Solemender from Shark Tank

Solemender shark tank

Ehan Kamat and his father Vinay belonged to St. Louis, Missouri, and the duo came up with the idea for Solemender. In fact, Ehan was only 12 years old when he decided that he wanted to do something for his mother to ease her plantar fasciitis pain. This pain would affect the tendons at the bottom of her feet, making it difficult for her to work.

Vinay, an internal medicine physician of 20 years, helped his son develop a prototype for Solemender, and by 2015, the product had become extremely popular and won many prizes in contests. After the initial success of his product, Ehan, the young entrepreneur, decided to introduce the Sharks to Solemender. He was looking for $75,000 in exchange for 10 percent equity in his business.

By the time he appeared on Shark Tank, Ehan was only 17 years old. He told the Sharks that he knew what pain was, especially since his mother suffered from plantar fasciitis and all he could do was watch. Every doctor she had been to had suggested that she should roll a cold-water bottle underneath her foot to gain some relief. However, this was dangerous as the bottle could burst with pressure, and it was also inconvenient since it would roll away each time.

Solemender¬†was a frozen roller that would have to be rolled on one’s foot twice a day for a total of 20 to 30 minutes for instant relief. It combined cold technology with massage technology so that individuals suffering from planter fasciitis could gain maximum foot comfort within a short time. The stainless-steel roller came with a propriety gel back within that would soothe the foot’s tendons and reduce inflammation. The duo also called Barbara to try the product out, and she reported feeling instantly refreshed and relieved.

Ehan revealed to the Sharks that apart from his mother, two million people all over the world suffered from this condition every year, so people were familiar with plantar fasciitis. When he first bought this idea to his parents, they were surprised that no one had attempted this before. Many people use coffee cans, golf balls, and tennis balls underneath their feet to get some relief from plantar fasciitis, especially basketball players who face tendon inflammation quite often. Solemender would make their lives much easier.

So far, Solemender has made $25,000 in sales within a year. Ehan had gone door-knocking and had met a number of people in the process, educating them about the purpose of his invention. Moreover, 11 retail stores had been selling Solemender, all of which had reordered the product within 1 or 2 weeks as it got sold out fast.

Each Solemender costs $10 to make, but it is sold for $39.99. However, the duo aims to reduce the cost price once they are able to produce in bulk. Even though not everyone would need the Solemender, there was a huge market for it.

Even though the Sharks were impressed by Ehan and everything he had achieved in his teen years, they were not sure how he would focus on expanding his product, especially since they wanted him to go to college. According to the Sharks, college was an experience that Ehan should not miss out on, while Ehan was of the opinion that if he could expand his business, he would commit to it full-time.

While Solemender seemed like a wonderful product, the Sharks told Ehan to contact them once he had successfully finished his education.

Our Review of Solemender

We believe Solemender is a functional and versatile product, especially for individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Pros of Solemender

Solemender combines cold therapy and massage therapy to provide instant relief to individuals who suffer from plantar fasciitis. The record shows that each year, 2 million people are diagnosed with this condition. Cold water bottles, marbles, and tennis balls are mostly rolled underneath the foot to lower inflammation. However, these methods are unreliable and inconvenient, as opposed to Solemender.

Moreover, it is impressive that Solemender has already made $25,000 in sales within a year. This shows that the market for the product is huge, and it can become successful if more units are produced.

Even though this product was Ehan’s invention, his father is an internal medicine physician of 20 years, and his mother is a rheumatologist specializing in rheumatoid arthritis and Musco skeletal disease. With his parents’ background, we are confident that Solemender is a great product to reduce pain and inflammation in the foot.

Cons of Solemender

Ehan came up with the idea for Solemender when he was only 12 years old. By the time he was 17, Solemender’s prototype had been approved, and thousands of units had been sold in the market. This success caused Ehan to falter from going to college and completing his education.

However, we believe education is crucial, especially for someone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur. Because of this reason, it is too early to invest in Solemender, especially since college students usually do not have the time for anything else but their studies and extracurricular activities.

Moreover, Solemender has a high price, and we are not sure why someone would spend $39.99 when they can use a cheaper alternative to soothe their foot pain, like rolling a tennis ball or frozen water bottle under their foot.

Who is Solemender for?

Solemender is for individuals who suffer from plantar fasciitis and have broken tendons in their feet. It helps reduce inflammation and soothe pain almost instantly.

Are there Any Alternatives?

No, there are no alternatives to Solemender in the market yet.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that Solemender has loads of potential and that by the time Ehan finishes college, he will be free to explore the growing market for his invention. It is a functional product that helps ease pain, making it universally attractive and something that will never go out of demand.