Nail Pak from Shark Tank

Nail Pak shark tank

There are three components in the Nail Pak package that help remove nail polish: paints, remover, and a pad. Its brief existence garnered huge sales despite being the world’s tiniest portable cosmetic.

Barbara Lampugnale is a mother of six who lives in West Hartford. She developed this product. Her being on the go means that fast fixes to cosmetic regimens like applying nail paint are a must.

As a result, Nail Pak was born. When you unscrew the bottle, you may find nail paint, a circular file, and remover pads at the bottom.

In 2012, she utilized the patent for her company’s Nail Pak to present it to potential investors. Lori Greiner, who signed Lampugnale to a contract, instantly put her on QVC.

Nail Pak was a product of Duality Cosmetics, founded by Barbara Lampugnale. This company made an innovative product. However, the products were dismal.

Grace Nail was formerly known as Nail Pak but changed its name after a few years. Nail polishing with her six kids gave Barbara the inspiration for Nail Pak.

It took them a long to realize how tough it was to take off. When Barbara presented her concept to her two children, they felt it was brilliant.

Nail Pak was the name given to a nail polish set containing remover, polish, pads, and file in one container.

Is Nail Pak Still an Active Company?

If this was a solid basis for a profitable business, the Nail Pak looks to have decreased in recent years. Only QVC and UltaBeauty are still selling Barbara’s Duality Cosmetics, and there appear to be no other online stores offering it.

The company’s Facebook page tried to convince eager consumers that new things were occurring with the product and that they would return in spring 2015, but this did not happen.

Duality Cosmetics likely went out of business due to poor-quality nail polish or purchase by a larger company. There is no reliable information on the whereabouts of Barbara or the company.

Even though the acquisition was completed and Lori looked to be fully committed to the company’s future, she would have almost likely tried to save it if something went awry.

It’s possible that Lori made money even though the firm went out of business because she only spent $50,000 and helped the product sell a lot before it mysteriously vanished.

Nail Pak is an excellent example of the many events that might occur even after a contract has been successfully concluded.

Even with the help of a Shark, growing organizations may encounter roadblocks along the path that will be impossible to overcome. Duality Cosmetics may not have a bright future.

Barbara, on the other hand, may still take pride in the fact that she is putting out high-quality work. At the same time, Lori demonstrated that she contributed significantly to the company, as seen by the numerous long-term partnerships she has enjoyed.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Barbara was able to invest $300,000 in her company because she had the financial resources to do so. She was queried about Mark’s source of funding.

It was surprising to them that she had a real estate firm with her husband and that they had reinvested some of their profits.

For $50,000, Barbara offered a 20% ownership in Nail Pak in return for a 20% equity stake in the firm. Barbara showcased the items, showing how the package contains the tools needed to remove the nail paint and the polish itself.

Robert was impressed by Barbara’s enthusiasm, but he was unable to help with the sale, so he departed. Mark quit because he couldn’t see how the product might become a business.

After Kevin saw the profit margins, he said that selling the product on QVC would be a great idea. Kevin thought it would be safer if Lori went in with him.

She rebuffed his offer and made a bid for 51% of the business. For Lori’s $50,000, Barbara said she couldn’t agree to a 40% interest in the firm.

Despite Kevin’s advice to the contrary, Barbara accepted the offer, along with the lucrative QVC sponsorship.

Our Review of Nail Pak

Each Nail Pak package includes a nail polish bottle, a nail file, and 40 remover-soaked pads in an attached container. We used two coats of Rosa shade for the swatch.

Rosa is a shimmering pinkish-red color. We definitely love it. Many individuals are drawn to this color because of its popularity. The product was smooth and easy to apply to the nail.

There are no issues with the brush or the handle. However, the size was a concern for us as a travel accessory. The only problem is that if you want to use this on the go, you’ll need to bring a separate topcoat, which negates the idea of an all-in-one product.

Also, we think Nail Pak is an excellent gift for someone who is just beginning to experiment with nail polish.

Pros of Nail Pak

  • Their polish is chip-resistant.
  • The bottle’s lower half unscrews to expose a slew of non-acetone saturated polish removal pads.
  • A lovely and trendy nail file is included in this set for all of those “emergencies” that come with having long nails.
  • A drawstring bag is included with each bottle.

Cons of Nail Pak

  • Brushes are not long enough.

Who Is Nail Pak for?

Barbara Lampugnale invented the Nail Pak for people to save them time and money by eliminating the need to purchase many nail care products.

During a nail-painting session with her six young girls, she came up with the idea for the product. To alleviate this problem, Barbara designed a solution that comprised all of the goods needed together in one container, such as nail polish remover and pads.

She named her business “Duality Cosmetics.”

Are There Any Alternatives?

OCI Nail Polish Removers

To avoid the most common problem produced by solid nail polish removers and white spots, OCI designed its nail polish removers.

This moisturizing product removes nail paint while relieving dryness on the tips of your nails. This can be your new best buddy, designed to fit in your purse or even in your pocket.

Hip Hop Nail Paint Wipes

Cleaning your nails on the go has never been easier. With Hip Hop nail paint wipes, your nails will not become brittle or yellow after using this acetone- and acetate-free product.

These cuticle and nail wipes are enriched with argan oil and vitamin E. According to the manufacturer’s claims, each pad can remove up to 20 nails. The remover is soaked into the flat pads.

Our Final Thoughts

Hundreds of things happen even after a contract is successfully closed on Shark Tank, and Nail Pak is an excellent illustration of just one of them.

For all their apparent success, a growing firm still has to cope with several difficulties that can be tough to overcome even with a Shark on board.

There’s still hope for Barbara, even though things don’t look suitable for Duality Cosmetics. Lori has proven that she’s a valuable asset to any business, as many future Shark Tank¬†entrepreneurs have discovered via their successful long-term partnerships with her.