Surf Band Pro: Shark Tank Update – The Latest Wave in Business

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Surf Band Pro, a revolutionary product created by Greg Demirjian, has been making waves in the surfing community. Designed to resemble a watch, this innovative accessory allows surfers to store and apply sunscreen conveniently while out on the water. The clever invention caught the attention of many when Demirjian stepped on the stage of Shark Tank Season 14, hoping to secure a deal for his unique product.

Throughout the episode, Greg Demirjian showcased Surf Band Pro’s practical benefits and polished design. The device’s compact size, customizable top container, and various color options make it a must-have for surfers and sun lovers alike. The founder demonstrated the ease of use of the product, further proving its potential in the market.

While viewers eagerly tuned in to see how the Sharks would react to Demirjian’s pitch, they wondered if the inventive sunscreen solution would successfully earn a deal on the show. With investors like Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner always on the lookout for the next big idea, Surf Band Pro was ready to make a splash on the Shark Tank stage.

The Idea behind Surf Band Pro

The concept of Surf Band Pro emerged from the need for surfers to have access to sunscreen while they are out on the water. Invented by Greg Demirjian, this innovative product addresses a common issue faced by surfers and other outdoor enthusiasts who require convenient sunscreen access to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Surf Band Pro is a wearable hand band that can hold sunscreen, sanitizer, or lotion. Users can simply add their preferred solution to the band and wear it on their hand. Whenever they need some lotion, they can press the top part of the band to dispense it. The velcro band is designed to be easy to use and comfortable to wear during outdoor activities.

Although the name implies that the product is specifically for surfers, Surf Band Pro is indeed suitable for anyone who spends time outdoors. It can be filled with various types of lotions and solutions, making it a versatile accessory for beachgoers, hikers, and more.

The idea for Surf Band Pro was developed while Greg Demirjian was attending Skidmore College and noticed the inconvenience of carrying a bulky sunscreen bottle during outdoor activities. He aimed to create a practical, easy-to-use solution to this problem, and the Surf Band Pro was born.

With its innovative design and multiple use cases, Surf Band Pro has become a popular solution for those looking to protect their skin from the sun and carry other essential lotions without the hassle of carrying additional items. Its appearance on Shark Tank also helped to raise awareness and interest in the product, exposing it to a broader audience and expanding its reach.

The Deal on Shark Tank

In Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 15, entrepreneur Greg Demirjian presented the Surf Band Pro, an innovative solution for surfers and beachgoers who wanted to carry sunscreen without the inconvenience of a whole bottle. The product caught the attention of the sharks, including Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Barbara Corcoran.

During the pitch, Greg Demirjian sought a deal of $150,000 for 10% equity in his company. The sharks showed their interest and closely evaluated the product, discussing its potential in the market. With friendly advice and a thorough evaluation of the Surf Band Pro’s potential, the sharks engaged in a series of negotiations with Demirjian.

As the episode unfolded, different offers and counteroffers were explored. The sharks weighed the pros and cons of investing in this easy-to-use accessory while considering factors such as valuation, market size, and potential for growth. It was an intense and captivating segment of Shark Tank Season 14, with the sharks and the entrepreneur aiming to make the best deal possible.

In the end, the final outcome regarding the Shark Tank deal remains undisclosed. Nonetheless, it provided valuable exposure for the Surf Band Pro and its practical, innovative design in the lucrative world of surfing and beach accessories. The exciting exchange between Greg Demirjian and the sharks highlighted the importance of perseverance and a well-prepared pitch for capturing their attention and interest.

Product Features and Functionality

The Surf Band Pro is a versatile and innovative wearable hand band designed to hold various types of lotions, sanitizers, and liquids. It is perfect for use during outdoor adventures like a day at the beach, water sports, or any fun under the sun. With its sleek, colorful design available in black, blue, and pink, it’s an attractive and functional accessory for any occasion.

The hand band comes in three different styles to suit users’ preferences: a silicone band, a Velcro band, and a bezel band. These options allow wearers to choose a design that best fits their needs and style. Some of the liquids that can be stored include sunscreen lotion, hand sanitizer, and mosquito repellent, making it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Refilling the Surf Band Pro is a breeze with its user-friendly design. It features the Squirt Master Pro, an easy-to-use nozzle that enables convenient refilling of the band with the desired liquid. Moreover, the wearable accommodates an ample amount of lotion or solution, ensuring that users have enough supply while out and about.

To use the Surf Band Pro, users simply need to press the top part of the band, releasing the liquid onto their palm. This hassle-free process eliminates the need to carry around bulky bottles or containers. The hand band is also water-resistant, allowing users to enjoy their activities without worrying about the contents getting diluted or washed away.

In conclusion, the Surf Band Pro is a functional and fashionable wearable that offers users a convenient solution for carrying essential liquids during outdoor adventures. Its multiple bands and color options cater to individual styles and preferences, ensuring that there’s a Surf Band Pro for everyone.

Business Status and Retail Presence

Surf Band Pro has been thriving since its introduction in 2021, despite being a relatively small business with less than five employees. The innovative product, designed by Greg Demirjian, provides a practical and fashionable solution for conveniently storing and accessing sunscreen while participating in outdoor activities or sports.

