The Christmas Tree Hugger from Shark Tank

The Christmas Tree Hugger shark tank

The Christmas Tree Hugger is designed by Ryan Kelly and is perfect for anything who wants to live the holiday season in full spirit. The Christmas Tree Hugger is made to help artificial Christmas trees look real. It simply wraps around the base of the tree and is extremely easy to use. The best part is that it makes any faux tree look real within just a few seconds!

Kelly came up with this idea when his wife told him their faux Christmas tree looked ugly because of the fuzzy green pole at the end. Kelly was determined to cheer his wife up, so he searched for a quick internet fix. However, he did not find anything to eliminate the ugliness. After countless hours searching the internet, he took it into his own hands to find a solution.

Kelly started measuring every Christmas tree he could find on display in stores. He must have measured hundreds before making some sketches and eventually producing a prototype. He bought materials from a local home improvement store and made a preliminary model. After loads of trial and error, he came up with the final product that became known as The Christmas Tree Hugger.

In 2015, Kelly started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. He reached 40 percent of his funding goal by early December, and soon, he was able to get hundreds of backers that helped him reach 129 percent of his goal a few weeks before Christmas.

Kelly came into Shark Tank asking for 20 percent equity in his company and $100,000 in investments. Kelly told the Sharks that his product could also be used to conceal messy cords that look unappealing. There are many designs that customers can choose from, including birch bark and natural bark, as well as those that come with a candy cane pattern.

Over the past year-and-a-half, The Christmas Tree Hugger had made sales worth $50,000. The cost, including the packaging, of each Tree Hugger, is $1.37. However, it retails for $17.99, creating a huge profit margin. Kelly also told the Sharks that in one Christmas sale, he managed to sell 1,000 units within five minutes. Even though this was a huge success, Kelly told the Sharks that his customers had not reordered his product.

Kelly also told the sharks that 1500 units of The Christmas Tree Hugger had been supplied to 130 stores all over the nation, and in the previous year, the product made $12,000 in sales. However, Kelly believes that if the remaining of his stock gets sold, he should be able to make a profit of $110,000.

Most of the Sharks drop out quickly because they do not seem that interested in Kelly’s product. However, Kevin and Mark argue over it for some time before both of them drop out as well, leaving Kelly without any offer.

Our Review of The Christmas Tree Hugger

The Christmas Tree Hugger seems to be a great product for covering up the ugliness of faux Christmas trees. Since it gets rid of the fuzz at the bottom, it could be useful to people during the holiday season.

Pros of The Christmas Tree Hugger

The profit margin that The Christmas Tree Hugger makes is impressive. The cost of the product is almost 80 percent less than the profit it makes in retail outlets, which is incredible. The fact that Kelly made his way to Kroger and QVC shows that his product has

Moreover, it is a wonderful product for people who get bothered by artificial Christmas trees but cannot keep a real tree in their house because of certain problems.

The Christmas Tree Hugger is also an ideal, innovative solution for schools and events that want a real-looking Christmas free during the holidays. The best part is that, according to countless reviews, the product is stylish, durable, and affordable.

Cons of The Christmas Tree Hugger

Kelly’s records show that The Christmas Tree Hugger does not have too many return customers. This is a little concerning since there is not much use for a product if customers do not want to buy it again.

Moreover, we aren’t sure that many people would care about making their faux trees look real, so investing in a product made specifically to do just that.

Who is The Christmas Tree Hugger for?

The Christmas Tree Hugger is for people who are unhappy with how their faux Christmas trees look and want to find ways to beautify them.

Are there Any Alternatives to The Christmas Tree Hugger?

Currently, no alternatives to The Christmas Tree Hugger are available in the market.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though the Sharks did not see much potential in Kelly’s product, The Christmas Tree Hugger has been doing extremely well. It gained more traction after Kelly made an appearance on Shark Tank, and since then, there have been many opportunities and deals he has come across with new sellers.

We believe that The Christmas Tree Hugger is going to do great things. Even though it targets a niche market, it is an essential product that will change the lives of many individuals, especially those who want to make their faux trees look more attractive, whether at home, corporate events, or schools.