Mo’s Bows from Shark Tank

Mo’s Bows shark tank

The fashion industry is evolving every passing season, with fast fashion becoming the brand of major stores. The new trends are replacing the old fashion statements that were once considered classy. However, not everybody prefers to wear sweatpants daily; some still like to dress up elegantly each day.

One of those people is Moziah Bridges, founder of Mo’s Bows, who appeared on Shark Tank’s Season 5. Moziah, a twelve-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee,  had always been fond of dressing up well, and bow ties were a significant part of his attire. He believes anyone can look good and feel good in a bow tie, which shouldn’t be restricted as a dress code for formal occasions.

However, since Moziah couldn’t find any bow tie around town to fit his 12-year-old soul, he decided to create some of his own. His grandmother had taught him how to sew, a skill he used to hand-sew his first bow tie. He initially upcycled his grandmother’s old clothes, but soon people started getting attracted to the unique designs, and that’s where the brand Mo’s Bows was born.

Moziah had come to the Shark Tank with his mother, Tramica, to seek an investment of $50,000 for equity of 20%. The money was needed for hiring a manufacturer as the demand for bow ties from Mo’s Bows increased. Mo’s Bows sold online and to retailers around the South, generating $55K in sales.

Sharks were quite impressed with the profits Moziah, a twelve-year-old kid, had generated with his brand in just a year. Moziah had distributed his bow ties among the sharks to assess the quality of his hand-stitched bow tie, which also pleased the sharks. But what made the entire episode memorable was Moziah’s charming personality, which reminded Barbara of Daymond.

Barbara was convinced that the business didn’t need any investor and would do just fine on its own; she was out. Robert didn’t find himself the ideal investor for the business and decided not to invest either. Mark was pleased with the product and advised Moziah to raise the price of his product if the demand increased, but he was out too, as the business wasn’t in his niche.

Kevin and Daymond were the remaining investors. Kevin offered Mo’s Bows a sum of $50,000 in exchange for $3 on each bow tie, whereas Daymond offered his mentorship with no financial investment. If Moziah and Tramica accepted Kevin’s deal, they would have Kevin as a mentor, not Daymond.

The mother-son duo made a prompt and wise decision and chose to leave the financial incentive at the table for a more meaningful mentorship experience with Daymond. There was no deal at the end in terms of capital. Daymond’s mentorship, however, paid off well.

Our Review of Mo’s Bows

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Mo’s Bows has reached new heights. The business was introduced to Robert Stewart, the renowned and perhaps the oldest handmade tie maker in the US, by Daymond John. Mo’s Bows found its perfect manufacturing partner in the company, which gave Moziah a chance to showcase his products on the shelves of Neiman Marcus.

Mo’s Bows has also signed a license agreement with NBA and can legally use the league’s logos on the bow ties and other apparel. The business has also extended its range of products and now sells face masks, regular neckties, and pocket squares. The online store has made Moziah Bridges a millionaire before even turning 20.

Apart from a million-dollar business, Moziah has also succeeded in making a fan following. His e-book Mo’s Bows: A Young Person’s Guide to Start-Up Success, along with his public speaking gigs, have made him famous and well-loved among the youth. Moziah has also been winning hearts by giving back by sponsoring young kids for summer camps so they can have exposure to the world and enhance their creativity by thinking beyond.

Mo’s Bows has helped people improve their fashion game. Customers love the products and the business itself. The quality products have captured hearts around the globe, especially in the US. The company now ships to Canada and the Bahamas.

Pros of Mo’s Bows

Mo’s Bows has successfully created a loyal customer base for its products that were considered too dressy. The unique designs and intricate hand-stitching have made Mo’s Bows products worth the purchase. Here are some of the things customers are highly impressed with:

  • The beautiful patterns of the fabric, as well as fabric quality, have appealed to the masses as they look and feel expensive
  • The handmade bow ties are particularly pleasing for the crowd due to the personal sense of touch it adds
  • The variety of colors and designs has kept the customers coming back for more as they never look dull
  • Customers love that the store has the perfect product for every occasion, whether it’s a school formal, a business formal, a sporting event, or a casual day out with the family
  • The classy look that the bow ties give to the overall attire adds an original personality

Cons of Mo’s Bows

While customers are grateful for the incredible quality of the products and the variety Mo’s Bows has offered with its products and designs, here are some things customers aren’t happy about:

  • The sizing of the bow ties isn’t always suitable for every customer
  • Some customers have received wrong orders and have been disheartened by it

Who Are Mo’s Bows For?

Mo’s Bows is a business that brings elegant styling back to the fashion game. If you’re someone who loves to dress up in a sophisticated way or is a fan of bow ties with trendy designs and funky colors, then Mo’s Bows is your stop. The variety of products now available on the online stores now also allows customers to buy trendy designed face masks and neckties for different occasions. If you’re looking for one of such products, Mo’s Bows is worth checking out.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While the handmade bow ties have charm, you can also find quality bow ties at Bows-N-Ties. The company has a range of products for both men and women, including bow ties, neckties, scarves, suspenders, etc. Products are also reasonably priced and have various patterns, colors, and designs.

The fabric is also of good quality and breathable making the items look more expensive. If you’re into moderately priced products that are likely to be worn by the masses, too, Bows-N-Ties is undoubtedly worth your time and money.

Our Final Thoughts

Moziah Bridges has become an inspiration for everyone because his success, Mo’s Bows, isn’t a silent climb. The company has been shaking things up around the fashion industry and making noise with its incredibly excellent deals with some hot-shot businesses. Mo’s Bows is now worth a million dollars thanks to Moziah’s fashion sense, relentless drive, and Daymond’s mentorship, which opened doors to new avenues for the business.

If you’re into the idea of dressing up even without a special occasion and have a soft spot for hand-stitched clothing, Mo’s Bows is certainly your stop. Check out their latest products on their e-commerce store.