O’Dang Hummus from Shark Tank

O’Dang Hummus shark tank

Hummus has gained immense popularity since consumers across the US became conscious of their fitness and the environment. The fitness trend encouraged consumers to find low-calorie yet delicious food options, while eco-consciousness motivated them to find low-calorie, delicious, and vegan food options. Hummus being vegan, low-calorie, cheap, easy-to-prepare, and customizable as per one’s preferred flavors, became the ultimate solution to all the consumer food trends.

O’Dang Hummus was founded by Jesse Wolfe in 2015 with a vision to make delicious and low-calorie hummus readily available for consumers. He started with three flavors: dill, buffalo, and black bean. However, the company soon grew from selling hummus to hummus-based products. In 2022, the company sells hummus-based dressings and vegan mayo.

O’Dang Hummus dressings and vegan mayo are gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, and non-GMO products crafted for the health and eco-conscious consumer. The flavors for hummus dressings include garden herb ranch, lemon Caesar, classic Mediterranean, balsamic feta, honey mustard, roasted red pepper, and Greek tzatziki. The vegan mayo range includes cucumber dill, lemon garlic, roasted red pepper, and original mayo flavor.

The Shark Tank pitch was straightforward and fun. Jesse Wolfe prepared a fun narrative for his pitch that quickly won investors. Wolfe’s happy-go-lucky personality is also shown through his product and delivered his passion for it besides its nutritional values.

Our Review of O’Dang Hummus

O’Dang Hummus dressings and mayo are as delicious as their hummus. While we consider it unfortunate that O’Dang discontinued its hummus range, it became inevitable as the cheaper, fresher options filled the local delis and superstores aisles. But with greater shelf-life, hummus dressings and vegan mayo have also brought longer-lasting stability to the company.

If the company had continued its hummus production, it might have faced several problems. For example, the company could have faced a delay in production. If the company increased its capacity to fulfill the rising demand, it could have mistakenly sent spoiled hummus to customers. An experience such as that could have made the company lose its customers’ trust and, ultimately, the investor’s capital. Moreover, the company couldn’t have succeeded in maintaining the quality of fresh hummus as it would have grown.

Pros of O’Dang Hummus

O’Dang Hummus has numerous benefits that helped it win the Shark Tank pitch. These include:

  • Low-calorie. While hummus is generally low-calorie, O’Dang Hummus only contained 30 calories per serving. Hummus dressings only contain 20-40 calories per serving, depending on the flavor. Per serving of any O’Dang Hummus mayo flavor contains only 90 calories.
  • New and unique flavors. O’Dang Hummus was launched with unique flavors. Since the first launch, the company has continued the tradition of introducing exciting flavors to its hummus dressing and vegan mayo range.
  • Made with high-quality USA-grown chickpeas
  • GMO and preservatives free
  • Affordable
  • Recipes on O’Dang Hummus’s official website
  • Free shipping when ordered through the website
  • Readily available in stores and farmer’s markets across the USA. Customers can find O’Dang Hummus products in a store near them through the “store locator” tab on the official website.
  • Ready-to-use

Cons of O’Dang Hummus

The cons of O’Dang Hummus include:

  • Not readily available online other than the website. Only certain products are available on Amazon.
  • Costumers cannot order less than 4 products from the website at a time
  • Low nutritional value
  • Limited flavors for mayo
  • Not available at major grocery chains

Who is O’Dang Hummus for?

O’Dang Hummus was created for those who want to eat filling yet healthy food. The hummus dressings and vegan mayo options are designed to fulfill the needs of modern consumers who prefer vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and all-natural diets. The hummus dressings and vegan mayo pack a punch of flavors yet contain very few calories to make guilt-free indulgence possible for its consumers.

O’Dang Hummus dressings and vegan mayo range are also great for anyone who wants to lose weight and is struggling to eat diet food due to a lack of flavors. A single or even half serving of O’Dang Hummus can make any dish flavorful. Recipes that use O’Dang hummus dressings and vegan mayo can be easily found on the official website.

Are There Any Alternatives?

O’Dang Hummus does not make hummus anymore. However, as in-store options, hummus from Trader Joe’s or a nearby deli can be great alternatives. Consumers can also find Pearls Organic hummus on Amazon. Pearls Organic hummus is as affordable and high-quality as O’Dang Hummus. It is also vegan and packaged in climate pledge-friendly packaging. However, it is only available in classic flavor.

It should be noted that none of the hummus alternatives are as low-calorie as O’Dang Hummus. Each serving of Pearls Organic Hummus contains more than triple the number of calories compared to O’Dang Hummus, i.e., 95.

Boar’s Head, Primal Kitchen, and 365 Whole Food Market have similar dressings and mayo range as O’Dang Hummus. These are all readily available on Amazon. However, the Primal Kitchen dressings and mayo are the best alternative to the O’Dang Hummus dressings and mayo range.

Primal Kitchen products are keto-certified, paleo-certified, sugar-free, and organic. They also have a wide range of flavors such as chipotle lime, avocado oil, and garlic-aioli in mayo range. Avocado-oil dressings come in honey mustard, BBQ ranch, Italian, green goddess, Caesar, balsamic, sesame ginger, lemon turmeric, and cilantro lime flavors.

Primal Kitchen dressings and mayo are slightly higher in calories compared to O’Dang Hummus dressings and mayo. They are also a little pricier.

Our Final Thoughts

O’Dang Hummus revolution hummus in the US. Once considered a bland immigrant food, it has become the go-to snack for millennials and Gen Zers. O’Dang Hummus prompted many home chefs, entrepreneurs, and superstores to launch newer and more exciting flavors of the once-called peasant dish.

O’Dang hummus dressings and vegan mayo range have also proved that good quality, long shelf-life vegan products are possible when crafted with passion and vision. These guilt-free flavor bombs can be added to any diet to make it more exciting.

We are excited to see what new flavors or food range O’Dang Hummus introduces for its customers.