Ken Honda Quotes: A Compilation of Life-Changing Wisdom

Ken Honda Quotes

Ken Honda, a best-selling author known for his book “Happy Money,” offers valuable insights on attaining true financial success and happiness. As a prominent figure in personal finance, Honda expertly weaves together the principles of gratitude and mindfulness with practical money management advice. His quotes provide powerful reminders on how to shift one’s perspective on wealth and approach money matters with a sense of appreciation and contentment.

With a unique take on traditional finance advice, Honda emphasizes the importance of treating money with respect and gratitude. By saying “Arigato” (thank you) every time money comes in or goes out of our lives, he suggests that a positive attitude towards money can greatly influence our financial well-being. Readers of his work often find themselves reevaluating their own relationship with money, opening their minds to fresh perspectives on prosperity and happiness. By acknowledging the transformational power of appreciation, Honda’s quotes can serve as guiding lights for achieving financial success and overall well-being.

In addition to promoting gratitude in our money management journeys, Ken Honda’s quotes also touch upon various other aspects of personal finance, such as setting goals, being mindful of spending habits, and embracing change. As a thought leader in the financial world, Honda offers an engaging and thought-provoking perspective on the intricacies of money and happiness.

Ken Honda’s Philosophy

Happy Money

Ken Honda, a renowned author and financial expert, introduces the concept of “Happy Money” in his work. This philosophy centers around the idea that money can bring happiness and abundance when treated with gratitude and a positive mindset. In Ken Honda’s words, “If you appreciate what you have, it opens a door to happiness, the simplest thing I can recommend is to express gratitude around money. When money comes into your life say ‘arigato’: thank you, And when you spend money, when money leaves your life, you also say thanks.” This practice promotes a healthy relationship with money and encourages a prosperous financial life.

Money EQ

Another aspect of Ken Honda’s philosophy is the concept of Money EQ, which refers to one’s emotional intelligence around money. He highlights the importance of cultivating a high Money EQ to achieve true financial success. Honda asserts that people who appreciate life become more approachable and attractive, inviting a multitude of opportunities into their lives. By fostering a positive outlook on finances and approaching money-related situations with a strong emotional intelligence, individuals can pave the way for wealth and abundance.

Money EQ Skills Examples
Gratitude Expressing thanks when receiving or spending money
Emotional Awareness Recognizing how money affects one’s emotions
Financial Decision-Making Balancing emotions and logic when making money-related choices

Financial Mindset

Ken Honda’s philosophy also emphasizes the importance of a positive financial mindset. He believes that those who are willing to receive happiness and abundance will reap the rewards, regardless of their current financial status. A key quote from Ken Honda supports this idea: “If you aren’t willing to receive happiness and abundance, then no matter how much money you have and no matter what high status you attain, you will never feel happy and abundant.”

To foster a thriving financial mindset, consider implementing the following practices:

  • Align personal values with financial goals
  • Continuously learn and adapt to evolving financial environments
  • Focus on abundance and opportunities, rather than scarcity and limitations

By embracing Ken Honda’s philosophical teachings of Happy Money, Money EQ, and a positive Financial Mindset, individuals can cultivate true financial success and an abundant, fulfilling life.

Key Quotes

Love and Joy

Ken Honda emphasizes the importance of love and joy in our lives. He states, “People with positive attitudes emit that energy and are also capable of attracting money. If you do what you love and display an energy of gratitude and happiness, you will exert an incredible force on the flow of money.” This quote highlights that our attitude and passion in life can greatly impact our financial success.

Happiness and Success

In regards to happiness and success, Ken Honda says, “We really do have the power to choose how we will enter into the future. This serves as a reminder that our future is not fixed and that we have the ability to shape our own destiny through our choices and actions.

Fear and Flow

When discussing fear and the flow of money, Ken Honda points out, “Your fear is not reduced to not having enough money to support yourself; you fear failure.” This quote highlights that it is not the lack of money that scares us but rather the fear of failing in achieving our financial goals.

Giving and Receiving

Ken Honda emphasizes the importance of gratitude when it comes to money. He advises, “The key to happy money is appreciation. ‘Arigato’ (thank you) your money all the time. When it comes in, arigato.” This simple practice of showing gratitude for our money can create a more positive relationship with our finances.

Wealth and Freedom

In terms of wealth and freedom, Ken Honda reminds us, “No matter what your previous experience with money has been, I want to remind you that your future is not fixed!” This quote reiterates the concept that we have the power to change our financial situations and create a life filled with wealth and financial freedom.

Personal Growth and Emotions

Understanding Emotions

Ken Honda emphasizes the importance of understanding our emotions in the pursuit of personal growth. He believes that recognizing and managing our feelings is essential to achieving true financial success and happiness. For instance, Ken points out how being open to receiving happiness and abundance can significantly benefit our lives:

If you aren’t willing to receive happiness and abundance, then no matter how much money you have and no matter what high status you attain, you will never feel happy and abundant.” – Ken Honda

By understanding our emotions, we can cultivate a mindset of gratitude, regardless of our circumstances. This attitude attracts positive outcomes, resulting in continuous growth and self-improvement.

Finding Purpose

Ken Honda advocates for the importance of finding our purpose in life. A clear sense of purpose gives direction and meaning, ultimately leading to personal and spiritual growth. Aligning our talents and passions with our purpose turns our goals and dreams into powerful driving forces that propel us forward.

Given that spirituality often plays an important role in finding one’s life purpose, delving into one’s beliefs and values can shed light on the path towards self-discovery and personal growth.

