SubZero Ice Cream from Shark Tank

SubZero Ice Cream shark tank

SubZero Ice Cream is a company that serves ice cream. But it’s not just the same ice cream. SubZero Ice Cream came up with a new, flash-freezing method to make ice cream on the spot. How is it possible?

Well, SubZero Ice cream founder, Jerry Hancock, is a chemist and started using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream. After a quick trial and error, he found the perfect amount of liquid nitrogen needed to freeze the ice cream.

SubZero Ice Cream does not have the basic thirty-one ice cream flavors. Instead, they can make various flavors, depending on the customer. This idea is unique because the ice cream is made in front of the customer in seconds.

The customer first chooses one of six ice cream bases (premium, custard, yogurt, soy, rice milk, and low-fat cream). Then, the customer chooses as many add-ons as they want, and there are many to choose from. Once the flavors have been decided, the customer chooses a few mix-ins.

The mixture is then frozen with liquid nitrogen to -321 degrees. In fifteen seconds, you will have your ice cream in your hands.

SubZero Ice Cream was founded in 2004 and began franchising in 2005. By 2013, they had two corporate stores and eighteen franchisees.

In 2013, founders Jerry and Naomi Hancock appeared on Shark Tank in season 4, episode 14. They sought a three hundred thousand dollar investment for twelve percent of their company. While Naomi starts pitching their idea, Jerry makes ice cream on stage.

Daymond was the first to walk out, stating that the business would require too much of his time. Kevin O’Leary follows suit, saying that the ice cream business is congested and not worth it. Rober Harjavec and Lori Greiner agree that the Hancocks don’t need a new partner and will do well independently. Mark Cuban is the last to walk out, stating he did not want to be a part of the franchise business.

SubZero Ice Cream did not get a deal on Shark Tank.

SubZero Ice Cream did not give up. Instead, they appear to be doing better than ever, with over fifty SubZero Ice Cream retail locations in the United States. Shark Tank had boosted SubZero Ice Cream business by three times.

SubZero Ice Cream now allows customers to order online on their website.

Our Review of SubZero Ice Cream

SubZero Ice Cream has come with a unique idea of mixing science and dessert. Everyone loves ice cream. With SubZero Ice Cream, you can get a wide variety of flavors and choose them yourself. Trying out different ice cream flavors to decide which one you like the most is a fun experience.

A problem with most ice creams is that if out in the freezer for a long time, they become a target for freezer burn. It causes ice crystals to form in the ice cream, changes the flavor, and ruins its texture. But that is not a problem when using liquid nitrogen. As liquid nitrogen does not form ice crystals or cause moisture loss, it results in creamier and tastier ice cream.

But, if you’re looking to get some ice cream and eat it over the weekend while enjoying a movie, that probably won’t be possible. Liquid nitrogen is useful in getting quick-ready ice cream. That is one thing that separates SubZero Ice Cream from the rest. But that is also its own Achille’s heel. SubZero Ice Cream is a eat- on the spot ice cream not made for storing.

Liquid nitrogen also has some dangers associated with it. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends not to eat food prepared with liquid nitrogen on the spot. This is because liquid nitrogen has an extremely low temperature and could injure the skin or internal organs. Some have even complained about difficulty breathing after inhaling some vapors.

Although this problem is not an issue if handled carefully. SubZero Ice Cream gives out franchises, meaning they do not control how every shop handles the process. This has also resulted in poor customer service, with many complaining about the issue.

SubZero Ice Cream puts creativity as their top product. You can try out various flavors by choosing different bases with different mix-ins. Watching liquid nitrogen freeze the mixture is another aspect that attracts customers. There is something captivating about watching a creamy mixture turn into frozen food as it emerges from the liquid nitrogen fog.

Although there are some things to be wary of, SubZero Ice Cream is an innovative and creative idea. For your understanding, we have listed some pros and cons of SubZero Ice Cream.

Pros of SubZero Ice Cream

  • There are thousands of flavor combinations to pick from.
  • It’s quick
  • It has a creative element
  • There are no ice crystals formed.

Cons of SubZero Ice Cream

  • If eaten too quickly could cause injury as liquid nitrogen is extremely cold.
  • Giving out franchises results in a loss of quality and service

Who is SubZero Ice Cream for?

All ages love ice cream. The problem is that most ice cream places store their ice creams in freezers which can change the quality and taste of the ice cream. SubZero Ice Cream gives you ready-to-eat, freshly prepared ice cream that is more creamy and flavorful.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The biggest competitor for SubZero Ice Cream is Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream. With over nine shops in America and four more openings soon, Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream is making a name for itself. They also provide you with a vegan option using fruits and almond milk.

Our Final Thoughts

SubZero Ice Cream has created an innovative and creative idea for making ice creams that makes their customers a part of the ice cream-making process. The ice cream is prepared in minutes and avoids normal ice cream problems. If you love ice cream, try SubZero Ice Cream for a creamier and tastier ice cream experience.