Lollacup from Shark Tank

Lollacup shark tank

Lollacup is a new and improved sippy cup for babies. Their drinking-straw sippy cup is designed to provide toddlers with a safe, chemical-free product while also giving parents an easy-to-clean and mess-free solution. Lollacup products are phthalate- and BPA-free and are also recyclable! What’s more, is that all Lollacup are products made in the USA for the highest quality control.

The unique straw sippy cup was created by Hanna Lim after noticing her 9-month-old daughter sipping effortlessly from a drinking straw. After learning all toddler straw sippy came with spill-proof valves that made it impossible for babies to drink through, she worked to create the Lollacup.

Hanna and her business partner and husband, Mark, appeared on Season 3, Episode 12 of Shark Tank to expand their business. They were offering a 15% stake in their business for a $100,000 investment. The pair provided details about their recent sales, over $30,000 in the past 4 months. They also disclose details about signing a deal with a sales agent who is paid 15% of their sales.

The first Shark to walk away from the deal is Lori, stating she isn’t in the baby product business. Kevin likes the product and offers a $100,000 investment but wants 50% of the business in return. He would also take Lollacup production overseas. The husband-and-wife business partner team isn’t interested in taking production out of the USA. Daymond is also interested and is looking for a 50% stake for a $100,000 investment. The deal also rests on breaching their contract with the sales agent.

Hannah and Lim counter both offers, offering 40% for $100,000. Robert and Mark Cuban are both interested too. After Daymond backs out, Robert and Mark decide to pair up and accept the husband and wife team’s offer. The parents close a 2-for-1 shark deal for 40% of their business!

Since the Shark Tank episode aired, Lollacup became hugely in demand. They were selling out and are now one of the top baby product sellers on Amazon. Lollacup was soon rebranded to LollaLand as they started to expand into other products. Other than their original straw-sippy cup, they now have utensils, bowls, and plates. They also make pacifiers, drinking cups, trays, mats, bottle drying racks, and more.

Our Review of Lollacup

Lollacups are a great sippy-cup alternative for toddlers. Drinking from straws instead of sippy cups is also beneficial to toddlers as they don’t cause speech impediments, and they also have dental benefits. Sippy cups have been connected to a few speech and dental effects.

Lollacups are also easy to drink from when compared to other toddler drinking straws as they don’t have a spill-proof valve., which is known to cause problems in drinking for children. This also allows for easy cleaning. They are phthalate- and BPA-free, which makes them dishwasher safe – but hand washing is always recommended.

The bottle design is also great, with ergonomic handles that can be removed whenever necessary. The straws are weighted at the bottom, which allows your toddlers to sip up every last drop! All Lollacup products are also made in the USA for the highest quality control. They are very durable, do not leak, and don’t break easily.

The cups are of a good size, and they open and close easily. Their large size does make it so that they don’t fit in most car cup holders. While they aren’t spill-proof, the amount of spillage is very low. The handles, lid, and straw are all easy to place and remove, which makes the cup very easy to wash. For toddlers who have never used a straw to drink from before, it might take a little getting used to, and there might be a few spills, but the straw is a great alternative!

Pros of Lollacup

  • Easy-to-Drink: As Lollacup straws don’t feature a spill-proof valve, they are easy for toddlers and children to drink from. The fact that the straw is weighted is another plus for toddlers!
  • Durable: Lollacup products are all durable. They are made with high-quality materials, and even though the straw is easily stainable, they will remain damage- and leak-free for a long time.
  • Chemical-Free and Recyclable: all Lollacup products are BPA- and phthalate-free, and every part of the Lollacup is recyclable.
  • Health Benefits: straw-cups are beneficial for speech and dental care.

Cons of Lollacup

  • Straws are Stainable: As their straws are made to be chemical, BPA, and phthalate-free, they tend to stain from certain liquids. Lollacup is always researching, developing, and testing new materials and alternatives, but until they find child-safe, soft, durable, and chemical-free material substitutes, they provide straw replacements on their online store and retail locations. Lollacup straws usually stain from dark liquids like sodas and pasta sauce.
  • Not Spill-Proof: While we understand how not having spill-proof valves makes the straws easier to drink from. Having some kind of spill-proof functionwould have been convenient.
  • Price: The Lollacup is a little expensive when compared to other sippy-cup options. This could be due to the product’sproduction being based in the USA.

Who is Lollacup for?

Lollacup was designed and created for parents of toddlers and young children looking for an alternative to the traditional sippy cup. There are health benefits, they allow toddlers to get used to drinking from straws, and they are high-quality and durable.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are a lot of straw sippy cup alternatives available in the market today. These alternatives include the ZoLi straw sippy cup, the OXO Tot Twist cup, the Munchkin Click Lock Flip Straw Cup, and the Nuby No-Spill Cup. Amazon also offers many alternative straw sippy cups.

Our Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that these cups are a great substitute for traditional sippy cups. It gets toddlers used to straws, which is what they need to get used to as they get older. They are also easy to clean, which makes them great for parents. The only issue we really have is how easily it gets stained.