Lifter Hamper from Shark Tank

Lifter Hamper shark tank

Marvin Philip, the man behind the Lifter Hamper, had a history of back problems from his time as a football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and the Buffalo Bills. Pain and mobility issues made him look for an alternative solution to the hampers that require you to kneel to empty them. Rather than bending over to get the clothing out of the Hamper, his invented Lifter Hamper uses a bungee cord-like material to lift the dirty garments from the bottom.

Now that we have established what the lifter hamper is, let’s see whether or not the business was able to strike a deal with the sharks.

Marvin sought an investment of $85k for a 12% stake in his company from the Sharks. He had not yet put the product on the market at the recording time.

An intrigued Lori begged to view it in more detail. Mr. Wonderful left the deal since he disagreed with the valuation. Despite his admiration for the product and assertion that he performed all his washing, Mark thought he would not be a suitable match for Marvin. Neither did Robert believe it was an excellent time to put money into the company. Daymond had also excused himself, leaving Lori as the only shot for Philip.

Lori appreciated the product; however, she thought some drawbacks might affect the company’s sales. She thought that the wheels were too little and ineffective. Therefore, she excused herself. However, she urged Marvin to give her a call when the firm moved in the right direction.

Marvin’s inventory depleted entirely on the night of the episode’s premiere. He raised a total of $16,000 during two Indigo campaigns. Since then, there has been a lot of inconsistency. They’ve relaunched their website and are back on Amazon. All those hungry fans were able to get their hands on a lifter hamper when it began its sale in March 2013.

Marvin licensed the product in 2015 to Household Essentials. Household goods are sold on the internet. There are no trustworthy sources on Lifter Hamper’s sales.

Our Review of Lifter Hamper

Lifter Hamper has a solution for everyone. Even though you expect technological advances in areas like computers and cell phones to continue indefinitely, the clothes hamper is one product you would never have considered updating.

What else is there to say besides that it’s a washing hamper. It’s a place to put your dirty clothes in your home, no matter what their size, shape, or color may look like. Lifted, transported, dumped out, and the procedure begins again when it is full.

Your laundry-washing days will be permanently changed when you are introduced to the next-generation laundry hamper.

After much trial and error, Marvin came up with the design for the first bungee spring-loaded laundry hamper, Lifter Hamper. Allows the product’s ingenious lifting bag to drop with the weight of laundry and rise when it’s removed, making it a really innovative product.

Users have to stoop down to get their stuff from the bottom of almost any other laundry hamper – something that bothers most people who do laundry so often. The Lifter Hamper lowers itself when you put laundry in it. When you pick stuff out, the bottom lifts up, so you don’t have to go to the bottom to get everything. It is a unique laundry hamper that you need to test out.

On the downside, the Lifter Hamper’s assembly instructions should have been a little clearer. However, it will only take about 5-10 minutes to assemble and put it to use.

With a 36″ height and a 16″ width, the Lifter Hamper can accommodate 2-3 loads of laundry and is about the same size as any clothing hamper. The Lifter Hamper shares many similarities with its predecessor, but the two products are vastly different.

The wheels are a welcome addition, as they make it much easier to carry them from room to room to collect the family’s clothes or move soiled laundry to the washing machine. A heavy basket can be rolled right where it’s needed instead of having to be fumbled with or lifted to transport a pile of filthy items.

Second, it makes it easier to do the laundry. It might look like it will only contain a few items due to the small amount of space it offers; however, as soon as you begin to fill the Hamper with clothes and give it a gentle push down every now and then, the Hamper expands to provide more space.

When emptying the Lifter Hamper, the bungee cords function in reverse, gently retracting themselves as you remove items to sort or place them in the washing machine.

With the Lifter Hamper, bending down to retrieve your clothes is a thing of the past.


  • Helps make the process of doing laundry easier.
  • An ideal accessory for those with back pain.
  • Spacious; however, it doesn’t take much space to be stored.


  • The wheels aren’t as regulatory as expected.
  • Results in broken straps after a couple of months of usage.
  • Not very sturdy.

Who is it Best For?

Lifter Hamper is best for those with back pains or severe injuries that could be an obstacle in the laundry process. Those who seek comfort while doing laundry should get their hands on this handy product. On the other hand, if you are lazy and hate to bend over and pick up clothes, again and again, this is the perfect accessory for you.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yamazaki Tower Laundry Hamper is an excellent alternative to Lifter Hamper. Priced at $35, this laundry basket lets you do laundry easily without bending over and retrieving the clothes.

Our Final Thoughts

Lifter Hamper is a fantastic product that lets you do your laundry without additional strain. You don’t have to bend over and pick up clothes; this product will do the task for you. You can save your back from the blinding pain and conclude the laundry swiftly and efficiently.