Nardo’s Natural from Shark Tank

Nardo’s Natural shark tank

Nardo’s Natural is an online brand that sells skincare created from natural ingredients. At the heart of it, Nardo’s Natural believes in skincare that is grounded and close to Mother Nature.

Your skin needs products that don’t strip away its natural suppleness. Nardo’s Natural understands that and provides you with a skincare range that is worth it.

Your skin is important for Nardo’s Natural, and so is the environment. All the products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Nardo’s Natural is for everyone. The range includes facial care products, bath, and body care, lips, cosmetics, and men’s products. Nardo’s Natural is a one-stop brand for skincare.

The prices of the products vary depending on the product type. The most expensive product is worth $128. The cost of effective, natural skin care is not cheap. Nardo’s Naturals source its ingredients globally.

Nardo’s Natural is named after the four Mastronardo brothers who created the brand. The business is anchored grounded in family values and bonds. This family business appeared on the third season of Shark Tank and compelled Barbara Corcoran to make a deal with them.

The Mastronardo Brothers asked the Sharks for a $75,000 investment for a 12% share in Nardo’s Natural. Before Shark Tank, Nardo’s was an active business that had made $30,000 in gross sales. Corcoran gave them an offer of $75k for 50% ownership in the company, which the brothers accepted, and the deal was closed.

The deal with Corcoran proved to be a clever, profitable deal. Nardo’s Natural received media exposure and introduced new products covering a variety of skin care problems. The business also won the Business of the Year in Florida. These milestones the company has achieved have established the brand as a reliable and high-quality skincare brand.

Our Review of Nardo’s Natural

The skin range at Nardo’s Natural is diverse, and the ingredient list is impressive without any exaggeration. These ingredients include coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, lavender oil, and bentonite clay, to name a few.

Research is integral for creating any product, even more so for skin products. Nardo’s Natural takes research seriously. They spent 8 years researching for their Forever Youth Serum. This is reflective of their dedication to creating a brand that will work effectively. Nardo’s Natural does not compromise on quality.

Nardo’s Natural has garnered loyal customers who have only positive things to say about their products. It’s a skincare brand that has shown to make a remarkable difference for its customers.

Nardo’s Natural is available for everyone across the globe. They ship nationally and internationally. If customers are not satisfied with the product, Nardo’s Natural offers a replacement for your order.

There is also the option of wholesale available for someone working in the health, wellness, and beauty industry. The products are reliable and well-researched that gives buyers confidence to place larger orders.

The brand is transparent and self-aware. They have mentioned the shelf-life and the reason why their product may spoil or break down, encouraging customers to use their product within 6 months to achieve maximum freshness.

Pros of Nardo’s Natural

Nardo’s Natural is a brand that has built a loyal customer base. There are numerous pros behind that.

Here are a few of the pros:

  • The products cater to almost every skin matter. From aging to hydration, Nardo’s Natural has a product for you.
  • They have a skincare range exclusively for men as well. Skincare is commonly associated with women, but Nardo’s Natural believe that men should also invest in skincare.
  • Their website has detailed information about their product and pricing list.
  • Potential customers have the option to meet the team that runs Nardo’s Natural at their HQ and also receive free samples. This helps the customer connect with the brand and get to know the product before committing for a larger order.

Cons of Nardo’s Natural

While the brand is doing great, there are some things Nardo’s Natural could consider working on

  1. If customers are not satisfied with their product, the brand does not offer any monetary refunds or any returns. Instead, it encourages customers to buy mini samples.

Who is Nardo’s Natural For?

Nardo’s Natural is made with thoughtful consideration for anyone who is concerned with their skin and wants to improve it. They are for skincare junkies looking for vegan friendly products.

These products are for the young as well as those with mature skin. They also have products dedicate for men into skincare.

Nardo’s Natural is also for people working in the beauty industry. They have an easy whole​​sale purchasing option for them. It has helped them establish their footprint effortlessly in the skin care industry.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The beauty and skincare industry is large and ever-growing. Unsurprisingly, there is an abundance of alternatives for Nardo’s Natural. These alternatives likely have more products and have become commercial leaders in skincare.

What sets the small family business of Nardo’s Natural as different from other big names is its commitment to sourcing organic ingredients from around the globe to create products that work wonders for your skin.

People who prefer their skincare to be instilled in natural freshness would absolutely enjoy Nardo’s Natural because natural products are at the heart of this brand.

As a business that has been around since 2009, Nardo’s Natural has explored the world of skin care extensively and understood its customers profoundly. This makes the brand special and promising.

Final Thoughts

Nardo’s Natural is a skincare brand that truly caters to its customer’s needs. It understands your skin and provides you with all you need to care for it. The brand has the potential to grow into a larger brand, and Barbara Corcoran understood its potential when the Mastronardo brothers first showed up on Shark Tanks with their vision to change skincare.