Lipstix Remix from Shark Tank

Lipstix Remix shark tank

The makeup industry is enormous today, and there are endless brands and ongoing trends that people are eager to try and follow. But how many times do people get to maximize the use of their products? Do we ever finish a lipstick before purchasing another?

A self-proclaimed makeup enthusiast with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication, Jill Quillin was one of the people who was trying to maximize the use of every lipstick she purchased.

Customers never use their lipsticks completely;  up to one-third of the lipstick stays inside the tube. Like other customers, Quillin was also equally frustrated at not being able to use the entire product. She was not pleased about the product that she was paying for but not using.

This inspired Quillin to create a cosmetic kit to allow others to enhance their makeup experience and experiment with it. She thus started Lipstix Remix in 2005.

Lipstix Remix lets women recover their wasted products and turn their used lipsticks into new shades. Women can mix colors and get more value from their priced makeup possessions.

In the beginning, when Quillin first launched the business, she manufactured these makeup kits herself. Initially, she worked from home, but some issues started to surface. One of these issues was struggling to get enough advertising. Advertising was crucial because she needed to educate the women on the product.

She participated in Shark Tank’s season two, looking for a marketing boost for LipStix Remix.

Quillin asked the Sharks for an investment of $105,000 for a 30% share in her company. She presented the Sharks with a compelling demonstration of how her unique kit will allow women to recover their old lipsticks. Quillin showed the Sharks that in under 10 minutes, her kit would recycle old lipsticks into a new tube.

The idea was unique, and the Sharks were fascinated by it. Barbara Corcoran thought “the concept was clever because nothing’s more exciting than a new lipstick.”

Coming towards the numbers, Harrington was interested in how the sales were going currently. Quillin explained that she had sold 254 units in 10 days at a mall, which brought in over $6000 in profit.

Herjavec believed that the product would need extensive telemarketing because there was limited space in the market. Herjavec also told Quillin that only a specific type of retailer could sell the product, and he did not have access to that. On that note, he was out.

Other Sharks, though intrigued by the product and Quillin, left because of insufficient expertise in the makeup market.

Barbara offered Quillin a partial deal. She was willing to give half of $105,000 for a 15% stake. However, Quillin had to convince Daymond John or Kevin Harrington to join her deal.

Daymond John offered $105,000 for 40% of the business. Harrington decided to join Barbara in her half and half deal, but he too wanted 40%.

Eventually, after discussions, Harrington, Corcoran, and John offered a deal of $105,000 for a 50% share in Lipstix Remix, which Quillin accepted.

Like some other deals, Lipstix Remix never closed the deal with the Sharks. For a brief time, Lipstix Remix performed well, and the increasing sales were proof of that. But in 2013, Quillin announced on her social media pages about closing the business.

Our Review Of Lipstix Remix

Lipstix Remix was a business perhaps ahead of its time. The goal behind the company was also ambitious and considerate.

There was no particular market for the product that Quillin had created. As a makeup enthusiast, Quillin wanted to save her lipsticks from going to waste and help other women recycle their lipsticks.

Arguably, the business idea and Quillin had the potential to reach new heights.

Women loved the idea of the product. Some customers said that this product is a must-have for women. Customer reviews also highlighted that the Lipstix Remix kit is a long-lasting product, which saved many women’s precious lipsticks. It also helped these women create new shades of lipsticks with their old ones.

Quillin almost had everything needed for a successful business. Unfortunately there are businesses in the makeup industry who have huge budgets that allow them to dominate over the market swiftly.

Had she received the investment from the Sharks, she could have used that money to pay for an effective marketing strategy and advertising. This would have helped the business flourish even more.

Pros of Lipstix Remix

Quillin created a practical and cool product for women. There are a few pros to it.

  • Saves old lipsticks from going to waste
  • Gives women the chance to be creative with creating their shades of lipsticks

Cons of Lipstix Remix

Lipstix Remix did not function for a prolonged period, and when the business was active, women had little to complain about it. Some customers did point out the lack of communication with the team of Lipstix Remix for complaints. Another issue is that Lipstix Remix is no longer an active business. So if someone is interested in purchasing their product, they can’t.

Who Is Lipstix Remix for?

This product is for women and anyone who wore makeup and could not maximize the use out of their lipsticks.

Are There Any Alternatives?

It is common knowledge that plenty of products from lipsticks go to waste. But so far there is little the makeup industry has tried to do to prevent this. With the exception of lipstick kits that allow customers to use all of the product.

We did some research to find other alternatives for Lipstix Remix but unfortunately could not find any.

Our Final Thoughts

Today, managing waste and sustainability is a popular trend, and people are trying to implement them in their lifestyle. The makeup industry produces a lot of waste, and some of it comes from the lipsticks that we never fully use.

For this reason, Quillin’s product was innovative, practical and exciting. It is unknown why the business shut down, but in our opinion, if the deal between the Sharks and Quillin was closed, and Quillin had still been operational.  The Lipstix Remix kit could have become a game changer in the industry.