PRO-NRG from Shark Tank

PRO-NRG shark tank

PRO-NRG is a no-caffeine protein-infused drink with natural ingredients for an energy boost.

Is it hard for you to stick to a diet plan? Do you need a protein boost while you work out? Are you looking for a caffeine-free energy drink? If your answer to these questions is yes, PRO-NRG can fit your needs.

PRO-NRG is a naturally produced protein drink. It is rich in vitamins and makes up for protein deficiency in the body. Unlike most energy-boosting drinks, PRO-NRG is free of sugars and caffeine. Both these ingredients can be harmful to health if excessive consumption. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts need natural energy drinks for long-term use. PRO-NRG can effectively meet their requirements.

What sets PRO-NRG apart from its competitors is its naturally rich vitamin properties. Adults with different body types and age groups can consume the drink. The natural ingredients make PRO-NRG a comprehensive supplement for good health. Unlike many supplements, this protein-infused drink does not have any side effects. You may use it before or after your daily workout.

If we talk about the flavor, the drink tastes like a grape with the aid of sweetened stevia. While the taste may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a single boost daily can enrich the human body with protein and vitamins. The company also launched a few other flavors.

PRO-NRG can provide you with several health benefits. If you have a low water intake, you can consume the drink to rehydrate yourself. Dehydration can lead to several health problems, including heat stroke in hot weather. Looking after the body’s nutrients is vital to maintaining a healthy balance. PRO-NRG also helps you to get rid of laziness. It keeps you proactive throughout the day.

The product became immensely popular among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and other adults as a homemade natural energy drink. The surprising effects of drinking PRO-NRG received praises from around the country.

The makers of the PRO-NRG drink relaunched the product back in 2013. The company started its distribution nationally to garner success. Although the business rose to heights in a short time, it faced lawsuits based on proprietorship issues. During this time, the company fell to the ground and failed to re-establish itself.

The PRO-NRG product journey jumped mainstream when Tania Patruno appeared on a Shark Tank episode to seek investment. She represented the idea and her husband’s friend, the Super Bowl champion, Brandon Jacobs.

Tania described how different supplements available on the market have strong concentrations of sugars and caffeine. She wanted to produce an energy booster that offered natural nutrition. Jacobs had tried the drink and found it great. He also shared it with the other players in the locker room, gaining popularity for the drink.

Tania pitched the idea and sought a $250,000 investment for 15% of the company’s shares. Four of the five sharks showed reservations about signing a deal with the product maker. Robert disliked the drink’s taste and bowed out due to his lack of experience in the field. Barbara found the brand message confusing and refused to help due to Tania’s poor direction.

Kevin raised concerns about the PRO-NRG distributors earning more profits than Tania. The fourth investor Mark also declined the offer, leaving Daymond alone with the choice to accept the offer. Daymond demanded 30% shares for his $250,000 investment. Tania and Brandon accepted the offer and got one of the five sharks onboard.

Our Review of PRO-NRG

The saturated market of energy drinks mostly stands on the success of sugar-rich supplements. While short-term or prescribed usage of such supplements can be effective, there are many adverse effects in the long run. PRO-NRG breaks the barriers of artificial health by bringing forward a natural energy drink.

This protein drink promotes good muscle and organ health. You can consume it easily before or after your workout. If you are not a fitness enthusiast, you can still opt for the PRO-NRG drink. It is rich in Vitamin B-12 and balances the water levels inside the body.

A downside of the drink is its taste. The protein infusion makes the texture of the drink unfavorable for some people. If you have trouble drinking strong flavor drinks, PRO-NRG may be difficult for you to consume daily. It would be great if the company produced more flavors and consumption recipes to cater to customers’ needs.

The price of PRO-NRG is relatively lower than many other supplements available on the market. You can get it in small ready-to-drink bottles.

Here is a brief list of the PRO-NRG pros and cons.

Pros of PRO-NRG

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Rich in protein
  • Rich in Vitamin B-12
  • Sweet taste
  • Athlete-endorsed energy drink

Cons of PRO-NRG

  • Strong taste and texture
  • Limited flavor options

Who Is PRO-NRG for?

PRO-NRG is suitable for a diverse audience. It can boost energy levels in athletes, fitness enthusiasts, day workers, adults, and seniors. The protein-rich drink is also super-effective for females who feel low on energy after their day-to-day chores. As a ready-to-consume drink, PRO-NRG is great for those who have trouble sticking to an extensive diet plan.

The all-natural composition of the drink makes it a healthy choice for patients with digestion problems. You can consult a dietician or a doctor to devise an appropriate consumption plan.

Are There Any Alternatives?

PRO-NRG contains healthy nutrients to promote muscle health, organ health, and healthy brain function. The drink has appropriate Vitamin B-12 that helps improve nerve cell function and genetic function. It also improves your vascular function, reducing the possibility of heart diseases.

Despite the health benefits, if you dislike the taste or composition of PRO-NGR, you can find alternative options in the market. The Premier Protein (ASIN: B07VH5V2L1) peach drink is a good alternative to the PRO-NRG drink. It contains natural ingredients beneficial for good health. Moreover, the drink is free of gluten, fat, and sugar.

Our Final Thoughts

The PRO-NRG protein-infused drink is a much-needed supplement. If you are tired of the adverse effects of artificial supplements on the market, PRO-NRG can take the trouble away. Although the company has ceased its operations, it has opened the doors of opportunity for other brands to produce natural supplements.