Somnifix from Shark Tank

Somnifix shark tank

Some products are so bizarre but incredibly useful for everyday life.  Somnifix is one of these products,  introduced by two great entrepreneurs on Shark Tank. Somnifix is a product that reduces the snoring of the person using it. It may seem like a weird product, but it helps many people have a peaceful night’s sleep.

The thing that stands out regarding the product is that a father-son duo created it. Nicholas Machalak and Andre Machalak are the people behind the product. Andre Machalak, who had a snoring problem but also happened to be a doctor, invented this product. He introduced these mouth strips called Somnifix, which he thought would help his case immensely. Andre has a patent for his solution, so we know it’s legitimate. He then enlisted his son’s help to find an investor who could help make this solution commercial so that every snorer and those around them could sleep much better.

The product involves simple strips you could keep in your mouth and tapes close when you’re asleep. That may make the strips seem aggressive, but they’re super gentle. Now that we know more about the product, we can also look into how the Shark Tank pitch went for the company.

Nicholas is the one who’s pitching the company to the Sharks. He asks for $500,000 for 10% of his company. He begins by telling his story and handing out the samples. He then mentions his father, Andre, and how he came up with the product after his diagnosis of sleep apnea. He then informs them about the working of the product telling the sharks about the strip that essentially shuts your mouth so that you can breathe from your nose. He means the sharks that snoring occurs due to airflow taken in from the mouth and not from the nose.

He goes on to say that this helps with mouth snoring and dry mouth. He says people also have better sleep quality because of the lack of disturbance. The technology also works alongside any CPAP machines and nasal pillows, which means that you can have the best kind of sleep. The strip allows the tongue to rest on the roof of the mouth, and it also helps to keep the nasal passages open as much as you would like. If you don’t have the Somnifix, the jaw can quickly drop, and it can cause the tongue to fall so that snoring happens.

Nicholas talks about the fact that one pack can cost up to $18, and they have made the strips available on Amazon for all who want to use it. The company only needs investment for proper distribution and inventory. He talks about how the family has invested $1.4 million in creating and managing the product. They have also conducted clinical studies at Harvard, which is how they know that the product is on the right track. The product has several patents in many different countries.

Nicholas talks about the fact that a lot of money has gone into the business. However, the company’s sales in the past 9 months have only been $350,000. The Sharks are quick to say that the margins are impressive. However, they all have problems with how the market might react to the particular product. Mark is the first and only one to offer any interest. He also talks about changing the entire marketing strategy for development. He offers Nicholas $500,000 for 20% of the company. Nick accepts, and they have a deal!

Somnifix is very active on Amazon even though the deal with Mark seems to have not made it past the screen. The company has grown, and its products are readily available in CVS and Walmart. They are also doing quite well in terms of sales.

Our Review of Somnifix

A lot of research and money went into the product. However, this product has pros and cons just like any other product on the market. We have mentioned some of the advantages and disadvantages below:

Pros of Somnifix

  1. Helps With Snoring. You don’t have to worry about snoring anymore, as Somnifix is the cure you were looking for. It helps limit a person’s snoring so they can sleep better.
  2. Reduces Dry Mouth. The strips close the mouth, meaning there is less chance of losing water by drooling. Thus, there’s less likeliness of users contracting dry mouth.
  3. Affordable For Users. The pack only costs $18, which means it’s reasonable for people to use it only once.
  4. It works with other machines. Some devices, like CPAP machines, require you to keep your mouth shut. It’s easy to use these strips there.
  5. The strips are convenient. You don’t have to think about how you will install them. They are simple to use.

Cons of Somnifix

  1. They’re not very adhesive. This fact means that the strips don’t always hold the mouth close together, defeating the purpose.
  2. Consumers think they’re too small. They might not fit everyone’s mouth, so some size diversity is necessary.

Who is Somnifix For?

Somnifix is for everyone who has trouble getting a good night’s sleep because of snoring. They are supposed to make the lives of snorers and their family members much more effortless. Sleep is essential to better health and quality of life, which is why it’s necessary to have a product like this. Mouth breathing can cause many people to snore and have dry mouths, so it’s also for those people.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many alternatives for the product because there are sprays out there that can reduce your snoring. However, there aren’t any strips that cover your mouth as you snore. Thus, the unique quality is what helps the product stand out. It can even position your jaw in a way that makes it set, so you don’t drool.

Our Final Thoughts

We think that the product is entirely too necessary. It’s also something the entrepreneurs produced after a lot of research and development, and we believe it can help many people live much better lives. It can help people with awful sleep cycles to feel like they’re on track with their lives.