Revestor from Shark Tank

Revestor shark tank

Revestor is a highly valuable real estate app developed by tech entrepreneur Bill Lyons to help real estate investors and home buyers. This app does many things at once; it calculates mortgage payments, looks for nearby properties, manages cash flow, and much more.

If you’re into real estate, you will love this app, as it would allow you to participate in many real estate activities. Lyons developed this app to make life easier for people interested in real estate. As a frequent real estate dabbler, you would know how complicated mortgage payments and looking for a lucrative property can be.

However, all these are no longer problems, as, you guessed it, Revestor is here. Even though it’s a universal app that home buyers can use, it’s mainly targeted at real estate investors. Lyons calls it the perfect tool for real estate investors, as they’ll have everything they want to know in the palm of their hands.

Luckily, Lyons has a strong background in mortgage, so it was pretty effortless for him to conceive such an app/tool. The main idea behind this app is to help real estate investors, agents, and brokers get all the information they need through Revestor.

Let’s just say Lyons has taken excellent advantage of digital technology, as he used it to create a business. Since Lyons is incredible at numbers, he didn’t encounter trouble developing a digital tool that would calculate complicated mortgage payments.

Revestor has two versions, free and a premium version. The free version is basic and doesn’t allow investors to use the app entirely. However, the premium version includes numerous features, making investors’ lives much easier than they would think. It may not sound like a helpful app for laypeople, but if you’re a real estate investor, you would love having Revestor on your phone.

The premium version lets investors sneak a peek into more customized investment plans and properties, helping them expand their property investment business. Revestor can be considered both B2B and B2C products, as it caters to individual home buyers, investors, agents, and brokers.

Many broker agencies can use Revestor to know how much mortgage they’re owed while also looking at individual properties they can sell further. Lyons undoubtedly has all the smarts and grit to pull off, creating such a handy app for people looking to invest and trade.

Lyons visited Shark Tank, hoping to get decent funding to expand his digital business. He asked for $250,000 for a 10% share in his business. He claimed this app would be ideal for investors, as they’ll have instant information about real estate developments.

However, the sharks reacted differently to Lyons’ business model. Mark didn’t like the idea at all, followed by Daymond, who then decided to invest against it. Barbara thought relying on a digital app to make accurate estimations were unrealistic, resulting in her not investing either.

Robert stated that Lyons’ business model wasn’t strong enough and didn’t offer a deal. Lastly, Mr. Wonderful admired Lyons’ efforts to create something new but thought the real estate market wasn’t large enough to cater to, leaving Bill Lyons with no deal.

Our Review of Revestor

Revestor is an excellent app, especially for real estate investors who are always searching for the perfect tool. This app can make the investing process relatively seamless since it makes things highly convenient for investors.

Digital technology has been on the rise for quite some time now, making Lyons an intelligent individual for developing an app like this. Revestor can undoubtedly be the next big thing in technology and real estate if appropriately handled.

Revestor’s property-seeking features help it stand out, as looking for the right property can be relatively challenging. This app deploys technology at its best, combining all digital aspects to make investors’ lives much more manageable. Numerous investors, agents, and brokers can use Revestor to expand their investment line.

This app doesn’t only help investors but home buyers too. People can have severe notions while buying a house, as they should and might not trust anything that comes their way. However, Revestor makes selling and buying seem like a piece of cake, making this app valuable on your phone.

Revestor ensures you have all information necessary before making an investment or a professional commitment. Lyons has considered every little aspect while developing this app, making us highly recommend Revestor. If the mortgage calculator works perfectly, you have nothing to worry about, as it’ll prevent you from making such complex calculations on your own or hiring a professional to do it.

If you think about it, investing in Revestor is almost like hiring someone to do multiple jobs for you but at a much more reasonable rate. All in all, Revestor will undoubtedly make some waves in the real estate world if no glitches corrupt this app.

Pros of Revestor

  • It looks for valuable properties.
  • It calculates mortgage payments.
  • It keeps track of your investment portfolio.
  • It manages users’ cash flow, ensuring they’re maintained.

Cons of Revestor

  • It’s useless without technology.
  • Numerous security issues can arise.
  • There’s a potential risk of a leak of personal information.

Who is Revestor for?

Revestor’s ideal clientele would consist of real estate investors, agents, brokers, and home buyers. If the real estate market is something, you look into often, this app would be the perfect fit for you, as it’ll allow you to eye lucrative new properties.

Alternatives to Revestor

The real estate market has significantly grown in the past few years, with many new apps and websites emerging to help investors. So, the perfect alternatives to Revestor would be Zillow and Realtor.

Our Final Thoughts

The app quickly went down after Lyons’ Shark Tank visit. The premium version was shut down, and there were no further plans to develop versions for Android and Apple. The owner claimed to have been developing a new app, but there’s not much buzz.

However, Bill Lyons has created a website dealing with mortgage payments and has been doing relatively well compared to Revestor. The website, Griffin Funding, is functional, but no app has been developed for the same.