OpulenceMD Beauty from Shark Tank

OpulenceMD Beauty shark tank

OpulenceMD Beauty takes pride in eliminating all the harmful chemicals commonly used in lash extensions and the adhesives used to stick them. The sticky adhesives frequently used in super glue are sometimes part of these lash adhesives, which can be harmful to those who like to apply these extensions regularly.

After years of dealing with the leaching and harmful chemicals used in lash adhesives and losing her natural eyelashes during the process, Dr. Anika came up with the idea behind OpulenceMD Beauty.

What Do They Make?

OpulenceMD Beauty specializes in eyelash extensions, adhesives, and other beauty products. Dr. Anika eliminated all the processes that would require trial and error research and came up with a visibly comfortable solution for eyelash extensions.

What Makes Them Unique?

To apply the lashes, one needs to apply the magnetic liner first. The liner contains tiny iron oxide particles that create a magnetic band on the lashes. Then the lash extensions can easily pop into place since they can effectively stick to the magnetic liner and provides intense but light-weighted lashes.

Are They Still an Active Company?

OpulenceMD Beauty is successfully running its business, offers several types and colors of lashes, and has an attractive website design. It also offers makeup tools and accessories, like lash applicators and brushes.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Dr. Anika Goodwin, the founder of OpulenceMD Beauty, appeared on Shark Tank, seeking $75,000 in exchange for 5% of her company.

Dr. Anika explained how her OpulenceMD Beauty worked by playing a video for the Sharks, in which the model could be seen applying the magnetic liner first, which helps stick the lashes in place.

While Mark was trying to put on his own set of magnetic lashes, Lori asked Dr. Anika about her background. Anika explained that she was an ophthalmologist and did surgery for various eyelid procedures, tumors, other fractures, etc.

Meanwhile, Mark successfully placed his lashes, which fell off his eye after a few moments.

Lori asked if Anika had a patent on the lashes, and Anika replied that she didn’t have it, as she wasn’t creating the magnetic liner and lashes by herself. However, she designed the lash model that is light weighted and will stay on all day.

Barbara asked if they were reusable, and Anika told her they could be used up to 40 times. She believed it was more economical than regular lashes that can only be worn 3 to 4 times before worn out.

Barbara was impressed by how natural and lightweight the lashes looked, and Anika responded that they were actually made from mink. They were cruelty-free as they just brushed the tail of the mink, and that’s how they obtained the material for lashes.

Anika loved using eyelash extensions, and that is how she moved from being an eye surgeon to designing her line of eyelashes. She had struggled in her life due to her parent’s death and losing her marriage shortly afterward, and she felt confident that her lashes brand promotes confidence and a professional lifestyle for women so that they can own any room they walk in.

She launched the company in February that year and has made $685,000 since then. The Sharks were really impressed with her killer sales number, and Lori asked her about her medium of advertisement.

Anika told them that she was spending some money on paid advertisements, but that was not only because she wanted to market her product. Anika saw this as an opportunity to let women know how to take better care of their health and Beauty, especially their eyes.

The company was running at profits till the previous month when it made $213,000 through their sales just by its website.

Mark congratulated Anika for her excellent sales and profit margins but thought this wasn’t his forte. Hence he went out.

Anika explained that a percentage of her sales goes to help those people who cannot afford to get their eyes screened.

Barbara remarked that there must be some challenges that Anika is facing with her company and product. Anika agreed and told them that she needed Sharks’ help to get access to a back-end and get rid of so many contractors she is dealing with. In other words, she needed help with supply chain management and assembly of her products and packaging.

Kevin offered her $75,000 for 20% equity. Kendra chimed in, saying she saw a lot of potential in Anika and offered her the same deal as Kevin.

Anika said that she would love to work with Kendra but countered her offer with a 12% equity offer. Kendra offered $100,000 for 20% and said the offer was non-negotiable.

Anika gladly accepted her offer, and the two women sealed the deal with big smiles.

Our Review of OpulenceMD Beauty

The expertise and credibility that comes with OpulenceMD Beauty magnetic eyelashes, due to Anika’s medical background, is a major stimulus for people to trust this product. Otherwise, putting an ingredient such as iron oxide, so much near our eyes, doesn’t seem like a very encouraging idea.

Pros of OpulenceMD Beauty

  • An eye doctor endorses the idea of these magnetic lashes
  • The magnetic liner causes easy application of the lashes.

Cons of OpulenceMD Beauty

  • The application of the magnetic lashes takes longer time than regular lashes
  • It requires you to apply three coats and wait for each coat to dry completely before reapplication.

Who Is OpulenceMD Beauty For?

Putting on lash extensions can be a bit of a hassle for those who love to flaunt them every day. OpulenceMD Beauty magnetic eyelashes provide a safe way to put lash extensions every day without losing your natural lashes to sticky adhesives and their harmful chemicals.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Magnetic False Eyelashes & Liquid Eyeliner Natural Long Lasting Eye Makeup Tool by Sonew Store.

Our Final Thoughts:

Putting a product with iron oxide on our eyes, the most sensitive area of our body, might not sound like a good idea for some people. However, since this product is the brainchild of a doctor, it can have greater sales in the future once people can hold of its safety and guaranteed effectiveness.