Self-Balancing Unicycle from Shark Tank

self balancing unicycle shark tank

The Self-Balancing Unicycle SoloWheel is a battery-operated wheel to travel up to ten miles on a single charge.

Does it take long to head to the market? Will your car get stuck in the traffic during rush hour? Can you run the errands without having to walk or drive? The answer is yes. The SoloWheel Self Balancing Unicycle can take you anywhere you want.

SoloWheel is a unicycle powered by a battery pack. It can speed up and slow down depending on your preference. The Self-Balancing Unicycle comes with smart sensors to maintain the balance of your body while the wheel moves. If you lean into it, the wheel is likely to gain speed while maintaining your balance. You can lean towards the mean position to slow it down.

SoloWheel has a compact size. You can easily carry it on the go. Unlike a bicycle or any other means of transport, you do not have to park the Self-Balancing Unicycle in a designated space. The smaller size allows you to carry it in your hand or a backpack. You can charge the battery before using it. The powered wheel has an efficient battery, suitable for running errands.

The SoloWheel makers also introduced other models of the unicycle for unique purposes. The Scorpion SoloWheel is most suitable for urban environments. Another model, the Xtreme, is great for uneven terrain. You can opt for the model based on your travel routes.

The Self-Balancing Unicycle features gyro sensors to provide ease of travel to individuals. Unlike other unicycles available on the market, the SoloWheel does not complicate things. It follows your body’s movement to create and maintain a balance. If you are a solo traveler, this smart unicycle can take you to school, supermarket, trails, beach, and any other place.

The company started its operations a few years ago with its Classic model. The idea gained popularity across the country and helped the company generate sales. Over the years, the profitability increased, and the makers introduced new models of SoloWheel. As of this year, the company is successfully running its operations with annual revenue of about $5 million.

The brains behind the Self-Balancing Unicycle SoloWheel are Daniel Wood and David Martschinske. The two entrepreneurs appeared in one of the Shark Tank episodes with the idea of revolutionizing urban transportation.

They pitched the idea to the five sharks and sought $300,000 for 10% of the company’s shares. The five sharks had mixed reviews, with Kevin and Robert showing more interest. Lori had her reservations and did not make any offer. Daymond liked the idea but claimed that the product was unproven. He refused to offer help.

Mark showed mixed reactions to SoloWheel. He had concerns about the manufacturing process of the unicycle, leaving him out too. Daniel and David offered Kevin and Robert a spin on the Self-Balancing Unicycle. They also shared their sales figures and licensing details with the two sharks. Liking the idea, Kevin and Robert joined forces to offer the $300,000 investment for 33% of the company’s shares.

Our Review of the Self-Balancing Unicycle

The Self-Balancing Unicycle is a unique concept. You can manage your solo travel needs using the SoloWheel unicycle. Whether you need to run errands, meet a friend some miles away, or head to the school campus, this intelligent device can be your go-to transport.

Over the years, many companies have introduced similar devices to promote eco-friendly solo traveling. However, they may not be easy to carry. Moreover, the prices of battery-powered traveling devices are generally too high.

SoloWheel offers quality with ease. You can easily put the battery on charge before using it. It may take you some time to understand how the device works. The gyro sensors detect the body’s movement to create a balance. Due to the compact size, you may find it slightly unstable initially.

There is a handle on the upper half of SoloWheel to carry it anywhere you like. The total weight of the unicycle is about 16.3 kilograms. You can carry it inside the supermarkets and on sidewalks. While this may be true, some people’s weight might be heavy.

While using it, we analyzed the downside of the product. The gyro sensors are sensitive to the body’s movement. You may need to be careful standing on the kickstand. Any false alarms can speed SoloWheel up or down unintended.

For your ease, we have listed the pros and cons of the product below.

Pros of Self-Balancing Unicycle

  • Compact size
  • Affordable
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 10 miles range)
  • Portable device
  • Handle to carry
  • Multi-terrain devices

Cons of Self-Balancing Unicycle

  • Sensitive body sensing
  • Heavyweight

Who Is the Self-Balancing Unicycle for?

The Self-Balancing Unicycle can perfectly serve everyone. However, it best suits schoolgoers, office goers, and solo day travelers. SoloWheel unicycles are also great for unicycle group hangouts. You can head out with your friends to country trails, beachside, and other hangout places.

Since SoloWheel uses gyro sensors, it may not be a good fit for kids. They may take it to the streets and crossings, increasing the risk of road accidents.

Are There Any Alternatives?

SoloWheel is an ideal choice for solo traveling. It is relatively cheaper to buy and maintain. You can carry it with the support handle anywhere you like. Moreover, the battery backup is decent enough to serve your day-to-day needs.

To check other unicycle options available on the market, you can look up InMoton Electric Unicycle. This device has a positive market reputation and comes with competitive features. Some pros include adjustable air suspension, powerful battery, portable design, and road safety features.

Our Final Thoughts

The concept of the Self-Balancing Unicycle appeals to everyone. It is an eco-friendly solution for solo traveling. Despite its large market, the product still needs promotion to revolutionize the urban traveling culture. The SoloWheel makers can work on adding more features to the unicycle, including road safety and air suspension.

SoloWheel is highly suitable for rush-hour traveling. You can get rid of the private and public means of transport to reach your workplace on time.