Nutr: Shark Tank Update – Exciting Insights on Progress!

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Nutr, a revolutionary machine that prepares fresh and nutritious nut milk at home, was introduced to the world during Shark Tank Season 14. Co-founders Alicia Long and Dane Turk aimed to provide a healthier and more sustainable milk alternative for those who are lactose intolerant, following a vegan diet, or simply prefer the taste of nut milk. The couple developed this innovative device to cater to the rising demand for plant-based products in the health-conscious market.

On Shark Tank, Alicia and Dane demonstrated the convenience and efficiency of their Nutr machine in making fresh non-dairy milk without the need for preservatives, gum fillers, or processed sugars. As a result, Nutr caught the attention of the show’s investors and eco-conscious viewers alike.

In early 2023, Nutr quickly gained recognition for not only providing a wholesome milk alternative but also for its zero-waste approach to the non-dairy milk industry. The machine offers countless benefits to customers seeking a more environmentally-friendly option in their daily lives, supporting a sustainable lifestyle and promoting healthier choices.

Nutr: Shark Tank’s New Star

Nutr, a promising start-up from Columbus, Ohio, made its debut on the popular TV show Shark Tank in Season 14 Episode 12. Founded by Alicia and Dane, the Ohio State alumni designed a revolutionary machine that allows users to prepare fresh, nutritious nut milk in the comfort of their home.

Appearing on Shark Tank, the duo presented their Nutr nut milk-making appliance in front of the sharks, asking for $500,000 in exchange for a 5% equity stake in their company. They demonstrated just how simple it was to make nut-based milk at home using their sustainable and user-friendly machine.

The Nutr appliance aimed to cater to the growing demand for plant-based, dairy-free milk as more people adopt a vegan or health-conscious lifestyle. While the non-dairy milk market continues to expand, Nutr’s innovative product is designed to reduce waste and provide customers with a healthier alternative made from scratch, all while promoting a zero-waste lifestyle.

Although the Nutr machine garnered interest and positive feedback from the sharks, unfortunately, Alicia and Dane were unable to secure a deal during their appearance on Shark Tank. Despite the setback, Nutr has captured the attention of many health-conscious consumers and has been featured in several publications.

As the company continues to grow and gain recognition, the Nutr machine holds the potential to become a staple appliance in households looking for a sustainable and convenient way to enjoy non-dairy milk.

Founders and Their Vision

Alicia Long and Dane Turk are the dedicated founders behind Nutr, a company focused on providing a healthier alternative in the nut milk market. The wife and husband team started Nutr in 2021 with a shared passion for promoting healthier, plant-based lifestyles.

Alicia serves as the co-founder and CEO of the company. After earning her BBA in Marketing from The Ohio State University, she worked as a tech recruiter at a start-up for three years. Dane, her husband, is equally committed to their cause, and they both envisioned a world where the consumption of nut milk is free from preservatives, gum fillers, and processed sugars.

Together, Alicia and Dane devised a product that set out to revolutionize the nut milk market. They sought to tap into the ever-growing demand for vegan and plant-based products, fueled by an increase in health-conscious consumers. Their goal was to create a home-based solution for making organic, nutritious, and delicious nut milk with minimal effort.

The founders’ presentation on Shark Tank showcased their innovative milk-making product that generated positive feedback for its taste. Though they failed to secure a deal on the show, Alicia and Dane’s determination to succeed remained unwavering. They continue to persevere, aiming to put Nutr on the map as a leader in the vegan milk industry and ultimately prove the Sharks wrong.

In summary, Nutr’s founders, Alicia Long and Dane Turk, are driven by their vision to make healthy and environmentally-conscious nut milk easily accessible, reflecting the growing trend towards plant-based living.

Machine Features and Capabilities

The Nutr Machine is a user-friendly and eco-conscious appliance designed to help consumers make their own dairy-free milk at home. This innovative gadget streamlines the process of creating plant-based milk, whether it be from almonds, oats, coconuts, soy, or other ingredients.

