Nexersys from Shark Tank

Nexersys shark tank

Nexersys is a sports company that sells cardio-intensive exercise equipment. It was started by Terry Jones, who centered it around a cardio boxing exercise machine he called the Nexersys. The selling point of the Nexersys was that it’s interactive like an arcade game and provides a full-body workout. Jones referred to it as an ‘exergaming’ machine.

The target buyers for Nexersys are varied – from gyms and hotels to home users and even the military. Terry adds that Nexersys has a worldwide distribution, and Gold Gym is its primary customer. The equipment has 4-minute circuits, each providing a full-body workout.

However, Jones failed to raise the required funds from Kickstarter; he managed to raise $13,000 though his initial ask was $150,000. The Kickstarters weren’t convinced about the Nexersys. However, the page had many positive reviews, showing that the product had potential.

The company offers home gym equipment like Nexersys Cross Body Trainer. This interactive boxing bag can record the activity and connects to an app that guides you through various workouts that can be done with it. They also have professional boxing equipment like the Nexersys N3 Interactive Boxing Trainer & Sparring Partner, which has two separate mitts to mimic an actual sparring partner.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are active and still in business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Terry Jones came to Shark Tank for the same reason that he placed an ask for Kickstarters: he was looking to build an arcade game version of Nexersys. He asked for $2 million for a 10% stake in the Nexersys company. He started his pitch by inviting an Olympic boxer, Marlen Esparza, to demonstrate how Nexersys worked.

The Nexersys looks spring-loaded since each punch knocks back the machine’s arms, but the engine doesn’t move from where the Olympic star is pounding it. In conclusion, stats like accuracy, ranking, times attacked, and other stats that are too quick or small to be calculated are presented.

Nexersys offers a digital system where users can input their information and a personalized workout plan can be designed for them. The areas where the user is supposed to strike light up, and based on the information collected from these hits, the computer recommends future workout plans.

Jason then allowed the Sharks to try Nexersys for themselves with a customized avatar of Mr. Wonderful so he could win them over. Mark Cuban volunteered first to use the Nexersys. He was particularly interested in having a go at the avatar of Mr. Wonderful while the rest of the Sharks enjoyed this showdown.

The stats show that Mark’s punches were challenging but not accurate.. Now that they’ve had their share of fun, the Sharks evaluate the product more critically. They think the sales are too low at $4.2 million over 18 months. At that stage, the company wasn’t making any profit. On top of this, the company was in debt of $35 million.

Mark, ‘OLeary, and Daymond stepped out because of this figure. They felt the debt made the company too much of a liability. Lori was the last to exit because while she believes that the company does have the potential to get out of debt in the long run, she’s unwilling to take that risk with investing.

Despite their excellent product, the Nexersys failed to persuade the Sharks, and Jones left without any deal. However, appearing on Shark Tank alone gave the company quite a lot of exposure, and sales increased by 450%. This way, the company became profitable quite quickly. They were able to pay off a big chunk of their debt and cash in equities to keep debt repayment stable.

Our Review of Nexersys

We decided to try the Nexersys for ourselves to see how it would perform in real life.

The good news is that it offers several different modes upon logging into the system for cardio, strike, sparring etc. After you choose the difficulty level, the system also shows demonstration videos for the workout.

The bad news is that if you punch it too hard, it might start tipping over a little bit. It’s a heavy machine that you have to assemble yourself. Plus, it has no padding so if you’re not wearing gloves, you could get hurt.

Pros of Nexersys

  • Demonstration videos available for guidance
  • Accurate stats
  • Reasonably priced

Cons of Nexersys

  • Difficult to assemble
  • Can’t handle a lot of force

Who Is Nexersys for?

Nexersys is ideal for those looking for interesting HIIT gym equipment to use at home. It’s targeted at adults who enjoy working out but don’t have the time to go to the gym. It provides customized workout plans which make it easier to work out at home. The company also offers a separate machine for kids and professionals.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Nexersys is a unique exergaming product. However, there are other full-body workout types of equipment on the market.

BangTong&Li Power Tower is one alternative HIIT equipment that can be used to build strength at home. One advantage that it offers against Nexersys is that there are 4 separate workout stations on it. It’s ergonomically designed and comes with comfortable leather padding making it convenient to use for beginners.

It’s also made of durable and sturdy material.

Our Final Thoughts

The workout equipment offered by Nexersys has good reviews on Amazon. The crossbody trainer is durable and the advanced technology provides a way of connecting to the app that can give you over 10,000 customized workout plans. It’s the perfect piece of equipment to have at home if you don’t get the time to go to the gym.

It’s an interesting machine too. With wireless sensors attached to each striking pad, they can record the speed and pressure of each strike. This makes it exciting for those who like going to the arcade too. However, it doesn’t offer other types of workouts unlike its alternatives.