Range Beauty from Shark Tank

Range Beauty shark tank

While the makeup industry is one of the highest grossing sectors in the globe, one of the most significant drawbacks is that it’s non-inclusive. Women of color are especially left behind in this regard as they can’t find beauty or skincare products to match their skin type or color.

This issue has been overlooked by many and led to black women feeling uncomfortable in their own skin as it was encouraged to cover their acne with a color that didn’t match, only to worsen the skin condition.

Though many did overlook this issue, Alicia Scott did not. Instead, she went into the depth of the issue and used whatever resources she had to come up with a solution for such a prevalent issue. That’s where the idea of Range Beauty came from.

Alicia had done her graduation in Fashion and Merchandising, and her job included being backstage at numerous ramp walks and fashion shows. One of the things that crossed her eye several times and piqued her curiosity was the fact that all the black models carried their personal beauty products with them.

The makeup artists didn’t have beauty products to cater to black women. Alicia could relate to the issue and decided to do business out of it as this was a prevalent problem.

Soon after, Alicia contacted an aesthetician to come up with beauty products that infused the skin care formula with pigments. She initially invested $300 into the business getting $1000 in sales. Her cousin, Myisha Fantroy, also got onboard to assist her in getting resources aligned for the business to scale.

Range Beauty initially sold cost-effective sample kits at a local retail store and got 80% of those customers back for purchasing the products. The foundations have Vitamin E and French Clay as base ingredients to fight eczema and acne, a common problem for black women. The all-inclusive range also has 21 under-presented shades that women of color mostly look for in stores.

Range Beauty was now on Shark Tank, asking for $150K at an equity of 6%. The cousin duo handed out samples of different products that the sharks loved. The guest shark, Emma, was presented with the starter kit that allowed customers to mix and match the foundation.

While Emma moved over to Lori’s side to discuss and offer, the rest of the three sharks, including Mark, Barbara, and Kevin, wished the business good luck and announced that they were out. While the numbers looked promising, along with the strategy of approaching big retail names like Target, the three sharks didn’t find themselves the best fit for a cosmetics business. Emma and Lori decided to go on this business together.

The sharks offered $150K in exchange for 20% of the company. Alicia tried to negotiate their offer, but Emma laid out the ground realities for Alicia, especially when making the products sell after they were on the shelves. Since Range Beauty was offering masstige products, Alicia knew Emma would have been a perfect addition along with Lori’s incredible marketing skills. The four finally sealed the deal.

Our Review of Range Beauty

Range Beauty saw a surge in sales after its appearance on Shark Tank. The company’s incredible range of products is available at numerous Target stores. The company is currently at a valuation of 1.5 million dollars.

Range Beauty has managed to gain loyal customers, most of which are women of color. The brand is an all-inclusive cosmetics line that serves women of color with both beauty and skincare products. Their wide range of foundation shades appeals to the masses, whereas the mid-range products are well-received by women who love wearing makeup.

Pros of Range Beauty

Range Beauty may have been a trendy product when introduced, but the increased accessibility and the all-inclusive angle of the business have made it well-loved within the beauty community. Here are some of the reasons people can’t seem to get enough of Range Beauty:

  • Range Beauty’s products are infused with Vitamin E and argan oil that are hydrating and nourishing for the skin
  • Range Beauty products don’t strip away the skin from all of its natural oils but succeed in providing a matte finish
  • Range Beauty foundations cater to all women of color
  • Range Beauty has a variety of products that are well-pigmented to show off even on bare skin
  • Range Beauty products are also non-flakey and give the skin a natural finish
  • Customers are also a big fan of the overall customer service of the company

Cons of Range Beauty

Despite having some loyal customers to its side, there are some things people aren’t fond of:

  • Range Beauty foundations have a sheer, low coverage finish that doesn’t work for people obsessed with high coverage
  • Some customers found the foundation clumping and thickening up
  • Few customers didn’t enjoy the feel of the Range Beauty products on their skin
  • Range Beauty tinted moisturizers rub off easily, leaving the customers displeased

Who Is Range Beauty For?

Range Beauty is for all those beauties who can’t find the perfect shades of foundation or other skin coverage products for their color. If you are someone battling severe eczema or acne and don’t feel comfortable with the amount of makeup you wear for coverage, Range Beauty is the perfect fit for you due to its natural and clean ingredients.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While no other company has succeeded in producing all-inclusive skin and beauty products like Range Beauty, you can certainly buy some quality and affordable makeup at Beautycounter. The company has richly pigmented makeup products that serve the cosmetics purpose while also being gentle on the skin. The clean and natural products are safe for the skin and provide a beautiful finish to match your personality.

Our Final Thoughts

It isn’t every day that black women-owned businesses get well-received by the mainstream industries. However, Range Beauty has succeeded in making its name as it continues on an upward trajectory. The business is an all-inclusive makeup range that has attracted the masses by providing reasonably priced, high-quality products.

The beauty products with natural ingredients ensure that your skin only rejuvenates instead of deteriorating more, which was a prevalent issue with traditional beauty products.