One noteworthy feature of the Nutr Machine is its self-cleaning system, which allows for a mess-free and hassle-free experience. By utilizing an in-built temperature control, the machine can efficiently heat up and blend the ingredients, ensuring the final product has a smooth and consistent texture.

Compact and easy to store, the Nutr Machine fits comfortably in any kitchen, making it accessible for all users. Its elegant stainless steel design also adds a modern touch to the overall aesthetics.

In summary, the Nutr Machine offers a convenient and eco-friendly way for individuals to make their own plant-based milk at home, reducing waste while also promoting a healthier lifestyle. Its self-cleaning feature, temperature control mechanism, and compact design are just a few of the practical capabilities that make this machine a must-have in any home.

Milk Making Process

The Nutr Milk Maker offers a simple and efficient process for creating delicious, homemade plant-based milk from nuts, grains, and other ingredients. This innovative machine reduces waste and is perfect for people with lactose intolerance or those who prefer non-dairy milk alternatives.

To start making nut milk, users first need to add their preferred nuts or ingredients into the Nutr Machine. Commonly used ingredients include almonds, cashews, and even grains like oats. There are no preservatives or fillers required, allowing for a healthier and more wholesome milk experience.

After adding the nuts, the next step is to pour in water. The Nutr Machine allows users to choose the ideal temperature to achieve the desired consistency and flavor. Throughout the process, the machine automatically blends the nuts and water to extract the maximum amount of nutrients and creaminess.

Once the blending is complete, the Nutr Milk Maker separates the liquid from the pulp, resulting in a smooth, rich plant-based milk ready to be consumed. Users can enjoy their homemade milk as a single-serve or store it in their fridge for later consumption.

Not only is the Nutr Milk Maker great for making basic nut milk, but it can also be used to create a wide variety of hot and cold plant-based beverages, such as creamers, lattes, smoothies, and shakes. With this versatile appliance, the possibilities are endless for those who want to explore the world of plant-based milk options in the comfort of their own homes.

Collaboration with Shark Tank Judges

Nutr, a nut milk-making machine, had the opportunity to present their innovative product on Shark Tank in early 2023. The creators, Alicia and Dane, showcased their user-friendly and waste-reducing appliance before a panel of prominent judges, including Mark Cuban, Daniel Lubetzky, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Lori Greiner. The presentation highlighted the rising demand for plant-based milk alternatives and the increasing popularity of a vegan diet.

The demonstration of the Nutr milk maker impressed the Shark Tank judges, who recognized the potential for a significant market share in the growing plant-based industry. Each judge brought unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table, and their collaboration with Nutr’s creators fostered a nurturing environment for growth and development.

Mark Cuban, known for his strategic investment decisions, recognized the potential in Nutr’s sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to producing nut milk at home. Daniel Lubetzky, a strong advocate for healthy living, appreciated the convenience and practicality of this innovative machine for catering to the increasing demand for nut milk in the market.

Daymond John, with his expertise in brand building and marketing, was particularly interested in the untapped potential of the Nutr milk maker. Meanwhile, Kevin O’Leary, with a background in entrepreneurship and finance, foresaw the market opportunity in a rapidly expanding non-dairy industry for Nutr.

Lastly, Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC, acknowledged the Nutr machine’s potential to cater to an audience of health-conscious and eco-friendly consumers. Her experience in sales and the infomercial industry could greatly benefit Nutr’s efforts to popularize their product and reach a wider customer base.

Product Sale and Distribution

Nutr, a unique machine designed to produce fresh nut milk at home, gained popularity among health-conscious customers and those adhering to a vegan diet. After its appearance on Shark Tank in early 2023, the Nutr Milk Maker has made significant strides in the market, with indications of hitting the 2022 revenue goal of $6 million by the end of the year.

The Nutr Milk Maker is available in several popular retail outlets, including Best Buy, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and online on Amazon. These platforms offer customers a convenient way to access and purchase the Nutr machine. Additionally, the Nutr website provides valuable information for potential customers and a user-friendly purchasing experience.

