Mango Mango from Shark Tank

Mango Mango shark tank

Having a supply of sweet, savory, or spicy mango sauces in your chiller is super convenient. And while the processed ones are a lot easier to buy, home-cooked ones are even more wholesome. It’s a hassle to go to supermarkets to stock up on mangoes and find them out of stock. Ugh. What a pain. While you can add mango flavoring or preservatives, they’re often dangerous for your health and don’t satisfy your taste buds that seek the fruity, sweet, aromatic natural mango flavor.

Lucky for you, here’s the ultimate hack to avoid such unexpected troubles when promptly cooking anything: get mango preserves! A jar of organic mango preserves free from gelatin, corn syrup, and pectin is the closest substitute to adding actual mangoes when preparing any food, dessert, or sauce. And we’re ever thankful to Tanecia Willis, Nzinga Teule-Hekima, and Lakesha Brown-Renfro for coming up with their brilliant venture, “Mango Mango,” to appease all mango enthusiasts.

The ladies were party planners and noticed the frequent use of mangoes in most of their dishes. They thought, “why not start manufacturing preserves and test them with our client?” The preserves were massive hits, quickly gaining fame in all the events planned and hosted by these three masterminds. The rising popularity motivated them to open a separate business dedicated to developing mango preserves, hence the establishment of Mango Mango.

Lakesha, Tanecia, and Nzinga appeared in Shark Tank’s 505th episode (season five). Their pitch for the venture sought $75,000 in exchange for 20% of the firm’s equity. The ladies began their introduction uniquely, singing their theme song, “spread it, mix it, shake it, stir it.” They also offered the Sharks several food goodies like sorbets and shrimps made using Mango Mango preserves. The co-founders also reported about their sales, $138,000 to date, and wanted additional capital to cater to their expanding production requirements.

Kevin didn’t like the margins and thought the business would be managed more as a hobby than a full-time commitment. Robert loved the product but jokingly said he’d accidentally eat all the profits and make bad decisions. So, both Kevin and Robert are out. Mark didn’t consider himself well-informed about the niche and product; therefore, he’s out next.

While Lori wasn’t a fan of mangoes, she liked the Mango Mango-based treats. She also thought that the brand doesn’t need the Sharks and would be better off funding itself using retained income. So, she declined the pitch. Daymond wasn’t sure of the pitch and went out as well. All sharks except Kevin had high hopes for the business even though they didn’t enter any deal. And so, the lady entrepreneurs left the show with positivity.

Soon after the episode aired, Mango Mango witnessed a spike in its orders, recording around 15,000 in just forty-eight hours! That was the beginning of the outstanding success of the business, with the preserves going viral in local farmer markets across the United States and on the shelves of reputable markets like Whole Foods.

Mango Mango is still in business and, as of 2022, generates annual revenues of over $3 million. It has built a quaint mini Mango empire in Hampton, offering additional high-end services like a spa, boutique hotels, a production facility, and even a restaurant, Mango Mangeaux. All other facilities, in one way or another, use the company’s mango preserves to offer delightful customer experiences. The preserves are also the highlights of Mango Mangeaux’s special dishes, such as Mango Mimosas, Chesapeake Benedicts, and Chicken Fried French Toasts.

Our Review Of Mango Mango

We think Mango Mango is an impressive venture. Its success is awe-inspiring, and its increasing sales and loyal customers are remarkable milestones. The product promises a versatile use, is made of natural ingredients, and allows us to cook mango-based items whenever we feel like it. Imagine the joy when you’re craving some midnight snacks. You go to your pantry, get some crackers, and eat them with the preserve. Or, it’s Sunday night, and you’re in the mood for some sticky mango chicken wings. No worries, just prepare a tasty sauce with the preserve to dip the crispy wings and enjoy a rich, sensational experience.

Pros Of Mango Mango

  • Several uses, from applying on toasts to adding in dressings, vinaigrettes, marinades, or desserts
  • Flavor enhancer to add even when mangoes are unavailable in the stores
  • Made from natural, gluten-free ingredients
  • A healthier substitute of thickening agents like gelatin and corn syrup
  • Free from artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors
  • Affordable

Cons Of Mango Mango

  • Only available in 16oz packaging, so you’re limited to buying only the large jar
  • A few wallet-friendlier alternatives available in the market

Who Is Mango Mango For?

Mango Mango is the pantry must-have for every mango fan. Its natural and exquisite flavor makes everything taste heavenly. Moreover, if you’re searching for non-preservative mango preserves with no gelatin or corn syrup, this one’s your right call. Mango Mango is also ideal for individuals who prefer having essential ingredients in their kitchens that simplify cooking and make food preparation quick and convenient. No need to get fresh mangoes and make their purees; avoid that hassle by adding this mouth-watering and delicious preserve, and you’re good to go!

Are There Any Alternatives?

Of all the alternatives available in the market, the Mango Fruit Preserve by Valle de Panchoy is among the best. It can be used as a jam, paste, marmalade, and even layered in the cakes as mango filling. The product is enriched with antioxidants and nutrients and is developed using ecological practices – intriguing for environmentally-concerned individuals. The only drawback is that the preserve is produced using pectin, which can cause bloating or digestive issues.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, Mango Mango is a mind-blowing platform, offering natural and healthy mango preserves for all individuals who love indulging in mango-based edibles. How the co-founders have strived and accomplished enormous achievements so far is incredibly inspirational. And the multiple ways we can use the preserve are appealing. We don’t know about you, but we’re rushing to buy the preserve to use it as the perfectly refreshing dressing for our next dish!