Lion Latch from Shark Tank

Lion Latch shark tank

Everyone wears jewelry, whether it’s rings or earrings. The risk of losing them is always at the back of the mind. Lion Latch is a genius and convenient product that can save you from losing your precious jewelry.

Lion Latch is a hard-top plastic container with a carabiner that ensures your items are safely stored. It is a convenient travel-size jewelry case that can store tiny pieces of jewelry. You no longer have to put your little jewelry pieces like rings or delicate necklaces in your crowded bags, where it is difficult to find them, and you also risk damaging your jewelry.

You can attach your Lion Latch case to any bag or even your keychain. Lion Latch can be carried with you for traveling, sports, and fitness sessions. It is a user-friendly product that you will not regret buying. Besides jewelry, you can also store your daily pills in this handy case.

The range of Lion Latch products is diverse. There are plenty of colors to choose from, along with sports-themed Lion Latches.

Lerin Lockwood created this product. Lockwood personally felt there was a problem when her engagement ring got damaged while coaching a softball game. To prevent future mishaps, she first 3D-printed the Lion Latch for herself, which soon got enough recognition for Lockwood to take it a step ahead. She now has her design patented.

Before coming on Shark Tank, Lerin Lockwood had made $530,000 in sales over five years.

Are They An Active Company?

Lion Latch has done well. In 2022, they are still an active company that sells its products primarily from its official website and through Amazon.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Lerin Lockwood appeared on season 13 of Shark Tank, along with a surprise trash can next to her, from which a woman came out looking for her lost ring. She came in looking for an investment of $150,000 for 15% equity of Lion Latch.

The pitch did not get the Sharks as excited as some other pitches on the show, but it was somewhat intriguing. There were sample Lion Latches given to the Sharks, with hearing aids secured in Mr. Wonderful’s case.It was comical, but he was not impressed and went out without hesitation. Mark Cuban followed him as he did not think that Lion Latch would turn into something gigantic, but he was impressed by what Lockwood had made.

Emma also went out because she was not interested in the product. Lori believed that the business was not investable for her and that Lockwood only had one problem: manufacturing. Lastly, Barbara thought the company was too small for her, so she went out.

Eventually, Lockwood left the Tank with zero deals. That did not discourage her from continuing her business, which saw a typical rise in sales after the show. Lockwood also took Lori’s advice and found a suitable and reliable manufacturer.

Our Review of Lion Latch

There are only so many times someone would purchase a Lion Latch. However, it is still a product that will come in handy if you own it. Although Lockwood initially created a product to help ladies securely store their jewelry pieces on the go, there are several things you can keep in it.

Next time you’re hitting the gym, you can easily store your rings or studs in this small cute case and hang it with your bag or keychains or even drop it in your bag. You’ll always know where to find it. Besides these minor cases, Lion Latch has also introduced their travel jewelry case.

So far, the product has been received well by the market, mainly because it delivers what it promises. Mothers with young children have especially appreciated products, as it has allowed them to keep their jewelry safely away from their little ones. They also point out how the case remains unbreakable.

Pros of Lion Latch

Lion Latch is an incredible product that has several pros. Here is a list of a few:

  • Lion Latch islightweight and portable
  • Lion Latch can hold large rings.
  • There are different colors and designs to choose from.
  • It has a carabiner ring, which keeps the case from opening quickly.
  • Can be purchased in packs
  • Lion Latch is easily available.

Cons of Lion Latch

  • These cases are a bit expensive to purchase.

Who Is Lion Latch For?

If you’re someone who wears jewelry or takes some daily pills, Lion Latch is for you, as you can use the case to secure your items or medicines.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are other jewelry cases in the market but nothing like Lion Latch, which is a unique product because of its design. Currently, from our research, we have found that there are no alternatives available in the market.

Our Final Thoughts

Despite a great pitch, Lockwood failed to impress the Sharks enough to get an investment for her business. But as Lori had said, Lockwood only had one trouble, which was manufacturing. Lucky for her, she was quick to address it. Getting no investment did not shake her spirit, and that is what makes her a great entrepreneur.

Having said that, Lockwood saw a problem, and she found a solution that works. Losing jewelry, especially rings and tiny studs, is common and frustrating. However, if you purchase a Lion Latch, you can say bye-bye to losing your precious items.

We believe that even though the business may not evolve to become a $50 million business, as Cuban pointed out, we do think that Lockwood has created a great product that is going to help many people.