Apart from one-time purchase options, Nutr offers a subscription option for frequent users. This subscription model proves to be beneficial for customers who prefer consistently purchasing nut milk ingredients or related products. By subscribing, Nutr users gain access to timely deliveries and potentially discounted rates.

To summarize, Nutr continues to make progress in sales and distribution since its appearance on Shark Tank. With products available in major retail outlets and the convenience of online shopping, the Nutr Milk Maker shows promise for continued growth and success in the plant-based milk market.

Nutr’s Market Performance

Since its appearance on Shark Tank in early 2023, Nutr has been making strides in the plant-based milk industry. The innovative nut milk-making machine has caught the attention of health-conscious consumers and vegans alike. The demand for plant-based products has grown exponentially, and Nutr’s Milk Maker has been well-positioned to capitalize on this trend.

Although Nutr did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, asking for $500,000 for 5% equity and valuing their company at $10 million, they have managed to make progress on their own. The latest company updates suggest that Nutr has been working diligently towards expanding their presence in the market and improving the functionality of their machine.

Revenue and annual net worth figures have not been publicly disclosed. However, it can be inferred that Nutr’s market performance has likely been positively impacted by the rising interest in sustainable and zero-waste alternatives for dairy milk. The Nutr milk-making machine is designed to reduce waste and allow customers to prepare fresh nut milk at home easily.

To summarize, Nutr’s appearance on Shark Tank has garnered increased attention to their Milk Maker, tapping into the growing market for plant-based milk alternatives. While specific financial data has not been revealed, the company has been actively working towards expansion and increasing its presence in this booming industry.

Nutr in Media

Nutr has made quite an impact in media outlets since its appearance on Shark Tank. Featured on popular channels like CBS and Women’s Health, the Nutr milk maker has garnered attention from health-conscious consumers and eco-friendly advocates alike. With a friendly tone, the founders of Nutr have successfully highlighted the benefits of their machine in interviews and articles.

On their website, Nutr provides comprehensive information about their product, including how to use it and the advantages of homemade nut milk. They emphasize the importance of reducing waste and opting for healthier non-dairy milk options free from additives and preservatives. The website also showcases customer reviews and testimonials, highlighting user satisfaction.

Forbes, WSJ, and HuffPost have acknowledged Nutr’s innovative solution for individuals and families seeking a zero-waste, non-dairy milk alternative. The growing demand for plant-based products and nut milk has put Nutr in a favorable position in the market, as more people are inclined to switch from dairy milk to healthier options.

Additionally, Nutr was featured on Mashable and PopSugar, where they discussed the convenience and sustainability of the Nutr milk maker. These articles have helped boost Nutr’s visibility and credibility within the health and eco-friendly communities.

The Shark Tank Recap Store, which offers updates on the entrepreneurs and their businesses, mentions Nutr’s continued success since their appearance on the show. Google search results on Nutr display multiple results, giving curious searchers access to various sources of information about the brand and its Shark Tank journey.

Overall, Nutr’s media presence has played an essential role in spreading the word about their innovative nut milk maker, emphasizing its benefits and addressing a growing need within the health-conscious and environmentally friendly communities.

Health and Lifestyle Context

In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Many people are opting for nutritious, dairy-free, and homemade alternatives to traditional dairy products. One such sustainable choice is plant-based milk, which has gained immense popularity.

The Nutr milk maker caters to this growing demand for alternative milk options. This innovative machine enables users to create fresh, nutrient-rich nut milk at home in just a few minutes. By using the Nutr milk maker, people can ensure that their milk is free from preservatives, gum fillers, and processed sugars commonly found in store-bought varieties.

Water plays a crucial role in the Nutr milk maker’s functioning. The appliance uses the optimal amount of water in the preparation process to maintain the milk’s nutritional value while minimizing water wastage, an essential aspect of sustainable living.

Nut milk made using the Nutr machine is not only a healthy alternative to dairy milk but is also a versatile ingredient. It can be utilized in various recipes and beverages such as protein shakes, lattes, and smoothies. This offers a convenient option for individuals looking to integrate plant-based products into their daily routine effortlessly.

