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Sonnet James shark tank

When you’re a mother of toddlers or have kids who keep you super busy, paying attention to your needs becomes a last priority. While simultaneously managing their daily chores and other engagements, women prefer clothing and a comfy yet presentable ensemble.

Whitney Lundeen, a single mom of two boys, understood this preference and came up with a line of women’s dresses to provide mothers with an outfit for any occasion. She introduced her collection, Sonnet James, which has super comfy playful outfits that feel like pajamas!

Each dress in her collection is intended to be worn both during the day and at night. They are also incredibly adaptable since they are simple to pack for travel, look fabulous with a nice pair of shoes, and can be styled with the right accessories for a stunning look.

Women would choose comfy, stylish attire for every event, whether a work meeting, dining out, a stroll with their kids, or play dates. In addition to bringing a high-quality product, Sonnet James has also established a community of mothers, which is crucial for generating interest in the company’s products and fostering customer loyalty.

Whitney Lundeen wants better for her children since her background, which includes addiction and abuse, reminds her of similar experiences. She created the Sonnet James collection to remind her to be a parent who enjoys spending time with her children while being engaged and in control.

All the outfits in the Sonnet James collection are machine washable and designed with a thick fabric with elasticity and compression to ensure that it keeps their shape during washes. Whitney is a self-taught designer; she learned how to sew and designed all the outfits in Sonnet James herself. She then learned how to make a website and has successfully run it.

Lundeen had the excellent chance to present in front of Guest Shark Sara Blakely, the CEO of Spanx and the mom of four kids under nine! Lundeen entered the Tank looking for a $350,000 investment in return for 25% shares.

Lundeen had the excellent chance to present in front of Guest Shark Sara Blakely, the CEO of Spanx and the mom of four kids under nine! Lundeen entered the Tank looking for a $350,000 investment in return for 25% shares.

Before other Sharks could pitch in, Lundeen took Blakely’s offer because it was what she’d requested – $350,000 for 25%. When Blakely was photographed for the Give Atlanta magazine cover just after the Shark Tank episode was broadcasted, she wore the Sonnet James outfit Lundeen had worn for her presentation.

Following the broadcast, Sonet James saw phenomenal website traffic and significant purchases. The company’s annual sales increased as the transaction with Sara was concluded, reaching over $6.4 million by the end of 2021.

Our Review of Sonnet James

The Sonnet James apparel’s most noticeable feature is that the clothes don’t lose their shape and give you a sleek look all the time.

Sonnet James dresses are manufactured in the United States and are available for online purchase from their website (

Besides, if you somehow snag it after an arduous day, you can easily toss it in the washing machine. The fabric is 100% washing machine safe

Whitney also stated on Shark Tank that their designs might be used for making science kits, doll home makeovers, creating cushion forts, or just cozying with your kids on the sofa and listening to the stories from their day.

Today’s consumers value body acceptance, so ladies of all body types may appreciate Sonnet James’ outfits. Each piece of clothing is made of a thicker stretchy Ponte fabric, which doesn’t stretch out of proportion and holds your curvy assets.

Curvy ladies must check out their Margo Dress in heather gray. Mothers may flaunt their curves thanks to the subtle hints of A-line shapes, which also complement a neckline that could still showcase various physiques. You may shop all day long in this outfit and make your hubby’s jaw drop on a dinner date.

As fall approaches, you may want to select an item from their catalog that is much more appropriate, like a crop biker jacket or a denim blazer, with some stylish accessories to match.

PROS of James Sonnet

  • For modern, active mothers.
  • Now that their outfits are taken care of, mothers may engage in fun activities with children and manage work simultaneously.
  • Each piece of clothing may be used for several occasions and settings.
  • One-size-fits-all styles.
  • Washing machine-safe.
  • There are designs for all seasons.
  • Made of flexible, stretchy material.

CONS of James Sonnet

  • Not all women love wearing dresses everywhere.

Who Is Sonnet James For?

The Sonnet James brand caters to women involved in their families who don’t want to stand by and let life pass them by. A vast selection of apparel is available for mothers, both brand-new and seasoned, so they may have the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Even though Sonnet James is centered on allowing moms to participate in the action again, there are many other options. Some well-known manufacturers of stylish, activity-based clothes for moms include Maisonette, EverlaneLOFT, and Daily Ritual.

Our Final Thought

Nothing feels more empowering than a stunning dress that brings out the best in you. Moms can now feel chic yet comfortable, thanks to Sonnet James’ range of clothes, which complements every body shape flawlessly.

Sonnet James offers the ideal outfit for mommies, whether they need to wear it to the office, drive their kids to school, wait in line for groceries, supervise their children at the park, or accompany them on family outings with their partner. You could wear the same outfit everywhere and feel as beautiful as ever!