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SnoofyBee shark tank

Micheal and Amy Perry, parents of five children, came up with SnoofyBee to make diaper changing easier for both parents and children. Every parent knows that diaper changing is a challenging and messy experience that parents need to adapt to several times a day.

The duo devised the concept of SnoofyBee when their first baby was only six months old and would investigate his genitals each time his parents changed his diaper. In fact, Micheal and Amy have had their fair share of experiences being peed on by their children. Every day, the two would wrestle their kids in an attempt to make diaper changing easier, but nothing seemed to work.

In an attempt to solve their everyday battles, they went out into the market to look for anything that would help them. They found bulky pillows and stationary changing tables, but nothing that would distract a baby while his parents changed his diaper. By the time their second baby was born, the duo had come up with the idea that would put an end to all their daily wrestling matches.

The SnoofyBee consisted of three products bundled into one. It includes a big, soft, cushioned changing mat that could be doubled and used as a play mat to keep the hands of babies away so that they do not disturb parents while they change their diapers. Another folded part of the SnoofyBee could be used as a diaper clutch to make the process easier.

The couple worked hard to develop a prototype and, once that was finalized, found a manufacturer abroad. In 2015, they relied on Kickstarted to raise funds so that they could order in bulk and lower their manufacturing costs. They gained the support of thousands of parents and, within 45 days, managed to raise $120,000 from 2,800 supporters. They used this capital to focus on SnoofyBee full-time. Two years later, they made their way to Shark Tank in hopes of expanding their business.

Micheal and Amy were looking for an $85,000 investment in exchange for 10 percent equity in their business. They told the Sharks about their everyday struggles with changing diapers for their five children. They explained how, with the help of the separating barrier, children would get distracted by rattles and allow their parents to continue changing their diapers. The best part is that SnoofyBee could be used as a traditional changing pad and a big foam pillow to calm a baby down. It also came with a waterproof cover that could be cleaned within seconds.

Even though all the Sharks loved SnoofyBee, they were concerned about the couple’s background. Upon asking, they were told that Mike had worked in sales for nine years while Amy used to sell shampoo part-time. This meant that neither of the two had any experience in the business. However, after the Kickstarter campaign, they were able to order 10,000 units of their product. Even though this had been their goal for a long time, they had no idea that they would face problems. When their order arrived, 30 percent of the units did not show up, which caused Mike to leave his job and personally complete all orders.

The Sharks were impressed by how dedicated the couple was towards SnoofyBee, especially when they learned that within two years, SnoofyBee had made a total of $700,000. Amy and Mike were expecting to make $650,000 with SnoofyBee this year. Each unit sold for $29.99 while it cost $6 to make, creating a healthy profit margin.

Many Sharks were interested in the product, but in the end, the deal was made with Lori, who promised the couple an investment of $100,000 for 20 percent equity.

Our Review of SnoofyBee

SnoofyBee seems like a wonderful product for parents and children alike. It has loads of potential to help make diaper changing easier for parents tired of cleaning up the mess each time.

Pros of SnoofyBee

For starters, the idea behind SnoofyBee is brilliant. It includes a three-in-one product that provides a child maximum comfort while either parent changes his diaper. Children are naturally curious and move their hands a lot when their diaper is being changed. Even though this is adorable, it can become a nuisance to parents trying to quickly change a diaper without getting pee on their hands and faces.

Moreover, SnoofyBee is a reasonable product. It has a profit margin of 80 percent, which means that each unit sold earns loads of revenue. Since there are no alternatives available in the market, it seems like something parents would instantly be interested in buying. After all, parents will buy anything to make their and their children’s lives easier.

Another great thing about SnoofyBee is that by the time the couple made their way on Shark Tank, they had only been selling their product on their website and Amazon. No retailers had yet been contacted, but despite this, sales of SnoofyBee were high. This shows that the couple knew what they were doing and remained fully invested in the business.

Cons of SnoofyBee

Even though the concept behind SnoofyBee is great, it is a product, not a business. This means most parents would only purchase the product once and use it for their children. There will not be any repeat customers, so getting new clients might be difficult.

Moreover, the couple had not yet received the patent for SnoofyBee, which could take up to a year.

Who is SnoofyBee For?

SnoofyBee is for parents who struggle with changing their kid’s diapers. It keeps the child comfortable and busy while parents can quickly switch diapers without getting any pee on their hands and faces.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There is no product like SnoofyBee on the market as yet.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that SnoofyBee is an innovative product that will make the lives of parents much easier and ensure that diaper changing is no longer a hassle. Moreover, we fully trust Micheal and Amy as they have great entrepreneurial qualities. We are excited to see how successful SnoofyBee becomes.