The company has experienced considerable success, generating a notable profit of $1.5 million in a short period of time. Much of its marketing efforts have been conducted through social media, which helped propel the Surf Band Pro into popularity among athletes and regular users alike.

In terms of retail presence, Surf Band Pro can be purchased directly from the company’s official website for $19.95. The bands are available in various designs to suit individual preferences. As the company grows, it could potentially expand its retail presence further into brick-and-mortar stores or additional online platforms.

Aside from its commercial success, Surf Band Pro is also committed to contributing to charitable causes. A portion of the company’s proceeds is donated to malaria prevention initiatives, indicating a strong commitment to both social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

The business is based in Fairfax Station, Virginia, and is likely to continue its growth trajectory in the foreseeable future. Presently, there is no information regarding partnerships or involvement with organizations like the United Nations or United Nations Foundation. However, the company’s dedication to malaria prevention initiatives highlights its potential to collaborate with like-minded organizations or contribute to global health campaigns in the future.

Review and Consumer Response

Surf Band Pro has received positive feedback from beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Its innovative design and functionality make it an essential accessory for those who spend their time under the sun. On Instagram, fans of Surf Band Pro frequently share their experience with the product, showcasing its stylish design and practical application in their beach activities.

The product offers a unique solution to the common issue of having to carry sunscreen while enjoying outdoor activities. Being an on-the-go sunscreen dispenser, Surf Band Pro allows users to reapply sunscreen without the inconvenience of carrying a whole bottle. Its refillable reservoir ensures a multi-use product that is both eco-friendly and user-friendly.

In terms of style, Surf Band Pro is a fashionable accessory that goes beyond its primary function as a sunscreen dispenser. Available in various colors, it can be customized to suit the user’s preferences, making it both a practical and stylish addition to their beach wardrobe.

However, some cons have been mentioned by users as well. A few users have reported issues regarding the durability of the band, stating it is not as resistant to wear and tear as they initially expected. Nevertheless, most users find Surf Band Pro to be a reliable product with only occasional concerns regarding its longevity.

To sum up, Surf Band Pro has gained a loyal following among outdoor enthusiasts, beachgoers, and those who prefer an active lifestyle. Its unique design, customizable style options, and practical functionality make it an essential item for people wanting to have easy access to sunscreen during their adventures. While there are a few drawbacks mentioned by some users, overall, consumer response leans towards positive reviews and satisfaction.

Taking a Look at the Other Products

Surf Band Pro isn’t the only innovative and practical product out there. In the world of wearable and useful gadgets, there are other products that cater to different needs. Here are a few other noteworthy items:

Big Mouth Toothbrush is a unique oral hygiene tool specifically designed for kids. With soft bristles and a friendly design, it encourages children to brush regularly, promoting good oral hygiene habits.

Youthforia offers a lineup of beauty products that are both eco-friendly and user-friendly. Focusing on sustainable products, the brand works to keep our planet and physical appearance in top shape.

Eat Your Flowers is a company that specializes in creating edible, decorative flowers for culinary use. Their colorful creations add an eye-catching touch to dishes while enhancing flavor and ensuring safety in consumption.

Iron Fire Productions mainly focuses on creating high-quality customizable silicone bands. These bands come in various styles, from fitness-focused to fashion-forward designs.

Clean-Bands target hygiene-conscious individuals looking for a practical way to keep their items clean. These bands aim to help users maintain a germ-free environment and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Bug Band Pro is an efficient, wristband-style insect repellent system. With a simple design, it offers a comfortable, easy-to-use solution for keeping pesky bugs away during outdoor activities.

Bezel Bands function as fashionable watch accessories for various smartwatches, adding a touch of elegance and style to the devices.

As for liquids, lotions, and gels, Surf Band Pro is open to customization. Customers can fill the wearable with their preferred product, making the band even more versatile and adaptable to individual needs.

All in all, these varied products cater to specific wants and needs of consumers. Ranging from oral care to beauty and hygiene, each unique design aims to make daily routines more manageable and enjoyable.

Giving Back to the Community

Surf Band Pro, the innovative sunscreen hand band, has made an impact not only on beachgoers but also on global health initiatives. The company, despite being in business since 2021, has quickly made a significant profit. They have shown their commitment towards giving back to the community by dedicating a portion of their proceeds to important causes.

One of their key initiatives is supporting United To Beat Malaria, an organization that works tirelessly to prevent and combat malaria around the world. Malaria is a pressing issue, especially in developing countries, and Surf Band Pro’s contributions aid in providing critical resources for preventive measures and treatments.

In addition to their support for malaria prevention, Surf Band Pro has also forged ties with the United Nations and the United Nations Foundation. These partnerships align with their broader goal of contributing to a better world by addressing urgent global issues such as health, poverty, and environmental sustainability.

Surf Band Pro’s dedication to bettering the community is a testament to the power of innovation and entrepreneurship in making a positive impact on the world. By creating a functional and eco-friendly product, they have not only simplified sun protection for users but also managed to support vital causes for the wellbeing of the global community.