Liberate Studio from Shark Tank

Liberate Studio shark tank

There’s no shortage of physical fitness studios, whether online or offline, but a fitness studio that aims to ensure you’re mentally fit is unique. Liberate Studio is an online studio that inspires and teaches people to feel calmer and more positive.

The Liberate Studio delivers several mental well-being programs, including meditation, yoga, and other services. It teaches people to manage their mental well-being by developing key points, resilience, self-love, and confidence. Their holistic approach combines light physical movement with positive, mindful activities, which results in a versatile mental workout.

Subscribers can avail Zoom live sessions by certified instructors from various arenas, and the website releases up to 5 videos every week to cater to the hectic schedule of people. These sessions are between 15-60 minutes long, inspiring people to feel calmer mentally.

This excellent Studio is the brainchild of Olivia Bowser, a marketing graduate who felt that there were too many physical fitness studios but not enough for mental well-being. Olivia launched this website in 2020 when the world experienced deteriorating mental health during the lockdown. She aimed to provide a platform to teach people to manage their minds and lead more fulfilling lives.

Are They An Active Company?

Liberate Studio is currently an active business; people can avail of its services by downloading their mobile app or booking sessions through its official website.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Olivia Bowser entered Shark Tank on their thirteenth season, looking forward to getting an investment that would change their game. She sought $200,000 in exchange for 10% equity in Liberate Studio. Her business idea received mixed reviews from the Sharks. The Sharks were slightly put off when Olivia told them her total sales had only been $50,000.

Cuban was concerned regarding the scaling. He felt that Olivia underestimated herself and the business, which he argued made it harder for investors to come in. For that reason, he went out. Daymond John also agreed with Cuban and went out for the same reasons.

Robert Herjavec loved her idea. However, he pointed out that larger companies are doing the same thing as her. Herjavec believed that Olivia was still at an early stage, and unfortunately, he could not foresee a substantial return for himself, so he went out.

Lori, like Herjavec, also liked Olivia’s idea; however, she thought that Olivia hadn’t fully discovered her concept, so she was out. On the other hand, O’Leary was not the least bit pleased by her idea. He thought it would never bring in any money, so he went out.

Our Review of Liberate Studio

The Liberate Studio is an exceptionally great platform that promotes mental health; this is valuable, especially in recent times when people have suffered mentally due to lockdowns and isolation, among other problems that the world faces today.

It allows people to focus on being more mindful today and encourage positive emotions. The platform makes space for the utmost comfortability of subscribers, so we believe it is an excellent initiative toward mental health. Liberate Studio has been greatly helpful for people with anxiety, and the customer reviews have only been favorable.

Pros of Liberate Studio

Here are some compelling reasons you should subscribe to Liberate Studio:

  • Their fitness sessions are online, so no matter where you are located, you can avail these sessions with just a click of a button.
  • The time for sessions is versatile. You can attend for an hour or 15 minutesdepending upon your requirements and schedule.
  • Subscribers can initiate journaling with the prompts available through the program.
  • They provide private sessions where they can incorporate themes and music to your liking.
  • They offer a free trial for a week, so you can decide if the program is for you.
  • You can also purchase gift cards for your friends.
  • People have the option to choose from multiple subscription offers; a monthly and a yearly subscription.
  • The corporate sectors can motivate their teams through the customized package Liberate Studio provides.

Cons of Liberate Studio

Liberate Studio is doing rather well by promoting mental well-being. However, we believe the program’s cost is a bit high, so not many people can afford the benefits it has to provide.

Who Is Liberate Studio For?

Liberate Studio is for anyone and everyone who struggles with mental health issues like anxiety, self-esteem, and other problems. It is for individuals and corporate sectors. It is also for people who lead a hectic life; they can avail these sessions from their home at their convenience.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are plenty of platforms that are providing similar services to help people navigate their mental health. These platforms include the following:

  • COA
  • The Mental Gym
  • Connexions

Our Final Thoughts

Olivia failed to impress the Sharks enough to strike a life-changing deal with them. Nevertheless, the appearance on Shark Tank was only the beginning of Olivia’s thoughtful business idea. Her positivity and motivation did not take a blow. But we believe that had she had more experience and a wow factor to her idea, she could have struck a deal with one Shark at least.

We believe that Liberate Studio is an excellent initiative toward mental health. It provides people with a safe and comfortable space to navigate their emotions effectively through mindful activities and sessions. If you struggle with anxiety at work or in your personal life, this program would fit your needs well. You always have the option first to try out a free trial and see if Liberate Studio liberates you from your worries.

We have found that the program delivers what it promises: mindfulness and relaxation. However, it is critical to know that the market is competitive, and while Liberate Studio is doing well currently, it will have to consistently provide subscribers with top-quality to sustain its current subscribers and gain new ones.