RokBlok from Shark Tank

RokBlok shark tank

It has been widely observed that most of the trends taking over the world of design, fashion, and music are mere comebacks from previous decades. While numerous fashion trends have inspired modern fashionistas, the music industry has also evolved. Despite that, what mattered most was having a trend that would perfectly mesh the past century with the modern way of life.

RokBlok is one such music technology that makes the past and presents meet at a perfect juncture. The portable vinyl record player has the nostalgia of the 80s. However, the wireless Bluetooth connection makes RokBlok more adaptable in today’s era of wireless and portable devices.

The founder of Pink Donut, the company that makes RokBlok, Logan Riley worked on the product to make vinyl records accessible anywhere. He was mainly a design guy who loved creating unique products. Logan appeared on Shark Tank to feature his unique product on the famous reality TV show and got a shark by his side to help him penetrate the market.

RokBlok Shark Tank Pitch

Logan appeared in Season 9 of the Tank and sought a sum of $300K in exchange for a 15% stake in his company. He wanted to take the product and expand it across the nation. He demonstrated how the product worked in front of the sharks.

Logan turned the switch on and placed RokBlok on a vinyl. He turned the lever up, making RokBlok travel around the vinyl in circles. This movement made all the sharks giddy and impressed by the product.

Despite the uniqueness, the sound was great but not booming. Logan introduced a fix and connected the RokBlok with a wireless Bluetooth speaker on the next table, improving the sound quality. Sharks loved the idea, and they immediately jumped on numbers.

Logan shared that he had only made $50K in sales. The price point was also high, but the low sales didn’t appeal to the sharks. However, some believed they could take the product to the next level.

Lori was the first shark to announce she was out as she didn’t see the purpose behind the product. Barbara thought the product could use a still more consumer experience before she could invest in the product; she was out. Mark remained silent the whole time as the remaining sharks made their offers.

Kevin agreed to invest $300K into the business. However, he wanted 50% equity in the company as he saw the potential threats attached to the product. Kevin waited while Logan heard Robert’s offer.

Robert loved the product and wanted his hands on it immediately. However, Robert offers Logan a buyout deal instead of an investment. Robert wanted 100% of the company in exchange for $500K.

Robert was willing to give Logan a 2-year job on a contractual basis in the company and a royalty of 5 dollars for each unit sold. He also said that Logan’s salary would be in 6 figures, making Mark advise Logan to take Robert’s offer. Logan saw this as an opportunity to earn money while working on the next design item.

Logan agreed to sell the company to Robert, and the duo sealed the deal.

Our Review of RokBlok

Despite being a novelty item, RokBlok has turned out to be a profitable business, building its customer base in a short period. The Shark Tank appearance has turned RokBlok into a recognized business nationwide while helping its designer earn a great deal. Today, RokBlok is close to making a million in revenue.

RokBlok’s main attraction is the product’s design. Despite being a fun item that customers couldn’t use long-term, the item has gained a lot of traction among music lovers as the unique honeycomb design on the Bamboo surface makes the product look vintage. RokBlok is perfect for introducing vinyl to young kids, with no other practical use.

Pros of RokBlok

RokBlok has made incredible sales as it is a novelty item that people can enjoy, especially record lovers. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • RokBlok is a uniquely designed record-playing instrument that eradicates the need for an expensive turntable setup for playing records.
  • The bamboo material used for the product’s exterior makes RokBlok sturdy and durable.
  • The honeycomb design makes RokBlok double as a conversation piece or a gift to a music lover.
  • The ceramic setup inside the box and the sturdy built-in speaker make the RokBlok sound good.
  • RokBlok can be connected to a wireless Bluetooth speaker making the product mesh perfectly with modern music trends.
  • RokBlok comes with a USB cable to help with its charging.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery can last up to four hours.
  • The 4×2 design makes RokBlok portable, so you can play vinyl wherever you find a smooth flat surface.
  • The rubber wheels underneath make RokBlok safe on vinyl.
  • RokBlok can easily play 33 and 45 RPM records.

Cons of RokBlok

Numerous things haven’t worked in favor of RokBlok:

  • RokBlok is extremely pricey for a novelty item making people upset over wasting money on such a small item.
  • RokBlok doesn’t perform well nor sound great on the vinyl.
  • Several customers have complained that the product scratching their vinyl.
  • Many people have found the lever on the RokBlok to be loose, which causes the vinyl to stop amidst a track.
  • RokBlok is a bit tough to set up; improper setups can severely damage the records.

Who Is RokBlok For?

For all the individuals looking for a way to bring back the nostalgia from the 80s and pair it with today’s sound technology, RokBlok is perfect for you. The product can be a great way of introducing vinyl to youngsters without spending thousands on the whole record-playing setup. RokBlok works as a great conversation piece and can be a terrific gift for music lovers.

Are There Any Alternatives?

You may not find many in the market if you’re looking for a RokBlok alternative. However, several other companies are making portable record players that allow the entire record playing setup, including the turntable, to move from one place to another. One such popular portable record player on Amazon is Crosley Discovery Vintage.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows the sound from the vinyl to be played directly on Bluetooth speakers ensuring maximum sound quality. The setup is less expensive than the traditional vinyl players and RokBlok.

Our Final Thoughts

RokBlok has proved to be a profitable business, taking over the music industry with a new wave. The novelty item is easy and fun to use. However, as the next big thing takes over, RokBlok will be long forgotten.

We might not see much of RokBlok in the future as the business doesn’t rely on sustainable items.