Tailgate N Go from Shark Tank

Tailgate N Go shark tank

Everyone loves hosting tailgate parties, especially for games and matches, where you can bond with family and friends and enjoy delicious meals. However, while they are fun and exciting, prepping for them requires a lot of time and effort. Ordering takeout for these parties can be expensive, so we recommend preparing the food yourself.

The task of cooking for tailgate events has now been made much easier by Tailgate N Go –a portable outdoor kitchen and a dry box designed for outdoor parties and activities such as tailgating at matches and sports events.

The idea came about when Ron asked his daughter Taylor a question. She was preparing for a BBQ party near a lake but hadn’t organized her things. Ron inquired where she had kept her chuck box, a box campers used to store their cooking equipment.

In response to her father’s question, Taylor wanted to work on a solution with her brother and father. After several brainstorming rounds, the family came up with Tailgate N Go. Keep reading to learn more about what it offers.

Tailgate N Go is a revolutionary product in the world of outdoor cooking. Simply put, Tailgate N Go is a patented portable gas kitchen plus a dry box that contains everything you could need to cook outdoors.

Users can set Tailgate N Go up in the backyard, in a parking lot before a big game, and even while camping. This grill oven has a separate space to store cooking tools, food items, and beverages, providing you with all the conveniences of your home kitchen. This portable kitchen also supplies running water at camping or tailgating locations.

Tailgate N Go has a 360-degree design that ensures each part of the kitchen has sufficient functional space for you to be organized. The best part is that it is available in your favorite NFL team logo and colors.

Tailgate N Go comes with several utensils, including chopping boards, a tissue roll holder, a can opener, separate compartments for spices, dry storage, and other food ingredients, a storage net with a lid, and also a knife magnet allowing your knife to stay in place.

Tailgate N Go is not only compact but will enable you to cook outdoors without making a mess or losing your cooking utensils.

The founders of Tailgate N Go believed in their product idea. They thus decided to pitch their American dream on Sharks Tank, hoping to secure financing and a strategic business partner to grow their business. Ron and his family were seeking an investment of $250,000 for 20% ownership of Tailgate N Go.

Although their product was the first in the market, the Sharks have reservations about the company valuations being too high based on their previous sales figures. Tailgate N Go sold 100 kitchen units in one year, and while this number was not too big, the founders were hopeful that the sales would increase significantly in the upcoming months.

The owners also mentioned they needed additional capital for inventory to help fulfill their orders. After a round of questions and answers regarding the functionality of Tailgate N Go, Matt Higgins decided to make an offer to invest $250,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of Tailgate N Go plus $50 royalty for every until sols until the initial investment is covered.

Final deal: A deal between Matt Higgins and Tailgate N Go was finalized in which Matt agreed to invest $250,000 in exchange for 20% ownership plus $50 per unit royalty until the investment has been paid back in full.

Within a few months of the airing of the Shark Tank episode, Tailgate N Go generated $400,000 in sales revenue. You would be pleased to know that Tailgate N Go is still an active business, and they are going pretty strong with a net worth of one million dollars. You can purchase their products directly from their website.

Our Review of Tailgate N Go

Tailgate N Go is a portable outdoor modular kitchen with a compact design that provides you with all the conveniences of cooking at home. One of the biggest struggles while cooking outdoors is managing space and keeping things organized.

With its functional design and dedicated compartments for utensils and food items, Tailgate N Go allows you to cook easily without having to search for essential cooking items from a huge pile of disorganized stuff.

Another plus point of this all-in-one outdoor kitchen is that it is easily collapsible. Hence, it’s easy to carry for camping vacations and other outdoor recreational activities like tailgating at sports tournaments. Moreover, it comes with a wide range of kitchen utensils like a bottle opener, paper towel holder, cutting boards, and custom grill holders.

What we love best about Tailgate N Go is that this portable kitchen comes with easy-to-install attachments like sinks, bottle shelves, filet boards, etc. Tailgate N Go allows you to have an indoor cooking experience outdoors.

Pros of Tailgate N Go

  • This portable kitchen provides all the conveniences of your home kitchen.
  • Comes with a range of kitchen utensils and attachments like sinks, cutting boards, etc.
  • Has a compact 360-design that ensures maximum functional space.
  • You can use it for camping and various other outdoor recreational activities.
  • The kitchen is easily collapsible and foldable, allowing you to carry it easily.
  • It has running water.

Cons of Tailgate N Go

  • It is pretty expensive compared to other outdoor cooking alternatives.

Who Is Tailgate N Go for?

Tailgate N Go is for anyone looking to have an outdoor cooking experience while having all the facilities of their home kitchen. This portable outdoor kitchen is perfect for campers and tailgaters, allowing them to have the most organized and mess-free cooking experience.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Tailgate N Go has a patented design with no direct competitors offering the same product.

Our Final Thoughts

Tailgate N Go is a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen that allows you to cook for your family and friends no matter where you are. If you are someone who loves outdoor activities with fresh meals prepared on the spot, Tailgate N Go is just what you need.