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Do you often get annoyed when you leave the house wearing a hoodie but don’t have any place to put it when it gets warmer during the day? If yes, we have a revolutionary product that will help solve this problem – introducing Quikflip, a 2-in-1 hoodie founded by Rener Gracie that also doubles as a backpack.

The idea came to him when one day he went out for a morning walk wearing a hoodie but didn’t know where to store it when the sun came out. He would often get annoyed at having to wrap the hoodie around his torso in an uncomfortable manner, which led to him coming up with Quikflip. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible innovation.

Quikflip is a company that manufactures high-quality hoodies that can instantly and swiftly be transformed into a backpack as and when required by the user. When converted into a backpack, it has two storage compartments, one of which allows the user to store bigger items. The other is for valuables like your mobile phone, wallet, jewelry items, or house keys.

So, whether going on a trail or running errands, Quikflip ensures you don’t have to carry the hoodie on your arms or shoulders in case it gets warmer. Instead, it offers a solution to store your valuables in a secure bag you may otherwise have had to carry in your hand. Quikflip allows users to go about their business without worrying about their valuables.

Another plus point of this invention is that the shoulder straps of the backpack have adjustable locks that ensure safety and comfort to the user, especially while they are hiking, cycling, or walking.

Moreover, Quickflip’s patented conversion technology allows users to wear fashionable hoodies that can be converted into backpacks within seconds. If the weather gets colder, it can easily be transformed into a hoodie due to its practical and functional design.

Quikflip has a range of stylish hoodies for both made in women, available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Some of their bestselling hoodies for men include the hero hoodie lite charcoal and the hero hoodie lite midnight navy.

For women, best-sellers include women’s hero hoodie lite misty blue and women’s hero hoodie dusty rose. Besides hoodies, Quikflip sells waterproof jackets, dry-flips, pullovers, and full zippers. They have also introduced a range of hoodies for kids.

It took Rener six months of research and development to develop a prototype for his idea. Owing to the benefits that Quikflip offers, it became an instant success receiving many positive reviews. Rener wanted to expand his business and thus made an appearance on Shark Tank, hoping to get an investment of $500,000 in exchange for 5% ownership of Quikflip.

The Sharks had concerns about the company’s valuation being too high. The Sharks also believed that people could quickly come up with knockoffs of the product despite its patenting. Lori Grenier believed in the business idea and offered to invest $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity and a $250,000 line of credit at a 10% interest rate. Rener accepted the offer and finalized the deal between Quikflip and Lori.

After the episode was aired, Quikflip’s sales exploded, breaking all records. The Founder wanted to capitalize on the increased demand and introduced new product lines, including rain jackets, kid’s size hoodies, and pullovers.

If you’re looking to get your hands on this fantastic hoodie, the excellent news is that Quikflip is still in business, and you can purchase their hoodies directly from their website or on Amazon. Quikflip has been featured on many magazines and TV channels, including Time, People, ABC, USA Today, and Buzz Feed.

Our Review of Quikflip

Quikflip is a revolutionary idea in the world of hoodies offering a one-of-a-kind solution to users who have to carry their hoodies on their arms and shoulders as the day gets warmer. What we love about Quikflip is its unique and functional design that allows the hoodie to be converted into a backpack within seconds.

Once transformed into a backpack, it provides two storage compartments; one for larger items and the other for smaller, more valuable things. Moreover, it has adjustable shoulder straps that offer comfort and security, especially during high-intensity exercises or activities.

Quikflip is made from 60% premium quality ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester, offering comfort, security, flexibility, and durability. Another thing we love about this hoodie is that it is wrinkle-free, so you don’t have to worry about steam ironing when it is transformed into a hoodie, and you can wear it immediately. While wearing Quikflip as a hoodie, its backpack straps are entirely undetectable.

Quikflip comes in many colors and patterns for men and women. They have also introduced stylish and comfortable rain jackets, pullovers, convertible crew neck sweatshirts, and small-sized hoodies for kids. The hoodies come in unisex sizing, regular fit, and slim fit, so you can refer to their sizing chart before making a purchase.

Pros of Quikflip

  • It is a unique hoodie that also doubles as a backpack when required.
  • Users no longer have to carry hoodies on their arms or shoulders.
  • It has a patented lock conversion technology, making it a one-of-a-kind product in the market.
  • Quikflip won the “Best Invention of 2019” award by Time Magazine
  • It comes in unisex sizing, regular fit, and slim fit.

Cons of Quikflip

  • Some users have complained about Quikflip hoodies being too thick.
  • Users have also found the sleeves of the hoodies to be a little short.

Who Is Quikflip for?

Quikflip is perfect for people who find it annoying to carry their hoodies when the day gets warmer. This hoodie works for all occasions, such as fitness, travel, hiking, and more. It instantly transforms into a backpack offering a secure storage space allowing users to carry their everyday items such as keys, wallets, water bottles, books, etc.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Quikflip has a patented design which means that it does not have any alternatives in the market.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether going for an all-day hiking adventure or running errands, Quikflip has you covered whenever you feel the need to take off your hoodie. This hoodie quickly transforms into a backpack when required and can be converted back if the weather gets colder. We love what this product has to offer, and you will too!