Kalyx Technologies from Shark Tank

Kalyx Technologies shark tank

Kalyx Technologies is an active women’s innerwear brand specializing in premium sports bras. These bras help combat exercise-induced breast pain through tough training, long hours of physical exercise, or playing any strenuous game such as tennis.

Kimberly Cayce, a former golf player and the founder of Kalyx Technologies, came to Shark Tank to present her company to the judges to make a successful deal for her brand.

She started her pitch by introducing herself and saying that she played professional golf for five years, which inspired her to start this business. After she retired from her golf career, Kimberly went through a difficult divorce phase, which pushed her more to move on and do something to make herself proud.

As a professional athlete, she shared her experience of how she struggled with uncomfortableness and pain during her sports training and wanted to wear something comfortable and lightweight along with keeping her body posture in shape.

Therefore, she started researching with a fresh mind after her career and developed her line of authentic athletic bras. She also did a test run for her bras and received entirely satisfactory responses from the customers.

Kimberly’s range of athletic bras are not only friendly but also provide optimal comfort to the chest region and eases exercise-induced breast pain for women while allowing them to be active in sports. They are super fit and are designed for every body shape and size.

Kimberly came to Shark Tank seeking 120,000 dollars in exchange for 20% of her company Kalyx Technologies. She explained in detail how this breast pain is dangerous and can produce several other complications in women, such as breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Kimberly then presented eight of her signature athletic bras, each designed for different activity levels involved during sports. Every bra made is lined with the company’s patentable sling inserted to reduce excessive breast movement when in the state of doing an activity.

The judges asked questions about sales, to which Kimberly replied that she believes that several women are eagerly looking forward to having these bras in their innerwear collection. She further said that a local undergarments store had approached her and gave her an order for the bras to be delivered to them so they could sell them.

The judges then asked about the revenue generation, on which she admitted that her profits are low and she is in dire need of a good investment to start the production of new bras and expand her sales and marketing. When asked how she was carrying out her business financially at that time, she replied that she had invested her own money to start her business and take it forward to a considerable level.

After the pitch and the questions, the Sharks remarked that the idea of sports bras is not new, and several brands in the market sell the same products as Kimberly’s. Kimberly defended her products, saying that they are unique and need a little extra push to be a top success.

All of the Sharks excused themselves from making an investment deal with Kimberly because her market sales are meager, and there is no extraordinary profit generation. Kimberly also added that she expected a return on her investment in 5 years. Judges didn’t believe her and said that her business wouldn’t add value to the market and was not up to the mark.

This disappointing response from the judges embarrassed and disheartened Kimberly and she left the Shark Tank platform teary-eyed and empty-handed without any deal.

After the episode of Shark Tank, Kimberly was on the verge of giving up. Still, the employees of her company boosted Kimberly’s morale and encouraged her to stay strong. Shortly after, with the collaboration of the City of Hope Hospital, Kalyx Technologies created the Team Kalyx Calendar and donated one dollar from every bra they sold towards the treatment and awareness of breast cancer.

With this positive step, the sales of Kalyx Technologies rose higher, and Kimberly made twice as much investment as she initially demanded on Shark Tank. After her appearance on Shark Tank, her company’s website was flooded with orders and support from people on how she was doing a perfect job for the well-being of women.

The company stopped operating after some time, and the website became redundant. However, according to the updates on the internet, Kalyx Technologies and its patronage were purchased by ActiveWear USA in 2012.

Our Review of Kalyx Technologies

While the idea of sports bras is not unique, the perception behind its creation from the owner of Kalyx Technologies was enough to give it firm support.

With more research about new market trends and how to attract more potential customers, the company could have gained immense success.

Pros of Kalyx Technologies

There are several benefits of sports bras manufactured by Kalyx Technologies. Some of those benefits are:

  • These bras are made with proper encapsulation providing optimal comfort and support for the chest area during excessive exercise.
  • These bras are created with top-notch K-FORCE Technology, making them cardinal with respect to their exceptional design and cutting-edge construction.
  • Along with saving you from exercise-induced breast pain, when wearing these bras, you can also be free from the problems of skin irritation, dryness, and spinal pain due to lack of support.
  • The bras are incredibly breathable and keep the chest area airy and sweat-free.
  • The padding inside is made from high-quality foam providing maximum cushioning and shock absorption during walking or hiking.

Cons of Kalyx Technologies

  • Even with Kalyx Technologies, choosing the wrong sports bra for exercise can result in extreme back pain and muscle tightness.
  • Kalyx Sports Bras gather all the sweat water from exercising inside the bra, which, if not removed, can cause fungal infections in the chest.
  • Lounge bras are said to be a better option than regular sports bras in terms of their long-term comfortable wear and the fact that these bras are wireless.

Who Is Kalyx Technologies For?

Kalyx Technologies Sports Bras are for professional athletes, yoga instructors, gym trainers, and sports persons who want to wear stretchable, breathable, and soothing bras all day without creating any discomfort. These bras also help them maintain their posture and ensure balanced chest movements.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Regrettably, Kalyx Sports Bras are no longer available in the market, but plenty of similar alternatives have the same features and give the same feeling as wearing a Kalyx bra.

  • Majamas Organic Buxom Bra is an environment-friendly sports bra made of 91% organic cotton and 8% spandex (elastic) and is highly comfortable to wear during exercises and training. It is also used by breastfeeding mothers who need stretchy bras for easy nursing.
  • Under Armor Women’s Mid Keyhole Sports Bra is a pullover bra with special padding for extra support and a moisture-locking mechanism to avoid skin dryness.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding the right sports bra is never an easy job. It is as tricky as finding the right outfit or shoes to wear during your games.

Kalyx Technologies introduced an advanced range of exemplary sports bras that are reliable and highly flexible to be worn during yoga, physical training, or sports games.

Kalyx Technologies was set into action with a great mindset toward the satisfaction and ease of women. No one can think about the convenience of women more than a woman itself.

The company had a bright future if they had the right amount of money to be invested in the production and marketing since sports bras like these are still in demand in the modern world with the increase in female participation in sports and physical work.