Developing Talents

Recognizing our talents is another crucial aspect of personal growth. Ken Honda suggests that we focus on identifying and nurturing our unique skills, as these strengths can pave the way for success and fulfillment. Embracing our talents allows us to make valuable contributions to our lives and the lives of others.

In conclusion, self-improvement and personal growth rely on understanding emotions, finding purpose, and developing talents. By adopting a positive mindset and staying true to our unique gifts, we can experience growth in all aspects of our lives while reaching new levels of success and happiness.

Ken Honda’s Background

Career and Achievements

Ken Honda, a New York Times bestselling author from Japan, has positively influenced many through his teachings and writing. He gained immense popularity with his book, “Happy Money,” which emphasizes the importance of having a healthy relationship with money. Besides being an accomplished author, Ken Honda has also been a successful consultant and accountant, which allowed him to retire at the age of 29, initially, to welcome his newborn daughter into the world. However, his passion for helping others led him to resume his career.

Japanese Culture and Influence

Ken Honda’s teachings are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and the Zen philosophy. He beautifully incorporates Japanese art and values into his work, emphasizing gratitude as a central concept. For instance, he often suggests expressing appreciation for money, both when it comes and goes – using the Japanese term “arigato.”

The influence of Japanese culture is evident in Ken Honda’s approach to maintaining a peaceful and balanced life. His writings promote mindfulness and awareness, reflecting the essence of Zen practices. During these challenging times, such as the ongoing COVID pandemic, Ken Honda’s teachings have become increasingly relevant, offering guidance and support to many looking for stability and financial well-being.

Practical Applications

Personal Finance Tips

Ken Honda emphasizes the importance of gratitude and appreciation in personal finance. One of his popular quotes says, “If you appreciate what you have, it opens a door to happiness.” This concept can be applied to everyday money management by expressing gratitude for the money coming in and going out. Here are some practical tips to implement this concept in your personal finance routine:

  • When you receive money, say ‘arigato’ (thank you) as a way to express gratitude.
  • Whenever you spend money, also say thanks to acknowledge the exchange and the opportunities it brings.
  • Focus on appreciating the value that money brings to your life, rather than constantly wanting more.

Investment and Savings

Ken Honda’s teachings stress the importance of adopting a positive attitude towards money and investments. He believes that “People who appreciate life are more liked, more approachable, and more attractive. As a result, they invite all kinds of opportunities into their lives.” Here are some investment and savings tips inspired by his philosophy:

  • Focus on long-term financial goals, rather than chasing short-term gains.
  • Keep track of your investments and savings progress to remain motivated.
  • Cultivate an abundant mindset, believing that there are always more opportunities to earn and save money.

Financial Goals

Setting and achieving financial goals is an essential part of Ken Honda’s teachings. He believes that “If you aren’t willing to receive happiness and abundance, then no matter how much money you have and no matter what high status you attain, you will never feel happy and abundant.” Here are some tips on setting and achieving your financial goals:

  • Draft realistic financial goals that align with your values and priorities.
  • Break big goals down into smaller milestones, making them more manageable.
  • Regularly review your financial goals to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed.

Incorporating these practical applications inspired by Ken Honda’s quotes into your daily life will help foster a more positive and abundant relationship with money, contributing to overall financial success and happiness.

Building a Supportive Community

Finding Mentors and Influencers

Establishing a supportive community is crucial for personal and financial growth. Connecting with mentors and influencers can help you improve your mindset and develop a deeper understanding of successful practices. Ken Honda emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from master mentors whose teachings can encourage prosperity in one’s life. Surrounding yourself with knowledgeable individuals can be a game-changer in your journey towards abundance.

When searching for suitable influencers, aim for those who align with your values and goals. Be confident in your quest for knowledge, and engage with these thought leaders through social media, webinars, or workshops. Align yourself with those who inspire you and can play a key role in your continuous growth.

Sharing Wealth and Wisdom

Another crucial aspect of building a supportive community is giving back by sharing wealth and knowledge. Becoming a regular contributor in your community allows you to help and inspire others on their financial journey. This practice is not only limited to sharing wealth but also includes imparting your own experiences and wisdom.

A few ways to share wealth and wisdom within your community can include:

  • Hosting workshops or seminars to teach personal finance techniques
  • Donating a portion of your income to charities or organizations that align with your values
  • Mentoring individuals who are at the beginning of their financial journey
  • Sharing relevant articles, books, and resources with your network

By actively engaging in your community and offering support to others, you can contribute to a collective sense of prosperity. Remember to adopt a neutral, clear, and informative tone while sharing your expertise, which will further strengthen relationships within the community. This approach enables you to cultivate an environment of mutual growth and success, ultimately benefiting all members of the community.


In this article, we have explored some insightful quotes from Ken Honda, the renowned Japanese author and financial expert. Through his words, we can gain a deeper understanding of his approach to money and life.

For example, Ken Honda emphasizes the power of choice as he states, “We really do have the power to choose how we will enter into the future.” This quote reminds us that our actions today can significantly impact our future, whether financially or otherwise.

Another important concept that Honda shares is the idea of “Happy Money.” He believes that having a positive relationship with money is vital for true financial success, as he says, “The key to happy money is appreciation. ‘Arigato’ (thank you) your money all the time. When it comes in, arigato.” By expressing gratitude for the money we receive and manage, we set the stage for a healthier and more fulfilling financial journey.

Moreover, Honda urges us to embrace change and be open to new opportunities. In one of his quotes, he asserts that “85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 don’t even exist yet.” This fact highlights the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in our ever-evolving world.

In summary, Ken Honda’s quotes provide valuable insights into the mindset and practices that can lead to true financial success. By understanding and applying these principles, we can take charge of our financial future and live a more abundant and joyous life.