NoPhone from Shark Tank

NoPhone shark tank

Van Gould and Christ Sheldon appeared on Shark Tank to pitch the NoPhone. The company is building a niche in today’s market of high-tech cellphones that practically everyone owns by giving the fewest smartphone options.

The camera, screen, music, WiFi, and other phone functionalities are not included in this phone. However, you can upgrade your selfie mirror to see yourself even if you carry around a false phone.

This firm makes a plastic phone that looks like a smartphone. It was conceived as a countermeasure to the growing problem of smartphone addiction. In addition to the NoPhone, there are four more models, the NoPhone Zero, the NoPhone Air, and NoPhone Selfie.

Cellphone usage is out of control. The goal of NoPhone is to break the smartphone habit. Phone dependency can be alleviated thanks to NoPhone. They portray their handset as the most dated phone in their marketing materials. No keypad, camera, or other amenities are included in this phone. It’s merely a piece of plastic that looks like a phone.

According to the company’s website, the phone does not have any storage function. The NoPhone ZERO is one of their offerings. Compared to the original, this is a lower-quality variant of the device. It doesn’t have much to offer. It’s rectangular and completely black. They have also introduced the NoPhone Selfie version with a mirror feature.

It is regarded as the largest false phone company in the world and has sold more than 3,100 devices. When Sean and Steven weren’t working as art directors for an ad firm in New York City, they packed and shipped out of a 400-square-foot flat in Manhattan. The owners of the company hoped for a Shark to help them gain a wider audience.

Van and Chris were pitched an offer. They said they wanted $25,000 in exchange for a quarter-interest in the company. The two appeared to be using cell phones at the beginning of their presentation. They started their pitch by stating facts about smartphone usage. They reiterated their point backed by a study. More than 79% of Americans spend up to 22 hours daily on their phones.

Costs for a NoPhone and a Selfie Upgrade- a Mirror- are $12 and $18, respectively. Production costs are $2.95. The company owners said that NoPhone could become the new generation’s pet rock with the Sharks’ help.

Daymond John was the first to raise the serious issue of whether or not a patent exists. The owners said it does; however, Daymond was not impressed, so he excused himself. Mark Cuban said if there is something he hates more than people continue using their phones, it’s a dumb patent. He refused to talk further.

Lori Greiner had the same opinion. She said, “Hang in there,” referring to a cat’s poster. She didn’t want to listen to the duo anymore and refused to participate in the deal.

Robert Herjavec found the idea brilliant. However, he wasn’t impressed with the sales units; hence, he didn’t make the deal.

Kevin O’Leary found the idea horrible. He didn’t want to pursue the idea further; therefore, he excused himself and refused to participate in the deal like other sharks.

As a result, the owners of the NoPhone left the Shark Tank without any deal. However, the company is still in operation with various goods on sale.

Our Review of NoPhone

NoPhone Kickstarter effort was also a massive success in 2014; they raised over four times their goal. The NoPhone has no warranty, can’t be returned, and can’t be used with anything. These people want to make the NoPhone a modern-day version of the pet rock.

There is a $2.95 cost associated with the production process. This item is acceptable as a joke or gag present. Otherwise, it has no practical usage.

They have introduced waterproof models without batteries. They have also added the Family Plan, NoPhone Air, and an employee gift package to their portfolio of products.

However, it is nothing more than a piece of plastic. It is a great present for someone who is always on their phone.

The shape of this device is just like a real smartphone. It is available in black plastic. It has no camera, no technology, or an on/off button.

Phoneless Selfie has a little mirror placed on top of the original NoPhone – it’s basically the same thing. On the other hand, in terms of price and weight, NoPhone Air is slightly less expensive and lighter than its predecessor. However, it’s nothing more than plastic with air bubbles inside. For something so useless, the price of the product is very high.

You might think it is a waste product no one would ever want to buy. However, Amazon claims that over 12,000 customers have ordered a NoPhone. You might be a little concerned about people buying rubbish to have fun for a maximum of five minutes.


  • It helps you reduce your cellphone dependency.
  • It is light-weighted.
  • It is a great conversation piece.
  • It lets you interact with others at the table by eradicating the need to be engrossed in the digital world.


  • No practical use.
  • Waste of money.
  • Doesn’t get the job done.

Who is it Best For?

NoPhone is best for those who are constantly attached to their phone. Phone addiction is a real thing. Nowadays, thanks to smartphones, it’s impossible to function without a phone when everything is in the palm of your hand. NoPhone lets you put your phone down and interact with people in the real world.

What are the Alternatives?

There are various alternatives to NoPhone. Nova Launcher is free and one of the finest alternatives to this product. Smart Launcher, Slim Launcher, and Kindle Fire are some excellent alternatives to NoPhone.

Our Final Thoughts

NoPhone is a fantastic alternative to cellphone addiction. However, there is no practical use for this product. You should go for NoPhone to combat your cellphone dependency.