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The TEC review from Shark Tank will discuss in detail the jacket designed to hold all your high-tech gear so that you don’t need to leave anything behind.

What is TEC?

TEC translates to Technology Enabled Clothing. It is attire that gets you ready for the space age and its unique challenges.

In simple words, this clothing is designed to house your precious high-tech gadgets. Therefore, nothing gets left behind when you leave home sweet home. Not even your gadgets.

Thanks to TEC you can ‘wear’ your gadgets courtesy of the big pockets built within that can house gadgets as big as a laptop. TEC’s vision is that carrying all other gadgets should be as simple as carrying that smartphone in your pocket.

In this day and age, our high-tech gadgets are an inseparable dimension of ourselves. Besides smartphones, these include other tech gadgets that we are enamored with like laptops, MacBooks, iPads, and so on.

As with any love affair, our tech obsession is not without its fair share of issues. So when we need to travel, this puts us in quite a predicament. Leaving our beloved gizmos behind is hardly an option. We invariably want our gadgets to accompany us wherever life takes us. Nothing should interfere with our gadget use – an almost sacred inviolable experience.

Sadly, life does get in the way. Many of us are forced – much against our will – to leave behind our prized gadgets when we venture outside.

Good old-fashioned bags, cases, and backpacks might seem to be the answer to this quandary. If only it were that simple. To begin with, they can be a tad bit cumbersome. But far worse is that they can and do get lost or stolen – an unthinkable but very real scenario with devastating repercussions.

If only there was some way to keep our stuff close to us without danger of losing it. Thankfully there is.

Enter TEC. This is the apparel that can hold your laptop, digital camera, tablet, and phone. There are even embedded wires built into the attire to help with charging your devices on the go. This is outerwear that’s fit for the future.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are. To view their latest offerings, you can visit their website.

Note: TEC is now known as SCOTTeVEST.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The founder of TEC, Scott Jordan wanted $500,000 in return for a 15 percent share in the business. However, there was no deal.

Our Review of TEC

TEC is nothing new. It has been on a mission to produce tech-based apparel since way back in 2000.

We tried out the Essential Jacket 2.0 and the Chloe Glow hoodie. One thing to note is that you have to go one size bigger than what actually fits you because only then can you accommodate all your gear and zip them with ease.

We found these to be of good quality. The material was sturdy and the apparel was machine washable. As you would expect, its pockets galore – there are 18 pockets on the hoodie and 24 pockets in the jacket. Since they are made of robust zippers and strong materials, these pockets are not easy for pickpockets to mess with. Thankfully, the brand has taken care to bolster the pockets against thieves. As a result, they are hard to cut or break into.

The myriad pockets happen to be thoughtfully designed. Many of these pockets are designed with a specific use in mind. Hence, there is a pocket for travel documents, smaller pockets for carrying your SD cards, and narrow long pockets to keep your stylus within easy reach.

There are also pockets large enough to house tablets. But one key fact to keep in mind is that their size could vary according to the clothing size you choose. So be sure to confirm before ordering.

The key advantage of this arrangement, of course, is that you don’t have to struggle and juggle bags that can always get stolen.

Since the sleeves are removable, you will have an easier time wearing this jacket during the springtime. It is ideal for the fall and spring seasons being 42 percent polyester and 58 percent cotton.

If 24 pockets are not enough for you, then you will be glad to know that there is clothing in store with even more pockets. For us at least, the 24-pocket jacket was enough to house all our gear, documents, and personal stuff without any issue.

The collar is nicely designed. Since it does not stand up there is no trapping of heat around your neck. Another good thing to note about this jacket is that it is fairly inconspicuous. It does not look like a portable gadget warehouse (which it is if you think about it). Hence, you can blend in with the crowd and not stand out as a tech-obsessed freak who loves carrying all their tech assets with them – the type of folks that pickpockets would love to target. You don’t look horribly ‘loaded’ even when the pockets are full since they are designed to minimize bulge.

So despite being very different it does look and feel like a ‘normal’ jacket – good for keeping a low profile that won’t make you a target of thieves.

One key fact to remember is that it is water-repellant and not waterproof. So don’t walk out in this jacket in a heavy downpour otherwise your gear could get water damaged.

TEC Pros

  • Great for holding tech gadgets
  • Comfortable
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • 30 pockets
  • Removable sleeves
  • Breathable and water-resistant
  • Machine washable

TEC Cons

  • Pricey

Who is TEC for?

TEC is for anyone who wants to bring their gadgets with them wherever they go. With TEC, they can ensure that nothing gets left behind.

Are There Any Alternatives?


Our Final Thoughts

The TEC review explored the ins and outs of this futuristic attire. This is your solution for carrying your gadgets wherever life takes you.