Furthermore, homemade nut milk offers a sustainable alternative to store-bought variants, which often come in single-use plastic packaging. The Nutr milk maker promotes a sustainable lifestyle by reducing plastic waste and providing a zero-waste solution for non-dairy milk enthusiasts.

By offering a convenient and environmentally friendly way to prepare plant-based milk at home, the Nutr milk maker has successfully captured the attention of health-conscious individuals and those seeking to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. The machine provides a practical solution for people to enjoy the nutritious benefits of nut milk while also contributing to a greener planet.

Expansion and Future Prospect

Nutr, a plant-based startup, has experienced significant growth since its appearance on Shark Tank in January 2023. The company’s mission to provide a sustainable and healthy alternative for non-dairy milk has resonated with consumers globally, leading to its rapid expansion.

One of the key drivers for Nutr’s growth is the increasing demand for plant-based products. As more people become health-conscious and adopt vegan diets, the need for alternatives like nut milk has skyrocketed. In 2022, Nutr was expected to reach about $6 million by the end of the year and has already reached $2 million in sales. This impressive growth showcases the potential of the company in the global market.

Nutr is not only growing in terms of sales but also in expanding its reach to international markets. The company has set its sights on the Chinese market, capitalizing on the rising interest in plant-based foods domestically and worldwide. This strategic move can further boost Nutr’s growth and establish it as a major player in the plant-based industry.

As they continue to expand, Nutr has collaborated with various brands such as Brass Roots, Frescos Naturales, and Nopalera. These partnerships have helped the company diversify its product offerings and raise additional funding for better positioning in the market. Nutr has also garnered support from crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Wefunder, creating a strong financial backbone for the company.

Retail partnerships have also fueled Nutr’s growth, with their products now available in major department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s. This increased visibility and accessibility will undoubtedly drive sales and customer interest.

In conclusion, Nutr’s growth, driven by its strong mission and strategic partnerships, is propelling the company towards unprecedented success. The future looks bright for this startup as they continue to expand and innovate in the plant-based space.

Customer Feedback

Customers have been enjoying the Nutr machine since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2023. Many users have praised the convenience and efficiency of the machine, which allows them to create fresh nut milk at home.

The Nutr machine has received positive reviews for its quick and easy functionality. Users have reported that the process of making nut milk is simple and takes only a few minutes, making it a popular choice for those looking to adopt a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

In terms of flavor, customers have appreciated the Nutr machine’s ability to create both white and black nut milk. This provides them with a variety of options when making their plant-based milk. The machine has also been praised for producing nut milk with a rich and creamy taste, which many believe is comparable to store-bought versions.

Customers have also shared their satisfaction with the device’s easy-to-clean design, which saves them time and effort, allowing them to enjoy their homemade nut milk without the hassle of an extensive cleanup.

Overall, the Nutr machine’s friendly and approachable design has been welcomed by customers who desire to create their own plant-based milk at home. With its quick, easy, and functional features, the Nutr machine has undoubtedly become an indispensable kitchen gadget for those looking to incorporate more vegan-friendly options into their daily meals.


Nutr, a machine that prepares nut milk at home, has gained significant attention since its appearance on Shark Tank in early 2023. The inventors, Alicia Long and her husband Dane Turk, had one primary goal in mind: creating a better solution for healthy, dairy-free milk without the preservatives, gum fillers, and processed sugars found in store-bought nut milk.

The Nutr machine has catered to the needs of a growing number of health-conscious customers and vegan dieters who prefer plant-based products. Its innovative design focuses on reducing waste and promoting sustainable, fresh nut milk production.

Since their Shark Tank appearance, Nutr has continued to make waves in the non-dairy milk industry as more people opt for eco-friendly and healthy alternatives to conventional dairy products. It seems that Nutr’s dedication to providing a sustainable, zero-waste solution has resonated with consumers, making it a notable player in the ever-growing plant-based market.