Tabby Dates from Shark Tank

Tabby dates shark tank

It’s rarely simple to date. However, you want to back off when considering pet peeves like noisy chomping, odd voices, unkempt dressing, and whatnot. Cats are allegedly a major turnoff for most people, despite their enormous popularity online.

Finding the ideal match, organizing a date centered on cats, and finding out about the latest cat toys and goodies are all made possible by Tabby, the dating app for cat owners and cat lovers. For those who already own cats and plan to in the future, you can find your match on Tabby!

You can install Tabby Dates on your phone just like any other application. It is accessible through Google Play and the iOS App Store. To use the program without difficulty after downloading, read the FAQs section, which includes dos and don’ts.

You must be 18 years old if you want to avoid problems when using Tabby. It’s also essential to ensure you’re not breaking any laws, using foul language, or unlicensed marketing of goods or services from businesses.

Leigh and Casey Versluis were the minds of Tabby, while Cameron and Collin Versluis’ Emberly Digital, the software design business, was ultimately responsible for its creation.

Tabby was released on August 8, 2020, especially on International Cat Day. The software has been installed more than 10,000 times only from the Google Play Store, indicating a large community of cat enthusiasts.

Most users may use the app’s basic version without paying anything. You must, however, subscribe to a monthly subscription if you want to upgrade to the premium package.

The founders of Tabby went on Shark Tank hoping to receive a $300,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stock return on their investment. Before beginning their presentation, Leigh introduced cat owners’ issues with conventional dating sites.

The Sharks were then guided through the app’s UI. Leigh continued by comparing Dig and Tabby. Regarding her prospective market, she further mentioned that there are more than 17 million solitary cat owners in the US.

Mark left because he thought it was incredibly difficult to build an application from the ground up. Robert endorsed the idea and appreciated how business owners bring people together, but he thought it wasn’t wise to put money into dating applications. He dropped out too.

According to Nirav, it might be challenging to rise above the early hubbub and succeed with such a unique idea.

With his involvement in BasePaws, Kevin thought he had specialized knowledge in the market and had $300,000 to put into the company for a 30% equity stake. Kevin disagrees with Leigh’s counter-proposal of 25%.

Finally, Lori urged them to accept Kevin’s offer since it was sound. Ultimately, Leigh accepts Kevin’s conditions, and they decide to proceed.

Our Review Of Tabby

Tabby dating app seems to have gone out of business and can be labeled a Shark Tank failure.

Cat lovers and owners may easily find dates online thanks to Tabby, a unique dating app. Cat lovers no longer have to deal with the awkwardness of dating a person who doesn’t want to date cat owners, claims the website.

Nearly 1000 new users join Tabby each month, which is accessible for installation on both Play Store and App Store. The yearly membership statistics predict an audience of 55% men and 45% women.

Most users may use the app’s basic version for no charge. You will need to pay a monthly charge to upgrade to the premium version.

Pros Of Tabby

  • Links cat-lovers to one another.
  • Has a free version available.
  • Accessible to IOS and Android users.
  • Target a specific group.

Cons Of Tabby

  • It is not easy to reach out to a sustainable audience.

Who is Tabby For?

It should be evident at this point that Tabby is a dating service for those who love cats and own cats. You may register for a profile to connect with other cat lovers, exchange experiences, and meet gorgeous pet lovers and their fuzzy friends.

Since its first release on August 8, 2020, the International Cat Day, Tabby has made significant progress in bringing cat lovers together.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Tabby is an exclusive dating app designed just for cat lovers and owners. Dig, a matchmaking app for dog lovers, and Tabby have uncanny similarities. Issacson sisters, who initially founded Dig, eventually forayed further, entering the kitty lovers market and providing a forum for their association.

Our Final Thoughts

People are notorious for disparaging cat owners. They are known as “Crazy Cat Ladies” because they are devoted to their felines. Tabby disproves these preconceived notions.

The advent of Tabby’s VIP loyalty scheme in October 2020 gave users access to unlimited texting, displayed at the forefront of search results and other benefits.

Since 2021, Tabby and Dig have been focusing on enhancing their security protocols, a frequently arising problem in internet dating.

Since July, the apps have collaborated with RealMe, enabling users to quickly discover so much about their match. Users will access more information on the person they are speaking to, such as their possible love interest’s criminal and legal histories.

The company is currently receiving attention and is working to reach cat lovers expecting to hear from someone who shares their interest. With around 17 million lonely cat owners across the US, Tabby is aiming for a market that is now unexplored but has enormous potential.

The app has reportedly already been mentioned on Daily Mail, People, The Wall Street Journal, and Good Morning America, so it appears like the only way forward for them at this point is upward. The staff at Tabby is committed to fostering positive and harmonious relationships whatsoever. The company has now gone out of business.