Robin Auto Pilot from Shark Tank

Robin Auto Pilot shark tank

Lawn mowers are an essential household gadget for people who have a lawn or grassy backyard. After all, it makes sense to trim your greens. Especially since growing grass untamed makes your house look shabby and, in certain cases, even compromises your house’s overall value as it is considered an aesthetic element of the curb appeal.

However, over the years, despite how much technology has helped innovate and automate gadgets like lawnmowers and vacuums, people still seem to hate its “doing chores” aspect. Hence, it was a significant deal when Roomba was first launched, and you can bet it was only a matter of time until someone applied the same concept to lawn mowers.

So as destiny entailed, a pair of geniuses by the name of Justin and Bart were the very first people to launch a robotic lawn mower business. However, instead of selling the product individually, they decided to create a startup called Robin. Think of it as Uber but for lawnmowers. This way, homeowners or lawn-mowing service providers could hire Robin Auto Pilot.

They were not the first to come with a robotic lawn mower, as many prototypes are circling the market. But they were the first of their kind to create a business model around those robotic lawnmowers and generate profit from it. It took them little to no time, and their business was hugely successful in their local neighborhoods.

However, somewhere down the line, Justin and Bart agreed that business expansion has to happen but not on the compromise of their currently running operations. So they need significant funding to keep the lawns mowed while they reach out to a great expanse of the city to start providing their services over there too.

That’s when they turned to ABC’s Shark Tank and appeared in one of the episodes of Season 9. They introduced themselves and made a pitch for $500,000 in exchange for just 5% of their company. Judges were impressed with the numbers and wanted to see a demonstration. So the robo-mower was activated on a grassy patch as a demo for them.

The sharks claimed that it was a good business and something with the potential to grow successfully too. However, almost all of them agreed that scaling the business across multiple cities would be difficult. It might be doing well only because it is locally available, but managing the services and safe-keeping of the inventory is a huge ordeal on a greater expanse.

With that, all the judges were out one by one, and Justin and Bart didn’t succeed in acquiring a deal. However, it is safe to say that they definitely didn’t back down from the failure of getting a deal because even today their business is up and running. You can check out their website Robin Auto Pilot and get into the details of how they operate and where.

Our Review of Robin Auto Pilot

We were fortunate enough to get in touch with Robin Auto Pilot and hire them with a robo-lawn mower. The next thing we knew, it was a smooth, streamlined process of getting our address and other necessary details sorted. That was when we received the advanced-looking robo-lawn mower the day we had the appointment. It was a great feeling to watch a robot mow your lawn for you and not miss a single spot. Totally worth it!

Pros of Robin Auto Pilot

The most apparent advantage of Robin Auto Pilot is that you don’t have to buy a pricey robotic lawn mower yourself. You can get your lawn tidied and not worry about security, safety, or a bad job for a reasonable fee for acquiring their services. No more hassle with a third-party employer that does a measly job, best argues for charges and leaves without considering going around. With Robin Auto Pilot – all is done, hassle-free.

Cons of Robin Auto Pilot

The ultimate disadvantage of Robin Auto Pilot is that with the increasing number of advanced robotic lawn mowers, they will eventually become economical with their prices. We can surely say this will happen because we have seen it happen with Roomba. Today, many people have robot vacuum cleaners in their homes because they are no longer that expensive and have a variety of model options to purchase the best-suited one.

Who Is Robin Auto Pilot For?

Robin Auto Pilot is marketed as a service vendor than a product seller, mainly to homeowners and lawn mowing service providers. They rent out their robotic lawn mowers to homeowners or other service providers with a fixed charging fee that is much more reasonable than purchasing a robotic lawn mower. Therefore, local neighborhoods and homeowners find their service extremely convenient and affordable at best.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Husqvarna Automower 315X Robotic Lawn Mower

The biggest alternative to Robin Auto Pilot is the companies that make robot lawnmowers. They are pricey now but won’t be in the near future. Moreover, they will have various options for homeowners to choose from and find choices with features and sizes. For instance, this means that people can buy a robot lawn mower that has good enough features, is a suitable size for their lawn, and doesn’t take up much electricity to charge.

Husqvarna is a huge brand name in the robot lawn mower industry. They have been previously doing all sorts of lawnmowers. So people trust the company to create high-profile household gadgets like robot lawn mowers for a reasonable price. It is only a matter of time before Husqvarna comes with a product range with multiple price tags to suit different people and their needs with lawn mowing.

Our Final Thoughts

It was a shame that Justin and Bart continued on their own and weren’t backed up by the sharks. Their business model is sensible considering inflation and how far the technological input is for certain people. Just because it cannot expand outside the country doesn’t mean it can’t work for multiple city districts either. It was great to see that the genius pair was undeterred and till focused on continuing their business, which is thriving today.