Mush from Shark Tank

Mush shark tank

The health and fitness industry has seen numerous trends over the years. However, the industry isn’t changing itself alone. The trends in the health industry have also positively impacted the food industry as people are looking for better, less processed and healthy meal options.

Despite the constant changes, there were hardly any healthy breakfast options available for people on the go. As a result, individuals are constantly grabbing edible yogurt or protein bars for enough nutrition to get them through the morning funk. However, the sugar-packed meals were not doing them any good, and this issue was observed by Wall Street’s Kat Thomas and Ashley Thompson.

The duo started Mush as an oatmeal company when they realized the food industry had a major gap in healthy sugar-free breakfasts. The oatmeals were soaked in almond or coconut milk, and natural ingredients were blended to give the oats a natural taste. The rolled oats gave an incredible pudding texture and made it full of nutrition.

Mush was ready to eat oatmeal and came within a small cup with a spoon inside to help people consume it in transit. The nutritious meal could be consumed as a dinner and snack, or individuals can have it as a sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free dessert. The founders of Mush wanted to change the trend of sugary breakfast all across the nation.

To fulfill their mission, the duo appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $300K in exchange for 10%. They wanted help with distribution and supply chain, and a shark would be a perfect partner. The duo weren’t looking to sell the company for profit; they wanted to create a wave of change instead.

The duo started their pitch and explained their mission. Kat also presented how their product was different from the other options available in the market. The duo then handed out the samples of the four flavors they had.

Sharks loved the product and its taste. They started talking about numbers, and the duo shared that the company was well on making $900K next year. The profit margin was great, but the prices were too high, creating a major problem in marketing the product, according to food industry maestro and guest shark Rohan Oza.

Mark countered and thought the price was fine for the quality. Robert and Lori backed off from the deal as Robert knew he wasn’t the perfect fit since he didn’t know anything about the food industry. Lori believed Rohan would be a great fit for Mush, given his incredible experience.

Rohan made an offer of $400K for 20% as he knew how much more the company needed to do to successfully penetrate the retail market. Mark offered $300K for 10% and communicated that the product would do well on Amazon and Whole Foods, another Amazon-acquired company. Barbara made an offer of $300K for 10%, and then it was up to the duo to decide which shark they wanted.

Kat thanked every shark for their advice as they were overwhelmed by such an amazing response. The duo chose Mark as their investor as Mark had more reach and connections. Kat, Ashley and Mark sealed the deal, and Mark became a part of the Mush family.

Our Review of Mush

Mush has turned out to be a profitable business, building its customer base or community in a short period. The Shark Tank’s appearance and the deal have become a recognized business nationwide. Today, Mush is making over $2 million in annual revenue.

The excellent oatmeal servings with various flavor options have made Mush a favorite among the fitness and health-conscious community. Customers love how nutritious meals don’t compromise on taste and require no downtime for preparation. Mush has also become a favorite breakfast and after-workout snack, and its popularity is only continuing to skyrocket.

Due to severe health issues, Mush’s co-founder Kat Thomas is no longer part of the daily operations. However, Mark Cuban’s help has enabled Ashley to keep the business thriving. Their Amazon store makes delivery possible nationwide.

Pros of Mush

In a short time, Mush has found a community of fitness and health-conscious people who are tired of unhealthy on-the-go breakfast options and need a sustainable solution. The company’s incredible menu and mind-blowing customer service gave Mush a loyal customer base. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • The meals delivered by Mush are incredibly delicious and nutritional.
  • Mush is soaked in dairy-free milk and has no glutinous ingredients or added sugar.
  • All the Mush products are non-GMO and high in protein for nutritional benefits.
  • The grab-and-go oats are perfect for people who are used to having breakfast during transit.
  • The hidden spoon under the lid makes the meal edible regardless of where an individual is.
  • Their Amazon store makes delivery possible nationwide.
  • Mush can be eaten as a dinner, snack or breakfast.
  • Fitness fanatics love having Mush after workouts.
  • The meals are delivered in packs to give customers a complete stock of their favorite flavors.
  • Mush has an incredible subscription service that makes order placement less hassle.
  • All the ingredients used in Mush’s meals are sourced sustainably and locally to keep the environment clean and green and help local farmers in their business.
  • The meals are ready to eat and require no heating, waiting or stirring for delicious breakfast to be served.
  • The Mush website is user-friendly and allows customers to navigate the menu without any unnecessary stops.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of Mush

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Mush:

  • Mush is slightly more expensive than the average breakfast alternatives available.
  • Individuals not used to consuming natural ingredients might find the Mush’s flavors unappealing to their taste buds.
  • Customers want to see more vegan options on the menu.

Who Is Mush For?

For all individuals looking for a healthy yet tasty alternative to traditional breakfast foods, Mush is the perfect brand for them. The products are ready-to-eat and portable so that you don’t have to waste time on the breakfast table, but you don’t have to compromise your health. The sugar and dairy-free oatmeal containers have a spoon attached inside to provide you all the comfort.

Their cold brew oats are perfect for getting individuals out of the morning funk with the blend of nutritious oats and caffeinated morning brews.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Oats Overnight is the perfect brand if you’re looking for another oatmeal company that makes oatmeal breakfast easy and ready to eat in the morning. The company packages dry seasoned oats and delivers monthly meals. All you need to do is soak it overnight in milk using the Free Blender Bottle that comes with the oats.

The bottle doubles as a container to enjoy the drink instead of needing a spoon to eat your oats. Oats Overnight’s products are gluten, soy and dairy free, accommodating all customers with dietary restrictions.

Our Final Thoughts

Mush has proved to be profitable and has shown promising growth, ensuring that the business will continue to make waves in the future. The company’s deal with a shark made the profits skyrocket and helped the product reach nationwide. The incredible service of Mush, along with a delicious menu, has kept the business in demand for individuals looking for healthy breakfast alternatives.

Mush will progress in the future, and we’d see more businesses transforming the adults’ nutritional industry.