Nitroforce Titan 1000 from Shark Tank

Nitroforce Titan 1000 shark tank

NFPT trainers with a wide range of skills and a vision for the lightest, quickest, strongest, most adaptable, and most cost-effective home gym come together to create this venture. After meeting during a modeling session, Frank Campitelli and Debrae Barensfeld developed one of the most exciting new resistance training equipment innovations in decades.

For more than 20 years, Frank, a long-time NFPT affiliate and SME (Subject Matter Expert), has been searching for the ultimate home gym. Debrae had an insatiable drive to amuse and educate for as long as she could remember. When these two met and were inspired by one another, they formed a dream team. As soon as Chuck Norris, Christie Brinkley, and the Total Gym appeared on television, they thought they would be in danger.

Frank was a thin youngster who dreamed of being a superhero at 10. He purchased his first home gym at the tender age of 10. In the end, he realized that Santa Claus wasn’t real. Instead, he found a copy of Muscle Builder, which was full of superheroes who were powerful and genuine. He claimed to be the creator, designer, and fabricator of The TITAN 1000. According to him, this machine has made all previous home gyms obsolete. He has been exercising and participating in sports for the last 32 years. He has also been training for over 25 years.

After earning his degree from Ohio University, he molded a machine to use resistance workouts like a traditional barbell, dumbbell, and cable equipment. The TITAN 1000 is about the size of a treadmill and only has a weight capacity of 165 pounds.

Frank used to make prototypes in a garage with hand tools. He believed there hadn’t been a new home gym design for 20 years. Therefore, he took the help of Debrae Barensfeld and decided to take on the TV home gym titans with their one-size-fits-all capabilities.

Now that we have been familiarized with Nitroforce Industries – Titan 1000, let’s see how their deal with the Sharks went.

Frank and Debrae entered the Shark Tank, pitching a $250k investment for a 10% equity share in their business. Then, they had only sold 12 home gyms for $1300 and made $15,600 in sales, which ticked the sharks off. They narrated the story of their struggle and the idea behind the equipment in detail. However, the sharks weren’t convinced thoroughly.

There was no doubt that Nitro Force was a fantastic home training gym, but the Sharks didn’t appear to be interested in investing in the company. Mark Cuban said the company was valued at what he spends on a night out in the town. The other sharks were also skeptical about the sales; hence, they decided to excuse themselves. Frank and Debrae had to walk out without any deal.

The failure at Shark Tank did not affect them whatsoever. The Nitro Force is still in business and has expanded its product range. You can order the NitroForce from Amazon and it will be at your door in a few days. Besides, you may never need to repurchase another home gym after purchasing this one because of the additional attachments.

Our Review of Nitroforce Titan 1000

It can cause resistance in different ways. It was believed that exercises that use barbells, cables, and machines provided unique motions that no other home gym could replicate. Fast motions require light weights for speed development, whereas slow movements require big weights for strength development. This long-held continuity has been disrupted by the TITAN 1000. You can do highly high resistance motions at extremely fast velocities using the TITAN 1000’s nitrogen gas pressure. It has little mass.

As a result, you will be able to perform high-speed/power kicks, hops, punches, swings, and throws at a rapid rate of speed. Introducing nitrogen gas pressure resistance could indicate a new era of fitness equipment innovation.

Their first batch of TITAN 1000s from mass manufacturing arrived after five years of hard effort on their part. Information and commercial possibilities might be found for trainers as well. If your goal is to produce larger, quicker, stronger, and more powerful athletes, then TITAN 1000 is the perfect way to go.

There are several options for purchase. The TITAN’s capacity to be erected and dismantled in less than five minutes has several fascinating uses. When your client has the freedom to train anywhere along with financial benefits, why would they go to the gym where they would have to pay monthly and share all the equipment with everyone else?

Users can choose from various workouts with varying degrees of resistance using barbell machine motions that follow a predetermined route for stability, safety, and the application of maximum force.

The Nitroforce TITAN 1000 allows the user to do free weight-like vertical gravitational movements without the velocity-related issues. The gas pressure resistance eliminates the effects of inertia, momentum, and centrifugal forces. It can also move cables horizontally from a broad range of resistance locations. This is the only machine that can do this. There is less DOMS from traditional weights when using massless resistance that ranges from 5 lbs to 1000 lbs.

It has a pre-configured ROM for added security. PT does not have any contraindications for patients with balance and control difficulties. On the other hand, the cable assembly makes it possible to use more of the ROM. One way to replicate swimming, crossovers, punches, and other athletic movements is to use the third pulley on the Titan 1000.

Users can move as slowly or swiftly as they want with no resistance oscillations. As a result, the peak torque during risky ROM segments is reduced, and a constant level of resistance is maintained throughout. It is a workout platform with a wide range of adjustments to meet patients’ demands and abilities.

The TITAN 1000 provides strength training, whole body workout, and mobility training. High-pressure nitrogen gas springs offer 1000 lbs. of nitrogen gas pressure that can be compressed and extended at a regulated rate.


  • Easy pressure adjustment
  • Easy setup of equipment
  • Added security
  • Patients can use it
  • Different levels of resistance


  • Requires proper place for setup
  • Needs time to change the exercise
  • Relatively expensive

Who is it Best For?

The TITAN 1000 is best for those with little to no time to go out and apply for a gym membership. Those who want to work out at home or in a familiar setting can get their hands on the TITAN 1000. You can regulate the machine as per your requirements and assemble or disassemble it whenever possible.

Are There Any Alternatives?

TRX offers home gym machines at a reasonable price. These machines let you work out from the comfort of your home and get the job done. However, they are not efficient enough to offer various resistance levels.

Our Final Thoughts

If you are someone who finds it hard to work out in the gym in front of other people, then you can buy TITAN 1000 and start working out at home. You won’t have to use equipment that is used by numerous people every day. You can have access to your machines where you can work out according to your own rules.