Safety Nailer from Shark Tank

Safety Nailer shark tank

Safety Nailer is an innovative safety product used to protect fingers using a hammer or a drill. It is a small plastic shield that can be strapped to your thumb and forefinger, and the nail is driven through the hole of the Safety Nailer.

The product incorporates magnets, ensuring that the nail or screw stays perfectly in place. The gadget easily holds the nail in its magnetic groove etched into the plastic shield for the first few blows of the hammer and protects fingers from the hammer’s or drill’s excessive force.

People who construct structures or do a lot of handy work around their house can attest to the painful injuries brought by a hammer blow to the fingers. It can even lead to broken bones, which has led to a need for products that ensure the safety of hands when dealing with a hammer.

The product is a result of Drew Zirkle teaming up with his friend Dan to bring his invention in the form of a marketable product. The product is straightforward but performs a highly useful function, providing a solution to a common problem.

However, the product cannot truly explode on the market due to its nature as it appeals to a niche audience. It can only be used by people who regularly work with heavy tools, which rules out several people. ‘

It would, however, be not entirely correct to say that the Safety Nailer has not been successful. It has done pretty well, considering it’s a niche gadget. According to the latest statistics available, the business brings in around $2 million in sales yearly. It is available on Amazon and in Ace Hardware Stores across the United States.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Drew Zirkle entered his Shark Tank pitch to demonstrate the effectiveness of his product and to pursue the Sharks to invest in it. An engineer by education, Zirkle calmly carried out a demonstration that impressed the Sharks. He asked for $100,000 for 14% of the business.

Zirkle got right down to business as soon as he entered his pitch. Like his product, his pitch was straightforward and to the point. First, he demonstrated just how dangerous it is to use a hammer without protection for the fingers. He mimed hitting his fingers with a hammer which elicited screams of horror from the Shark, effectively communicating the problem his product sought to resolve. Zirkle then demonstrated how to use the Safety Nailer to hold the nail or screw in place and safely use heavy tools. He showed how his protective nailer could be used for nails, screws, smaller nails and screws, and electric staples. These demonstrations were appreciated by the judge,s who could be seen warming up to the idea of the product.

Zirkle then asked the Sharks to test the product for themselves. Lori Greiner and guest Shark Rohan Oza stepped up to try the Safety Nailer. Oza successfully used the nailer to hammer in a nail and was visibly impressed by its ease of use and the protection it provided.

Kevin O’Leary asked Zirkle how he got the idea for the Safety Nailer. Zirkle then told the Sharks about his friend Dan who invented the product but could not start a business due to his medical condition. Zirkle then started the company with his friend’s wife, and they bought their injection mold machine to make the nailers by hand. They now get them manufactured through a factory in China. The Sharks were impressed by the story and the journey they took to reach this level in their business.

The conversation was then steered to numbers, and Zirkle was asked about the product’s sales. Zirkle informed the Sharks that the company had $40,000 in sales last year and had done $85,000 in sales at the filming this year. He projected sales to go up to $100,000 in the coming years. O’Leary wanted to know if Zirkle was making any money on the product, and he was told that the business made around $2,000 in profit.

The Sharks were now apprehensive as they felt t it was more of a product than a business. Greiner asked if this was Zirkle’s full-time job, and he revealed that his full-time job was as a project manager. This revelation caused Kevin O’Leary to pull out of negotiations, wanting a fully committed partner.

Corcoran declined to make an offer as she failed to see any appeal and excitement in the product. Mark Cuban is next to back out, saying he does not want a partnership with someone who is not fully invested.

Zirkle showed the Sharks another product, a toy clacker that doesn’t clack. The Sharks found it ridiculous, but Mark Cuban was fascinated by it. Oza and Greiner brought back the conversation toward the nailer and informed Zirkle that they believed this was more of a licensing deal for the product. They offered the entrepreneur $100,000 for 33.3% of the company.

The clacker still had Mark Cuban’s attention, and he told Zirkle he would jump in on the deal if he got the rights to the toy. Zirkle tried to haggle but ended up accepting the deal.

Our Review of Safety Nailer

Safety Nailer is a useful product for people who regularly handle tolls such as hammer and drills. It not only prevents injury, it also creates the perfect angle to hold the nail. This also decreases the amount of time spent using the tools. The gadget is handy, but it can also incorporate other tools and provide protection from them.

Pros of Safety Nailer

  • The magnetic hold ensures the nails do not slip and always stay in place
  • Different sized magnetic grooves in the nailer for different sizes of nails
  • Easy to use
  • Provides greater precision for hammering
  • Helpful for people with conditions like arthritis

Cons of Safety Nailer

  • Difficult to use for very small nails that are used in everyday repairs
  • Some customers complained about breakage if the hammer misses and hits the plastic

Who Is It For?

The Safety Nailer is a niche product as it is most likely to be used by people who regularly handle tools such as hammers and drills. Therefore, its major audience is construction workers, or people who construct things as a hobby. It is also useful for homeowners who carry out their own repairs.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Safety Nailer is a patented product, therefore there are no like-for-like replacements for it. However, there are several safety tools that can be used to protect the human body. These include steel-toed shoes, gloves, helmets, etc.

Final Thoughts

Safety Nailer is a product that has immense potential due to the benefits it provides. It needs the right kind of exposure and it can become commonplace on every construction site. The business continues to do well, however, the right strategy can see it reach another stratosphere.