Ride-on Carry-on from Shark Tank

Ride-on Carry-on shark tank

Ride-on Carry-on is a manufacturing company that produces chairs that can be attached to any wheeled luggage to turn the luggage into a child carrier. The seats are easily attachable to all kinds of luggage and allow for easy, stress-free travel for parents through hectic travels and flights. The chair is also full of features – a headrest that, when unfolded, transforms into a tray for food/activities, safety harnesses, and it easily folds up into a compact and flat size to fit into airplane overhead lockers.

The Ride-on Carry-on was designed and created by Darryl Lenz to make airports, flights, and traveling simple, safe, and easy for parents and their little ones by eliminating the need for a stroller that would need to be checked in. Darryl came up with the idea during his almost three decades of working as a flight attendant and witnessing thousands of parents and families struggling to travel with their children and all the baggage and child strollers.

Randy, Darryl’s wife, paired up, and the couple and business partners founded the company together. The pair appeared on Season 2, Episode 4 of Shark Tank seeking an investment to get their products into retail stores.

The couple entered the tank for their demonstration with a lot of luggage, a doll, a stroller, and, of course, the Ride-on Carry-on. Darryl explained the struggles parents face while traveling with heavy baggage, a stroller, and a child and demonstrated how their product works. The pair also explain the business is already making sales and have a few orders, but they have run out of inventory. They are looking for a $50,000 investment and offering 25% of their business in return.

The Sharks look interested in the product, and after getting convinced about the safety of the Ride-on Carry-on, they inquire about their business numbers. The pair provide details of their lifetime sales, their sales during the year, and the costs of manufacturing. Jeff Foxworthy was the first shark with questions and wanted to know what the investment would be used for. The pair explain that they need to redesign their website, have to enter the retail market, and need to complete their previous orders.

After getting his answers, Foxworthy says he just isn’t interested in the business and is out. Robert is also out as he thinks the couple would be better off licensing the product instead of getting into retail.

Barbara is interested and offers the couple exactly what they are looking for. She says she’s with the couple on getting the Ride-on Carry-on into retail, catalogs, and the online market. Kevin O’Leary is also interested but wants the pair to take the Ride-on Carry-on to larger luggage manufacturers/ he also says he’d do the negotiating himself. His offer is a $50,000 investment for a 20% stake.

Randy and Darryl discuss a little. Daymond jumps in and says Kevin’s deal is actually a ‘sucker’s deal,’ and he is also out. The couple finally accepts Barbara Corcoran’s deal of $50,000 for 25% of their business.

Our Review of Ride-on Carry-on

After the couple’s appearance on Shark Tank, their business has grown and expanded significantly. Their products are now available in multiple retail stores and in the international market. The company has since been renamed Think King, and now the company sells stroller hooks, bags, and luggage, other than just the Ride-on Carry-on.

The Ride-on Carry-on product itself is a must for parents of toddlers and young children who travel a lot. It makes traveling with kids a simple and stress-free task. The seat itself is easy to attach to any wheeled luggage. The seat is also comfortable for children, especially with the foldable headrest. The headrest doubling up as a table is also a great feature, especially when families have to wait at gates or while boarding – kids can eat and play games on the table with ease while they wait. The Ride-on Carry-on also fits easily in overhead compartments as it folds almost completely flat with your luggage.

Pros of Ride-on Carry-on

  • Durable: the chair is made from 100% polyester, which is both durable and washable!
  • Easy Installation: The chair is easy to attach and easy to remove – two clips on your luggage’s handle and one around the ‘waist’ of your luggage.
  • No More Waiting: With the Ride-on Carry-on, parents don’t have to check in and wait for their strollers before and after boarding and landing.
  • Easy-Fit: Fits easily into overhead compartments when folded.
  • Comfortable: the material used is comfortable, the headrest is padded, and it also features arm rests!
  • TSA Compliant

Cons of Ride-on Carry-on

  • Balance Issues: Some users complain of having balance issues when a child is strapped on the chair – it doesn’t work well with all kinds of luggage.
  • Users also recommend using luggage with sturdy and durable wheels as the extra weight can damage luggage wheels.
  • Safety Issues: users also have safety concerns as the chair only features a lap harness. This problem is solved in their new ‘Think King Sit Along Seat,’ which features a 5-point harness.

Who is Ride-on Carry-on for?

The Ride-on Carry-on is for parents who regularly travel with toddlers and children. The product makes traveling for parents as easy as possible.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes, there are a lot of alternatives available on the market today. The Mountain Buggy Skyrider and the Lugabug Travel Seat are quite similar to the Ride-on Carry-on.

Our Final Thoughts

Ride-on Carry-on really does make traveling with toddlers and small kids very easy. The stress of traveling with a child, their stroller, and all your luggage together is completely removed with the attachable child-carrying Ride-on Carry-on. Keep in mind that some airports or airlines might have issues with taking the Ride-on Carry-on on board, so check with your airline before you board! It is a safe, convenient, and easy way to travel on airlines, trains, and even buses with children!