MinusCal from Shark Tank

MinusCal shark tank

Out of 45 million Americans that opt for dieting, 70% of the adults are still either obese or overweight, indicating that something must have gone wrong in their diet plan. MinusCal is a great way to lose weight, achieve better health, and eliminate the extra fat from your body. It uses an all-natural ingredient, choleve, that blocks the fat in your diet from being absorbed and removes it from your body.

What Do They Make?

MinusCal is a snack bar also available in the form of a science-based diet tablet that blocks fat when you eat it. That means that even if your diet contains fat, choleve, the special ingredient inside MinusCal, escorts it out of your digestive tract.

Taking two MinusCal pills before meals helps lower cholesterol. The founder of MinusCal, Crom Carmichael, has been using the product for himself for about 12 years.

Crom Carmichael and Barrett Jacques, founders of MinusCal, hope to combine a protein bar’s benefits and filling properties with a fat-blocking ingredient, choleve. They claim that their product is all-natural, safe for everyone to use, and aids you in reducing your weight.

What Makes Them Unique?

The choleve ingredient in MinusCal effectively eliminates the fat from your body that comes in with the food you eat. It decreases the absorbance of those fats in your body.

Choleve is a proprietary all-natural ingredient extracted from fermented tea. MinusCal has been successful in putting choleve in a variety of delicious snack bars.

Are They Still an Active Company?

The company is out of business, and no active website is available. The product is also not available on Amazon.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Crom Carmichael and Barrett Jacques appeared on the show seeking $500,000 for 20% equity in their business, MinusCal.

They explained that Americans needed more lettuce and less French fries in their diet, but that is easy to say and harder to do. It is also not fun.

They explained how the special ingredient choleve is derived from fresh green tea. The company extracts and increases this all-natural ingredient’s potency by 20 times. It helps lower the body’s cholesterol, and the clinical trials suggest that the product acts on the intestines and takes about 100 calories as it leaves the system.

Robert remarked that the MinusCal snack bar didn’t taste good at all. Daniel asked whether the product was contraindicated in any medical conditions, and Crom and Barrett both explained that it was a safe product for everybody since it was all natural.

Mark jumped in and said that just because it is all-natural doesn’t mean it is safe for everyone to use. He said he was skeptical about their claims that it would reduce about a hundred calories with just 2 pills, and Barrett said they didn’t claim that. The pills only block a percentage of fat based on how much you consume in your diet. Mark said that the brand name MinusCal indicates that the product reduces calories, not blocks fat.

Daniel, Robert, and Lori tried asking other questions, but Mark kept interrupting by saying that it was futile since they had just invented the product using green tea extract, and it will be like investing in air.

Crom defended his product by saying that he had scientific data to back it up, and if Mark wanted to go out, he could go ahead and do that.

Daniel said that Mark’s observations were persuasive, and since the world knew the benefits natural foods bring, he would prefer to eat whole foods instead of a snack bar. He went out.

Kevin said the valuation they were asking for was way too high for a startup. It was a strategic error on their part, which is why he was going out.

Lori also remarked that it was dangerous to claim that a single ingredient like choleve can miraculously eliminate all the fat in your body with just two pills. She didn’t have an issue with Crom or Barrett but didn’t want to associate with the company. She went out.

Robert was the final Shark left. He commented that the arrogance Mark projects towards certain entrepreneurs frustrate him. He didn’t let the MinusCal founders discuss their strategies or business, which is why he knew nothing about them. Mark might be correct, but Robert wanted an opportunity to learn about their business. He went out.

Crom turned toward Mark and said that he never claimed that his product would allow people to lose weight, and Robert pointed out on one of their banners stands where it was clearly written that the product lets the people “lose weight.”

Mark finished the discussion by announcing, “to all those who are watching, don’t buy this,” and then he went out.

Our Review of MinusCal

Choleve is an excellent ingredient that doesn’t have significant side effects, and it is proven to decrease fat absorption and aid in weight reduction safely.

Pros of MinusCal

  • Use of a safe and effective natural ingredient choleve aids in weight reduction
  • The snack bar is very filling.

Cons of MinusCal

  • The product doesn’t taste very delicious
  • It can block good fat from the body as well.

Who Is MinusCal For?

MinusCal is a safe and healthy snack bar that acts as a substitute for protein bars filled with processed sugar. It is filling and lets you enjoy your meal enriched with fats, as the choleve takes care to eliminate the harmful fat from your body.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Hydroxycut
  • Garcinia cambogia extract.

Our Final Thoughts

Had Barrett and Crom pitched their product as a weight reduction supplement rather than a nutrition bar, things would have gone differently on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban’s influence was evident in the fact that the product didn’t sell very well, and the company eventually went out of business due to the lack of sales.