer safe as well, proving that the material is quite durable.

The material is borosilicate glass and has an external silicone surface, making it strong. It’s also BPA-free and shatter-proof, meaning that it’s perfect to use for kids to carry around with them.

Our Final Thoughts

The Fizz is a durable root beer float cup that’s a good portable way of making root beer float wherever you are. The cup is made of durable BPA free glass that’s also shatter-proof, meaning that kids can easily use it, even for other drinks. It can also be used by adults who want to make root beer float. It comes in different shapes and sizes as well.