The Bouqs Company from Shark Tank

The Bouqs Company shark tank

In this technological era, numerous businesses have either converted to or introduced e-commerce. Thinking of e-commerce would always bring the images of clothes or accessories in mind but would you ever think of flowers being sold online? You should now because, on the website of The Bouqs Company, you will find flower bouquets for sale.

Entrepreneur John Tabis appeared on Shark Tank US season 5, hoping to land a deal of $258,000 for 3% equity in his business, The Bouqs Company. John introduced his company as an e-commerce platform for selling flower bouquets to its customers. He saw the pain points in this market and wanted to reduce the gap between a customer’s demands and the service they were being provided with.

John presented his company as a unique solution in the floral market with three key points:

  • All the bouquets were delivered straight from a farm right next to a volcano in Ecuador, ensuring fresh flowers and lively stems.
  • All the bouquets were available at the price point of $40, and only an extra $10 would be charged if the size of the bouquet needed to be doubled; there would be no hidden shipping and handling charges nor extra cost for delivery.
  • They also offer a concierge service with membership so that you are not empty-handed at any event, birthday, anniversary, or wedding and have a customized bouquet.

In the eleven months before appearing on the Shark Tank, The Bouqs Company could generate $700k in sales without any marketing budget, demonstrating that John’s observation regarding the gaps in the floral market was right. Nothing, however, appealed much to the sharks. Some didn’t like the name, others didn’t understand the evaluation, and some thought the business had no competitive advantage: anyone could steal John’s idea and start such a business.

John left that day with five noes, but for an entrepreneur, a no is only a redirection. He took some of the advice sharks gave him, worked on his supply chain management, and persevered in other aspects of the business. A couple of years later, The Bouqs Company was given the order to embellish shark Robert’s wedding location, which eventually earned them an investment from the shark.

Our Review of The Bouqs Company

As of April 2022, The Bouqs Company has since been successfully generating a revenue of 88 million dollars. The company’s website now takes you straight to the hardworking farmers of Ecuador to create a transparent business that’s eco-friendly, sustainable, and worth people’s time. The fresh fragrant flowers that reach your doorstep will instantly lift your mood and make your day cheerful.

Pros of The Bouqs Company

The Bouqs Company has been operational since 2012, constantly upgrading itself to improve its performance and overall customer service. Here are some of its pros:

  • They value customer service and have a happiness guarantee for all their customers with a variety of business plans
  • Their website has an easy-to-use interface making it navigable efficiently.
  • The Bouqs Company has its product shipped straight from the farm, ensuring fresh flowers with a beautiful fragrance
  • They are transparent with their product’s average lifespan and guide you in this regard.
  • They are constantly helping and educating their customers about flowers so that customers can make wise purchases.

Cons of The Bouqs Company

While there are numerous pros that make The Bouqs Company standout in the floral market, there are some cons as well that customers would love to see a change in or a proposed alternative:

  • They don’t deliver products on Sundays, so if you have an emergency to attend, you won’t be able to attain their service for the bouquet
  • the variety of flowers available on their website for purchase is somewhat limited to its competitors
  • Although they have subscription plans for flower purchases, The Bouqs company can still work on the plans they’re offering as they’re less holistic than the plans of other floral e-commerce companies.

Who Is The Bouqs Company For?

The Bouqs Company is for anyone and everyone who loves flowers. Whether you’re into floral decor for your home’s interior or love to take flowers with you whenever you’re meeting someone, The Bouqs Company serves you with a fresh bouquet of flowers for every event. You can also order their service for the decor at an event such as a wedding to have your venue beautified with fresh, fragrant, and vibrant flowers.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While The Bouqs Company is solely focused on creating custom bouquets for its valued customers, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM is certainly a worthy opponent to mention. This company has all its fingers deep into the world of gift items. If you want to take a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has got you.

With excellent customer service and a variety of more than 100 floral species to choose from, the business is a great competitor of The Bouqs Company. The flower bouquets can be customized for all occasions expressing every emotion, whether love, joy, or grief.

Despite 1-800-FLOWERS.COM’s incredible services, loyal customers still run towards The Bouqs Company to purchase flowers for the quality they offer.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though the market of floral products is quite saturated nowadays, The Bouqs Company is most certainly worth the investment. The entrepreneurial business offers one of its kind services and is committed to its customers. The Bouqs Company is always looking for ways to improve its products and services to provide its customers with quality and unique floral products at an affordable rate. Their easy-to-navigate website and the change in their supply and chain management strategies prove their commitment to their goals of serving their customers with the best they have to offer.

If you’re looking for some bouquets created for you from flowers straight from the farm at an exotic solution, The Bouqs Company is what you need. Whether it’s a wedding you’re invited to, your own wedding bouquet, or perhaps you have a hobby of collecting flowers, give The Bouqs Company’s products a try.