Terra-Core Fitness from Shark Tank

Terra-Core Fitness shark tank

The health and fitness industry has witnessed numerous changes over the years. Part of the reason is that the ever-growing target market is constantly looking for new equipment and tools to make their workouts easier and accessible. Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for an all-in-one solution for their fitness-related problems.

With a similar mindset, Greg Nigro, a gym trainer and entrepreneur, sought to create a comprehensive piece of equipment that would help fitness enthusiasts perform workouts using a single product. With two decades of experience as a fitness trainer, Greg also wanted to build an entire community of fitness professionals and people looking to reach their fitness goals. That’s how Terra-Core Fitness came into being.

Terra-Core Fitness, founded by Greg Nigro and his team of gym trainers, is a company that designs and manufactures all-in-one gym equipment to make workouts possible at home. Instead of coming to the gym every day to access the valuable equipment and machines, Terra-Core Fitness’s prime product, Terra-Core, allows the same effect at home.

The multipurpose Terra-Core can act as a bench, stepper, and balance trainer. Its ergonomic design also enables fitness fanatics to work as a piece of lifting equipment when flipped over, thanks to the attached handles.

Greg Nigro appeared on Shark Tank Season 11, seeking an investment of $300K in exchange for a 15% stake in his company. He wanted to use the money to help regulate manufacturing and make the equipment more affordable for the masses. Since its sales started in 2017 after a successful 2016 Kickstarter campaign, the business could already produce 2.1 million in lifetime sales.

Greg entered the show dressed as a Sultan and captured the sharks’ attention with a comedic presentation. He then introduced Terra-Core, a 28-pound, 46 inches long, air-filled equipment designed to assist in more than 100 different workouts and exercises.

The patented design had a comfortable and inflated surface atop to perform workouts, especially the ones engaging the core resulting in 4 times extra burn.

With the help of his professional assistants, Greg showed the sharks various ways one can use the equipment. He then invited the sharks to try out the equipment for themselves.

While Lori and Anne tried the planks, Daymond and Mark used the surface designed underneath, and Kevin stepped on the inflatable surface to try out the stability factor. All the sharks were overall impressed with the comfortability and functionality of the device.

After the discussion regarding the high price point and profit margins, Daymond was the first to make the offer of $300K in exchange for 40% equity. Kevin went next, offering $300K in exchange for 15% but at a $20 royalty per unit till it made a million dollars.

At this point, guest shark Anne Wojcicki inquires how the product won’t turn into a fad, which Greg answers with a presentation of the interactive gym app that comes with the equipment, allowing professional trainers to post their workouts that could reach fitness fans.

Daymond reduces the stake to 35%, while Anne offers $300K for 17% equity and $10 per unit royalty for perpetuity. Lori also makes an offer of $300K for 22.5% while Daymond revises his offer again, stopping at 30% equity. Greg didn’t find the royalty offers as valuable as the other two, and Lori’s offer stood out to him, which he accepted.

Our Review of Terra-Core Fitness

Terra-Core Fitness has turned out to be a profitable business, building its customer base or community in a short period. While the business wasn’t breaking even when it appeared on Shark Tank, Terra-Core now has a net worth of 2.5 million dollars.

The company’s equipment and app have made their mark in the commercial and direct market thanks to its e-commerce platform and Amazon presence.

Terra-Core has also introduced a wide range of accessories along with Terra-Glide, another fitness equipment aiding people in performing at-home workouts. The versatility of the products manufactured by Terra-Core and the easy-to-access Terra-Core app has allowed the product to remain in demand.

Their free YouTube workout videos have also helped community building, which Greg, the founder of Terra-Core, had initially hoped for.

Pros of Terra-Core Fitness

In a short time, Terra-Core Fitness has found a community of gym experts and fitness fanatics with its sophisticated and patented design, interactive and user-friendly app, and company mind-blowing customer service. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • Terra-Core and other products manufactured by the company are available at a discounted rate.
  • The company also offers an installment plan for making payment easier for everyone.
  • Terra-Core’s ergonomic design helps beginners with their at-home workouts while also serving the pros to engage in advanced workout regimes.
  • Terra-Core Fitness products are well-designed to eradicate the need to buy an entire gym setup and numerous equipment to make the at-home workout as effective as gym workouts.
  • Terra-Core can double as a stepper, a bench, or a balance trainer while also making lifting exercises possible with the handles attached underneath.
  • The 46-inch long Terra-Core weighs 28 LBs, making the product mobile and accessible anywhere.
  • Compared to other gym equipment, Terra-Core takes the least space while ensuring that the core muscles are four times as engaged as regular workouts.
  • Terra-Core is designed to accommodate the spine, making comfortable back-laid workouts possible for everyone.
  • The air-filled top surface is comfortable for all body shapes.
  • Terra-Core can hold up to 4500 Lbs, though 1000 Lbs is the maximum recommended weight limit.
  • Terra-Core Fitness’s free app aids users in following effective workout regimes to achieve their fitness goals faster.
  • The product shakes up the boring workout regimen and allows the users to indulge in more challenging workouts.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of Terra-Core Fitness

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Terra-Core Fitness:

  • The Terra-Core Fitness is costlier than the average equipment available in the market related to workouts and fitness
  • The unsupervised use of Terra-Core can be dangerous for the muscles and the spine
  • For all the cardio-lovers, Terra-Core doesn’t play an influential role in their workouts

Who Is Terra-Core Fitness For?

Terra-Core is perfect for every fitness enthusiast who wants to perform effective, at-home workouts without spending substantial money on expensive gym equipment and setup.

The interactive app allows professional trainers to post their workouts while letting the users efficiently access these workouts to follow and adopt.

The unique, multipurpose equipment and the community forward app is perfect for health and fitness lovers, especially the ones looking for effective results in a short time.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Bosu is another famous name in the fitness industry, an Ohio-based company that manufactures the dynamically designed Bosu Ball, a piece of gym equipment similar to Terra-Core.

The inflated surface with a large diameter provides extra resistance for the workouts and can be used at home or gyms.

One of the aspects of Bosu Ball that distinguishes it from Terra-Core, other than design, is that Bosu Ball is also effective for cardio.

Bosu offers a range of other gym equipment that makes workouts more effective. Their wide range of free training videos and paid workout courses also bring together beginners and pros to form a community.

Our Final Thoughts

Terra-Core Fitness has made its mark in the fitness industry through its uniquely and ergonomically designed Terra-Core equipment.

Terra-Core Fitness has been building a community of fitness enthusiasts to solve other prevalent problems in the industry, especially the lack of a platform and effective at-home solutions. The patented design of Terra-Core Fitness is likely to make the company profit along with other highly trending products.

In the years to come, we will see more Terra-Core Fitness in the ever-growing fitness sector with its variety of equipment and accessories to make fitness a lifestyle for every individual.