Root Suit from Shark Tank

Root Suit shark tank

Root Suit is a spandex body suit for special occasions, theme-based parties, after-parties, and games.

Do you have a theme-based party to attend? Are you tired of finding a customized outfit for the party? Do you want your crew to stand out from the rest of the crowd? If yes, the Root Suit can solve your problem. You can wear the spandex suit of your choice and make a style statement.

Root Suit offers quality spandex suits for different occasions. Whether you need to attend a costume party or go to Halloween, you can find some of the best-themed spandex costumes at Root Suit. Finding a good variety of spandex suits in the market is relatively difficult. People only need them for an event once in many months. With the help of Root Suit, you no longer need to wander in search of the right costume.

As an original spandex bodysuit brand, Root Suit caters to the needs of costume hunters around the country. Most often, spandex suits have poor qualities and limited options. You can opt for any available ones or spend the event without a suit. Buying a spandex bodysuit from Root Suit can save you from such scenarios. You can choose from some of the many original costumes to go with your party theme.

What sets the brand apart is the never-ending variety. You may choose from whimsical faux skin coats, animal-skin coats, solid costumes, character costumes, and more. Essentially, Root Suit has spandex costumes to fit almost any event.

The company makes the suits from Polyester (90%) and Spandex (10%). You can easily wear it and adjust it to your skin. There are many sizes available to choose from. If you have a kid of every age, you may not have difficulty buying the full-body spandex suit from Root Suit. Moreover, the spandex costumes do not have any branding. You can show off our costume as one of your originals.

The company gained popularity in 2010, two years after it started operations. With many spandex suits sold, Root Suit established a significant market across the U.S. Despite its popularity, the company ceased its operation in 2016.

When an entrepreneur Colin Grussing appeared on one of the Shark Tank episodes, he had his company up and running. He wanted to create spandex suits due to their limited availability in the market. Colin believed a large market wanted to purchase spandex costumes with variations.

When Colin came to Shark Tank, he sought a $100,000 investment for 15% of the Root Suit shares. His idea received mixed reviews from the five sharks.

Robert Herjavec liked the concept of a full-body spandex suit. He also believed that there was a large market for it. However, he showed concerns about the company’s sustainability due to competition. Lori also praised the effort but agreed to Robert’s remarks about the rising competition.

Of the five sharks, Kevin was least interested due to a lower return for the sales. He refused to make an offer for the Root Suit business venture. Daymond made an offer of $100,000 with a 50% equity. Mark also declined to offer anything, leaving Colin with no deals closed.

Despite receiving no investment, Colin Grussing continued his spandex suit venture and introduced new ideas. He established a positive market online until 2016 when Root Suit completely ceased its operations.

Our Review of the Root Suit

Colin’s idea to create full-body spandex suits had potential. Although other brands offer costumes in the market, the sheer dedication to making spandex suits put Root Suit in the spotlight.

The quality of the spandex costumes is great. You do not have to worry about the suits wearing off too easily. Moreover, the stuff fits well on your skin. You can zip it up once you wear it to adjust it to your body.

Another positive factor is the available variety. You can find it in almost any theme, color, and size. While this may be correct, you may not want to opt for the exact size due to suffocation problems. Since the suite has 90% Polyester, you may have trouble wearing it indoors.

If we talk about the zipper, the quality can use some improvement. In some cases, the zipper may break or come off the hook. It can be a deal-breaker if you are getting ready for a party and lose the zipper.

While there are more benefits and fewer drawbacks to buying the Root Suit full-body spandex suit, we have listed the pros and cons below for your ease.

Pros of Root suit

  • High-quality fabric
  • Accurate sizes
  • No branding on suits
  • Multiple colors and themes
  • Cost-effective

Cons of Root Suit

  • Poor zipper quality
  • Suffocation problems

Who Is the Root Suit for?

Root Suit spandex suits can serve the costume needs of everyone. Adults can get unique costumes for their family events. They can also arrange theme parties to wear spandex costumes. The spandex costumes are more popular among the kids. They can wear character costumes on play dates, school parties, and Halloween.

Moreover, children can wear animal-skin coats in classroom activities. Adults can purchase identical costumes for the whole family to stand out in a crowd.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Root Suit spandex suits have an amazing quality. You can get the costume of your choice at a reasonable price online. The large variety also adds value to choosing Root Suit among the other brands.

However, if you want to explore other brands with similar costumes and relatively lower prices, you may check out the VSVO bodysuits (ASIN: B01KT1OO7Y). They are still in business and have a good variety of spandex suits.

Our Final Thoughts

Spandex suits are widely popular across the globe. It is fairly difficult to find a quality costume n the market. Brands like Root Suit have the potential to bring more creativity to designing bodysuits.

Besides movie characters and solid color costumes, many customers like customized spandex suits to stand out from the crowd. Root Suit has sparked the flare for other brands to compete and bring more ideas to the table.