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Mural Painters Inc shark tank

Who doesn’t love artistic hand-painted murals? Murals are a step up from wallpapers and provide an easy and effective way to customize your space, allowing it to reflect your personality. Moreover, they also help bring life and character to a room. Apart from houses, you can also add murals to building walls, streets, and even shops to attract locals and tourists.

Emily Straus, a Fine Arts student from the Fashion Institute of Technology, started her career as an apparel designer creating hand-made and hand-painted clothing. Emily soon saw hand-painted were gaining popularity, especially among Millennials, and wanted to capitalize on this business opportunity.

Emily’s business was initially called Design Team NYC, where she had many talented artists and designers who worked on producing custom artwork. Emily then decided that she wanted to specialize in Mural painting and hence changed the name of her business to Mural Painter Inc. Read on to find more about what they do!

Mural Painter Inc. is a company that aims to bring art into the corporate world by catering to brands that are seeking creative marketing opportunities. The company has a local network of licensed, trusted, and qualified contractors to complete any project. They specialize in high-quality murals, faux finishes, office art, signages, branding, and outdoor advertising for SMEs. They use metal, fiberglass, acrylic, wood, aluminum, and glass.

They have also painted logos for big names such as Lyft, Indeed, Polaroid, and Chick-fil-A. Mural Painter Inc’s motto is “You need it painted, we got you covered,” Apart from working for businesses, they have also created magnificent pieces of art on local buildings, street walls, and other charitable causes. The company has been in business for over ten years, and since then, they have painted a total of 3,000 murals across 21 cities.

Since the mural industry is very competitive, Emily first decided to focus on small and medium enterprises. Her business soon gained popularity, encouraging her to expand into other major cities. She then entered Shark Tank, hoping to secure an investment of $400,000 in exchange for 15% ownership of Mural Painters Inc. The Sharks were very impressed with Emily’s business. Barbara offered to invest $100,000 in exchange for 15% ownership of the company plus a $200,000 credit line. She also offered to assist Emily with business structuring.

Fine Deal:  A deal of 100,000 dollars in exchange for 15% equity plus a $200,000 credit line was finalized between Barbara and Mural Painted Inc.

Following the appearance on Shark Tank, Emily’s business expanded into Florida with a new site. Although the covid-19 pandemic hindered the company’s sales, Mural Painters Inc. did well, generating 1 million dollars in sales revenue. They have recently added big names to their portfolio, including Netflix, Google, Adidas, Sony, Spottily, Amazon, Vice on TV, and Taco Bell. The good news is they are still in business, and you can contact them directly on their website to get a quotation.

Our Review of Mural Painters Inc

Wall Murals have recently evolved into a creative marketing technique that allows businesses to attract customers. Mural Painters Inc., formally known as Design Team NYC, is a company that specializes in designing advertisements for clients in the form of mural paintings on buildings. They have a large team of expert and licensed artists and vendors on board that can handle any project.

The Mural Painters team is primarily based in New York, Florida, and Los Angeles, but it travels worldwide for large-scale work. You can also get a glimpse of their portfolio and featured work on their website, showing a wide range of vibrant and artistic murals, including interior walls and outside building walls.

Mural Painters Inc. has designed its ordering process to be pretty straightforward. First, the clients must submit an idea or potential design of what they want the final product to be like. The prices of mural paintings vary according to the size and complexity of the artwork (which often spans several stories of large buildings). Mural painting is a time and labor-intensive job, which is why they cost a lot. Mural Painters Inc. ensures that all murals are hand-painted to perfection. They also host annual mural events to attract clients and spread awareness about their services.

Pros of Mural Painters Inc

  • All the murals are brilliantly hand-painted to perfection.
  • They work on large-scale projects such as huge buildings with multiple floors.
  • They have a team of artistic designers on board to make your vision into reality.

Cons of Mural Painters Inc

  • There are cheaper alternatives for hand-painted murals, such as wallpapers and mural stickers.

Who is Mural Painters Inc for?

Mural Painters Inc. is primarily for businesses looking to advertise a special message or their logos to the target audience creatively and distinctly. Wall Murals serve as one of the best marketing tools for businesses today. Emily has done a brilliant job introducing mural art into the corporate world, ensuring that her company is one of the biggest names in the world of mural marketing. Mural Painters Inc. offers a unique blend of wall art and creative marketing!

Are there Any Alternatives?

Although many businesses operate in the hand-painted murals industry, what sets Mural Painters Inc. apart from the competition is that their murals are hand-painted. They have a large team of licensed experts on hand to do an excellent job for you. Moreover, they have provided services to big names like Netflix and Google, which is hard to compete with. One of the best alternatives we have found is Coastal Creative which produces murals for businesses.

Our Final Thoughts

If you want to transform creative business ideas into visual wonders, Mural Painters Inc. is all you need! They specialize in creating brilliantly designed hand-painted murals and have a team of talented artists and designers on board to do an excellent job! From interior murals to exterior building walls, Mural Painters Inc. is equipped to handle any project. Their target market includes businesses looking for creative ways to convey a special message to customers in an eye-catching and impactful manner.