Priority One Canine from Shark Tank

Priority One Canine shark tank

Home security is a top concern for property owners across the US. Some invest in surveillance cameras, while others prefer guard dogs. Put simply, the demand for guard dogs is growing over time. Therefore, Wade Morrell, a former marine, and his wife Lori ventured into the business by cashing on the need for well-trained guard dogs. And truth be told, they’ve been doing well.

So, if you are wondering what exactly is their business, read on.

Priority One Canine┬áis a company for training guard dogs. The business hand-picks the best dogs with the perfect temperament to train. These dogs are then trained by the world’s most seasoned trainers. These trainers are trained at Priority One K-9 by expert military canine and police.

Moreover, the dogs trained at Priority One Canine are never locked in the kennels. After their training, they go to the trainer’s home and live with them as their pets. This is what makes Priority One Canine unique. Priority One Canine provides pet guard dogs. As they are raised in a family environment and trained simultaneously, these dogs can easily live with families like pets.

Another unique selling point of Priority One Canine is that they have an elite training force with 200 years of combined experience. Their trainers have trained different breeds of dogs, including but not limited to German Shepards, Giant Schnauzers, Doberman, Rottweiler’s, Belgian Malinois, and others.

Besides this, Priority One Canine primarily trains German Shepard because it is the most popular and requested breed among families. Nonetheless, their trainers can train any breed and ensure you have a pet guard dog.

Priority One Canine dogs are trained intensively to protect their owners in different situations such as carjacking, robbery, and home intrusion. These dogs can also sniff out explosives and narcotics.

It takes between $15,000 and $45,000 for the company to hand pick a dog and train it. This may sound costly, but they believe it is more of an investment than a cost. After all, the owner will have one of the most well-trained dogs on the planet.

Therefore, the couple decided to go to the Shark Tank to get funds to expand their venture. The couple wanted an investment of $75,000 for equity of 20 percent in their business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Unfortunately, Priority One Canine’s pitch didn’t go as well as planned. The couple thought that they had a unique business model and nobody could compare to what they had to offer. However, the sharks weren’t as excited as the model or the idea of pet guard dogs as the couple thought.

Once Wade and Lori were on the show, they shared their goal with the sharks. The couple said that at Priority One Canine, they aspire to provide families with trained pet dogs that make great pets to play with and exceptional security dogs.

Lori brought a dog with her (Belgian Shepherd) to prove this. When Wade entered, the dog attacked him. This was a move that they displayed to show the dog’s alertness. This quickly grabbed the attention of the sharks as it also stirred excitement. However, the couple then revealed that it was a friendly guard dog.

Moving forward, they broke down their business model for explanation purposes. They shared that they had three levels of training:

  • Level 1 costs $20,000
  • Level 2 costs $30,000
  • Level 3 costs $40,000

The amount of training varies at each level. They also told the sharks that they trained eleven dogs annually. That is when the sharks countered their proposal. Sharks believed the idea lacked scalability and didn’t think it was investable. Eventually, Wade and Lori couldn’t close the deal, and they walked out with no offer.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes. Priority One Canine is still in business and doing exceptionally well. When the company made their pitch at the show, its value was $500,000. However, as of 2021, the company’s sales have grown massively. It earns annual revenues of $2 million, which is quite an achievement. Over the years, the company has become one of the leading providers of family-friendly and security canines. It won’t be wrong to say that the sharks missed out on a profitable venture.

Our Review of Priority One Canine

After reviewing the company’s website and progression over the years, we think they have done exceptionally well. Priority One Canine is a well-thought-out business model that Wade and Lori are heading with total commitment and passion.

They are enthusiastic about their business and leave no stone unturned to ensure that they provide their clients with the best protection and family-friendly dogs. Moreover, the company continues to innovate, which keeps them ahead of the industry. Their early detection warning system is definitely a milestone for their business. This is where the protection dog is connected to the house’s security system. It ensures the dog is the first to interact with the intruder breaking into your property.

Pros of Priority One Canine

  1. Family-friendly protection dogs
  2. Well-trained dogs
  3. Dogs trained by experienced trainers

Cons of Priority One Canine

  1. Very pricey
  2. Idea lacked scalability
  3. Trains only 11 dogs per year

Who is Priority One Canine for?

Priority One Canine is for those who want a pet dog with unique abilities. In this scenario, Priority One Canine offers dogs that easily adjust to a home environment while providing their owners an excellent level of protection and security.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes. They have direct competitors who make good alternatives to their services, such as the K9 Express Dog training company and Siberian K9 Security. Nonetheless, Priority One Canine seems to take the lead because of their quality of service and innovative solutions.

Our Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we think the sharks missed an excellent investment opportunity. Priority One Canine is doing great business and is a company that is here to stay. Even after their pitch was rejected at the show, the company continued to grow strong and has become one of the top companies for training protection dogs.