Square Keg Review from Shark Tank: Innovative Design Meets Functionality

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Square Keg made a memorable splash on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank,” where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of potential investors. This innovative beer storage solution captivated viewers and sharks alike with its unique design that offered a clever twist on the traditional, cumbersome beer kegs. Originating from the creative mind of Detroit healthcare sales representative Tim Loucks, the Square Keg was designed to maximize space efficiency while maintaining the integrity and freshness of its contents.

The product’s distinctive square shape allows it to fit more easily into refrigerators, making it a popular choice among beer enthusiasts looking for a compact and convenient mini keg system. Following its appearance on “Shark Tank,” Square Keg garnered attention for its approach to changing how drinks are stored and served. With high user ratings and a surge in popularity, Square Keg showed signs of a significant increase in revenue, a testament to the product’s reception by the consumer market.

Key Takeaways

  • Square Keg emerged as an innovative beer storage solution on “Shark Tank.”
  • Its space-efficient design has been well-received by consumers.
  • The company has experienced positive financial growth post-appearance.

Inception of Square Keg


Square Keg emerged as an innovative solution to a common problem—how to store beverages efficiently. It captured significant attention after its debut on the television show Shark Tank, propelling the business from its humble startup beginnings to a recognized name in the beverage storage market.

Inspiration Behind the Design

The idea for Square Keg was born out of the necessity to save space while storing beverages. It was an answer to the cumbersome round kegs that were difficult to fit into a standard refrigerator. Square Keg’s design allowed users in Spokane and beyond to store their preferred beverages conveniently, be it craft beer, kombucha, or wine.

Journey on Shark Tank

Square Keg’s founders took their pitch to Shark Tank with hopes to secure an investment to boost their market presence. Their enticing pitch resulted in a deal that laid the foundation for sales expansion. After appearing on the show, Square Keg became synonymous with efficient and user-friendly beverage storage, appealing to both casual drinkers and serious aficionados.

Startup Beginnings

Initially, the company targeted the niche market of beverage enthusiasts seeking a portable and space-efficient keg. The founders leveraged the business-friendly climate of Spokane to foster growth, focusing on the unique selling point of the Square Keg: its ability to integrate seamlessly into home refrigerators, saving valuable space. This compelling proposition allowed them to establish a foothold in the competitive beverage storage industry.

Product Features and Benefits


The Square Keg stands out in the market with its distinctive characteristics that cater to both ease of use and versatility. This Shark Tank-featured product has garnered attention with its unique shape, making it a favorite for beer aficionados and beverage lovers who appreciate innovative designs.

Innovative Square Shape

The Square One mini keg touts a square design which is more than just a visual novelty. It exhibits a space-saving design, allowing it to fit neatly on the shelf of a refrigerator or cooler, making it an efficient option for home users. The square shape contributes to better stability and stackability when compared to traditional cylindrical minikegs.

Portability and Storage

This portable keg system is housed in durable stainless steel, which not only ensures the beverage stays fresh but also makes it easy to transport. With its compact size, moving it from place to place is a breeze, whether it’s to a friend’s house or a picnic spot.

Usefulness for Various Beverages

Square Keg’s versatility is a significant benefit; it is equipped to handle a range of beverages. From beer to kombucha, cold brew, and even nitrogen-infused drinks with its SquareOne NITRO, the keg system provides an optimal serving temperature and maintains the ideal carbonation with a CO2 regulator. The SquareOne mini keg can also accommodate two 64oz growlers, doubling the volume for serving various types of beverages.

Discover more about the innovative design at the Shark Tank Success website, and delve further into how this unique keg system works for nitrogen-infused beverages by visiting Looper.

Consumer Interaction and Sales


In the wake of Square Keg’s appearance on Shark Tank, the way consumers buy and interact with the brand has been transformative, leveraging both novel and traditional sales avenues alongside consumer-centric communication efforts.

Marketing and Sales Channels

Square Keg capitalized on its Shark Tank exposure, utilizing various marketing and sales channels to reach a diverse audience. The product is promoted through social media platforms, creating buzz among beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers. Additionally, sales representatives have secured its presence in popular online marketplaces, including Amazon, which has expanded their market reach significantly. The company also pursues direct sales at parties, camping trips, and cocktail events, emphasizing its portable convenience.

Customer Feedback

The voice of the customer is prominent in Square Keg’s strategy. Feedback from consumers who use the SquareOne Keg for their parties or outdoor adventures is gathered through multiple communication channels. Anecdotes of the keg’s price-to-value ratio, its ease of use at camping sites, and its perfect fit for a home fridge are common in online reviews, contributing to positive word-of-mouth marketing.

After Shark Tank: Business Growth

Post Shark Tank, Square Keg has seen a noticeable business growth. The appearance spiked interest among potential investors and the general public, leading to a rise in sales. With the enhanced visibility, conversations with Sharks like Daymond and Lori could have led to valuable offers and valuations, further elevating the brand’s profile. Support through crowdfunding efforts like Kickstarter also helped solidify the SquareOne Keg as a staple product for gatherings and solitary enjoyment alike, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey.

Financial Aspects and Future Outlook

The financial aspects of Square Keg, following its appearance on Shark Tank, reveal a promising outlook with a notable increase in company valuation. The future looks bright for this innovative startup as it expands its product line and explores new markets.

Investment Details from Shark Tank

During their pitch on Shark Tank, the founders of Square Keg sought a $300,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity, valuing the company at $3 million. The episode featured investors like Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Peter Jones – known as the “sharks. Square Keg managed to capture the attention of these seasoned investors, though the details of any finalized investment deal were not disclosed in the provided search results.

Cost and Pricing Strategy

The cost to manufacture a single unit of Square Keg’s product is reported to be $130. The pricing strategy they’ve employed allows them to sell the product for about twice the manufacturing cost, which reflects a keen understanding of their market position and how to effectively sustain the company’s profitability.

Expansion and New Ventures

With over $1.4 million in gross revenue and an estimated net worth of $600,000 as of 2023, Square Keg is well-positioned for expansion. There’s a clear focus on rolling out new products under the Square One brand, aiming to solidify their place in the market and attract further investment and partnerships for continued growth.